Is Islam Makhachev Autistic? Illness And Health Update 2023

Is Islam Makhachev Autistic? We delve into his character’s complexity to shed light on this intriguing facet of his personality.

Islam Makhachev is the global UFC lightweight champion and one of the best pound-for-pound fighters in mixed martial arts.

His most recent battles have been against former champion Charles Olivera and featherweight king Alexander Volkanovski.

Islam will now face the latter in a rematch on October 14, with the lightweight title on the line.

Makhachev, the prodigy of UFC legend Khabib Nurmagomedov, had enormous shoes to fill as he entered the world’s biggest MMA company.

In addition, he was successful, and he is now following the ‘Father’s Plan.’ However, Islam failed a drug test performed by USADA, which might have harmed the Dagestani lineage.

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Is Islam Makhachev Autistic? What happened to him?

The rumors about being autistic have sparked interest in his health condition among his fans.

However, as of the latest available information, there are no specific details regarding his health status.

Following his adverse drug test, Makhachev was subjected to a provisional ban by the United States Anti-Doping Agency. However, the punishment was quickly removed.

Is Islam Makhachev Autistic
Islam Makhachev is in good health. (Source- Marca)

Soon after Islam Makhachev’s ban, the US Anti-Doping Agency concluded that the UFC lightweight Islam Makhachev was free of any “fault or negligence” in regard to a positive test.

The presence of the forbidden drug Meldonium was initially detected during the test. As a result, Makhachev received no additional penalties for his positive test.

Islam Makhachev stated that being tagged for a prohibited substance had a greater impact on him than his first professional MMA defeat.

The Dagestani fighter also expressed concern about the ban’s potential impact on his entire team.

Islam Makhachev illness

The concerns about Islam Makhachev’s health can be traced back to prior rumors that he was autistic.

While these allegations may have caused genuine concern among his ardent supporters, they are false.

Furthermore, rumors and disinformation, especially when it comes to someone’s health, can be upsetting.

Islam Makhachev, the Dagestan phenomenon known for his incredible talents in mixed martial arts, faced a big health hurdle in 2016 when he developed cardiac difficulties that required emergency medical attention.

This unforeseen stumbling block in his life compelled him to undertake a critical surgical treatment, demonstrating his perseverance and dedication to both his sport and his entire well-being.

Makhachev is an inspiration to many people both inside and outside of the combat sports industry.

Where is Islam Makhachev now

At UFC 294 this weekend, Islam Makhachev successfully defended his lightweight title against Alexander Volkanovski.

‘The Great’ was brimming with confidence ahead of fight night, no doubt fueled by his previous triumph over Makhachev.

While Volkanovski shocked fans at UFC Perth by being able to compete with Makhachev’s wrestling, the Dagestani was surprisingly successful in the striking department during their February clash.

Is Islam Makhachev Autistic
Islam Makhachev is a Russian professional MMA fighter. (Source- sportskeeda )

Islam Makhachev insisted before their rematch in Abu Dhabi that he was a superior version of the boxer who had previously battled Volkanovski.

The lightweight champion was correct, as he knocked ‘The Great’ out in Round One with a head kick.

Following his victory at UFC 294, Makhachev currently has a division striking record, according to MMA journalist Aaron Bronsteter.

After Charles Oliveira was forced to withdraw from the fight due to injury, Islam Makhachev and Alexander Volkanovski went to war in Abu Dhabi on 11 days’ notice.

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