Is Gerald Blanchard Wife Lynette Tien? Kids And Family

Is Gerald Blanchard Wife Lynette Tien? People are curious about Blanchard’s spouse, family, and kids.

Gerald Daniel Blanchard is a Canadian who authorities have called one of the country’s most skilled criminal masterminds.

The three nations have been the target of the mastermind’s never-before-seen high-tech crimes.

Gerald Blanchard is the defendant; he was imprisoned in 2007 for participating in a global fraud and larceny organization.

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Is Gerald Blanchard Wife Lynette Tien? Kids And Family

Yes, Gerald Blanchard is happily married to his wife Lynette Tien. He was born in 1972 in Winnipeg, Canada.

The detailed information regarding Gerald’s kids and family has yet to be discovered. 

Blanchard was a prominent figure in an international fraud and theft ring that stole millions of dollars from banks. He was apprehended and sentenced to eight years in jail by a Manitoba court.

Gerald Blanchard Wife
Gerald Blanchard’s wife’s information is not available. (Source- alchetron)

Blanchard was finally released in British Columbia on April 23, 2012, according to papers obtained by CBC News through an Access to Information request from the Parole Board of Canada.

In 1998, Blanchard stole the Star of Empress Sisi from the Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna, Austria. 

Police believed Blanchard turned off the alarm and swapped the diamond with a copy he bought at a gift store while acting as tourists with his wife and father-in-law. 

A hidden parachute was discovered close to the Palace grounds. Later, Blanchard said that to make the switch, he had nighttime parachuted onto the roof of the Palace. 

He toured the castle with his wife and father-in-law a few days before the theft, videotaping the layout.

Police obtained a camera tape confiscated during one of Blanchard’s numerous raids on his high-end houses, which led to the theft and calculating plotting. The swap was found two weeks later.

The disappearance of a precious piece of Austrian history remained unresolved until Blanchard promised to deliver the jewel to the police after his incarceration in Canada on Fraud charges.

Gerald Blanchard arrest and charges

Blanchard’s additional accusations were revealed during a court hearing in Winnipeg on Tuesday.

He’s also accused of attempting to organize the kidnapping of Tien, a 21-year-old Vancouver woman out on bail after being detained with Blanchard and five others last January. Following then, an eighth suspect was apprehended.

Blanchard has been detained since his arrest in the Headingley Correctional Facility.

He was detained on March 3 in connection with the January thefts, according to Halton police.

Blanchard was charged with stealing less than $5,000 and one count of mischief less than $5,000.

Gerald Blanchard Wife
Gerald Blanchard is back in the spotlight and facing new charges. (Source- the globe and mail)

He also faces further accusations of defrauding TD Canada Trust in September 1999 and the Bank of Nova Scotia from October 1997 to January 2007.

According to the police, the two suspects made repeated trips out of the store with stolen goods while Best Buy personnel began to follow the unwitting customer.

All the suspects in the case were apprehended as part of a three-year investigation involving officers from Winnipeg, Edmonton, and Vancouver.

The police investigation began in May 2004 following a break-in at a CIBC bank branch in Winnipeg’s Polo Park Mall.

Blanchard was released in January 2010 and was believed to be seeking to launch a new career as a security consultant.

Blanchard was arrested again on March 22, 2017, in Burlington, Ontario, for stealing gadgets from a local Best Buy. In addition, Blanchard’s criminal record is well-known in Canada.

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