Fact Check: Is Jemma Decristo Fired After Death Threaten To Jewish Journalist? Controversy

With the rising hate comments regarding Prof recent post, people are calling for Prof. to be removed from her position. Is Jemma Decristo fired from UC Davis?

UC Davis Professor Jemma DeCristo is facing a controversy due to her recent social media posts, specifically on Twitter.

In these posts, she is accused of making threats of violence against “Zionist journalists.”

Her comments have triggered a strong and widespread backlash from the public. Many individuals have expressed anger and called for her dismissal in response to what they perceive as hate speech.

Many people commented she should be fired because her voice and speech do not support her profession.

So, what is the current status of her employment within the context of the controversy surrounding these threats?

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Fact Check: Is Jemma Decristo Fired From UC Davis?

Jemma DeCristo is a professor at UC Davis’s American Studies department. She faced controversy over inflammatory remarks made on social media, notably X.

She posted a tweet that targeted Zionist journalists, accusing them of spreading propaganda and misinformation.

The tweet included threatening emojis such as knives, an axe, and blood drops. This tweet has been the subject of discussion on social media, raising concerns about potential threats.

Jemma Decristo Fired
Jemma DeCristo works at UC Davis’s American Studies department. (Photo Source: UC Davis)

People in the comment section expressed concerns about what they perceived as Nazi racism directed against minority populations under constant attack.

These comments reflect the strong public reaction to her statements and the desire for appropriate actions to be taken by UC Davis.

After that, UC Davis Chancellor Gary S. May issued a statement condemning the remarks. It is worth noting that he did not explicitly name DeCristo.

He stated that the university rejects violence and discrimination, emphasizing that it follows its established policies and procedures. However, he mentioned that it is under investigation.

Also, there is no official confirmation regarding Jemma DeCristo’s dismissal from UC Davis.

Some have questioned why she continues to be employed, but Chancellor May noted that public expression of even controversial or abhorrent opinions enjoys protection under the First Amendment.

However, some materials indicate DeCristo may have been fired, though no official statement confirms her as fired.

The university’s website has removed her biography and contact information.

As for the fact check, the situation remains under investigation, and the university has not released an official statement regarding her termination.

Controversy Regarding Jemma Decristo

The controversy surrounding UC Davis Professor Jemma DeCristo has created a storm as her social media posts have come under increased scrutiny.

After the vast hate received from her post, DeCristo has now made her account private.

The professor is facing backlash for her alleged remarks. Another post attributed to supporting a threat directed at the U.S. embassy.

DeCristo has now made her X account private. (Photo Source: Sports Keeda)

This post was a retweet of an article from the Iran Observer reporting that many people in Beirut, Lebanon, were heading to the U.S. Embassy.

Alongside the retweet, DeCristo allegedly added fire emojis to the US embassy. “US out of everywhere. US GO HOME, US GO HOME.”

These statements have gathered a firestorm of criticism, with many public members expressing outrage and concern over the nature of her comments.

Due to this hate speech, people demanded her removal from her position at UC Davis.

The university is under pressure to address the matter. People are curious how the university will respond in the face of growing controversy over the professor’s statements.

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