Is Joey King Trans? Sexuality And Partner

The mystery remains: Is Joey King Trans? This question has captured the attention of passionate actress fans, creating a web of curiosity and wonder.

Joey Lynn King, an accomplished American actress, has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry through her outstanding performances in films and television shows.

However, rumors and questions about her personal life have occasionally surfaced despite her success and popularity.

One such rumor concerns her gender identity and her sexuality.

In this article, we will investigate whether Joey King is transgender, as well as discuss her sexuality and her relationship, shedding light on the facts surrounding her personal life.

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Is Joey King Trans? Know more about her Sexuality

Joey King, an accomplished American actress known for her diverse roles in film and television, has been the subject of persistent rumors and questions about her gender identity.

Similarly, Joey King has not publicly identified as transgender as of yet.

She consistently refers to herself as a woman and uses female pronouns in both her personal and professional life.

Joey King’s gender identity has been the subject of speculation due to a few TikTok videos in which she is seen wearing a binder, a garment commonly worn by transgender people to flatten their chests.

Is Joey King Trans
Joey King’s sexuality has been a topic of speculation for the fans. (Source: Tumblr)

However, it’s important to note that binders serve multiple functions, such as relieving back pain or improving comfort, and their use does not necessarily indicate a person’s gender identity.

Joey King has also been an outspoken supporter and advocate for the LGBTQ and transgender communities.

She has publicly expressed her support for these communities and, in 2019, made a charitable donation to the Trevor Project, an organization dedicated to preventing LGBTQ youth suicide.

To summarize, there is no concrete evidence that Joey King is transgender.

Rather than relying on unfounded rumors and speculations, respecting her self-identity and supporting her advocacy efforts is critical.

Joey King Partner Steven Piet

Joey King has a public relationship with screenwriter and filmmaker Steven Piet.

Similarly, Joey King and Steven Piet’s relationship was confirmed in September 2020 when they both shared affectionate photos and posts on their respective Instagram accounts.

Their romance is said to have blossomed during their collaboration on the 2020 film “The Lie,” directed by Steven Piet and starring Joey King.

Their social media posts demonstrated their love and happiness in each other’s company, giving fans a peek into their personal lives.

Moreover, Joey and Piet engaged in February 2022 and got married on September 3, 2023.

Check out her official social media accounts or reliable news sources for the latest information on Joey King’s relationship status.

Joey King family

King comes from a talented and supportive family with roots in the entertainment industry.

Joey King is the youngest child of Terry and Jamie King and was born in Los Angeles, California.

Kelli King and Hunter King, her two older sisters, are both accomplished actresses.

Because of the King family’s involvement in the entertainment industry, Joey grew up in a nurturing and understanding environment as she pursued her acting career.

Is Joey King Trans
Joey King with her father, Terry King, and mother, Jamie King. (Source: Latestinbollywood)

Their close family bond has been instrumental in Joey’s success, with her sisters, in particular, making their mark in Hollywood.

Despite their celebrity, the King family remains grounded and supportive, celebrating Joey’s accomplishments and contributing to her development as a talented actress.

Furthermore, It is critical that our understanding of public figures is founded on accurate and verifiable information rather than unsubstantiated rumors and speculations.

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