Is GBBO Sandi Toksvig Ill In 2023? Illness And Health Update 2023

Is GBBO Sandi Toksvig Ill In 2023? Sandi Toksvig III was leaving the renowned UK reality cookery show “The Great British Bake Off” after three years as a judge.

Danish-British writer, comedian, and broadcaster Sandra Birgitte Toksvig OBE work in British radio, stage, and television.

She co-founded the Women’s Equality Party in 2015, demonstrating her political activism. In addition, she has authored plays, novels, and children’s books. She came out as a lesbian in 1994.

After appearing as a guest on several occasions and serving as host of The News Quiz for eleven years on BBC Radio 4, Toksvig succeeded Stephen Fry as host of the BBC television quiz show QI in 2016.

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Is GBBO Sandi Toksvig Ill In 2023?

Toksvig was hospitalized in Australia in late 2022 for bronchial pneumonia, forcing her to postpone her tour dates in New Zealand.

As bronchial pneumonia is a type of pneumonia that affects both the bronchi and the alveoli in the lungs.

This sickness is especially harmful in young children, older people, and individuals with severe medical issues.

Sandi Toksvig Ill
Sandi Toksvig has experienced health issues in the past, including bronchial pneumonia (Source- freshers live )

Her performance Sandi Toksvig Live!, was scheduled to stop in Christchurch, Wellington. It has been postponed because she was “admitted to hospital with bronchial pneumonia.

After leaving the hospital last week, the comedian professed her “undying” love for the Australian healthcare system.

Sandi Toksvig Illness And Health Update

After becoming ill on tour earlier this month, Sandi Toksvig has returned home to her fans’ surprise.

The comedian and presenter canceled the New Zealand portion of her tour. She had bronchial pneumonia and was taken directly to the hospital.

However, the former Great British Bake Off judge, who lives in Herne Bay, delighted admirers with a recent Twitter message.

Although viral and fungal infections can also contribute to the disease, bacterial infections are more frequently to blame. As the symptoms can differ, coughing, breathing problems, and fever are frequently present.

Fans went to Twitter to wish Sandi well after hearing that she had been released from the hospital.

Nevertheless, she would continue to appear on our television screens as she has subsequently found success on Extraordinary Escapes and QI XL.

She visited some of Kent’s top vacation locations during her appearances on Extraordinary Escapes. In addition, she has revealed that she has a home in Herne Bay, where she also resides.

When not in front of the cameras, she frequently resides on her houseboat in Wandsworth, London, where she lives with her psychiatric wife, Debbie, with whom she formed a civil partnership in 2007. 

Where Is Sandi Toksvig now?

After suffering bronchial pneumonia, Sandi Toksvig claimed she had made it home for Christmas.

The Great British Bake Off and QI presenter and comedian, 64, uploaded a photo of herself on Twitter to share the information.

She was sitting in a rocking chair with her favorite dog, smiling and appearing extremely cozy while covered in a scarf.

Sandi Toksvig Ill
Sandi Toksvig is a renowned British comedian and presenter. (Source- freshers live )

The 61-year-old presenter made her exit public on Thursday, saying she was leaving the popular cookery show.

Sandi, 64, revealed in a new statement that she is holding off on leaving for the UK until she feels well enough.

“I want to thank everyone for their nice messages while I was ill. I am currently out of the hospital and healthy enough to fly home,’ she said.

With a brand-new comedy show called Sandi Toksvig Live, Sandi was touring in Australia and New Zealand.

It was scheduled to visit nine regional locations in November and December 2022.

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