Is Noc Sylvia Pregnant 2023? Baby Bump And New Husband

Many are curious if Noc Sylvia Pregnant in 2023. Please keep reading to learn about Sylvia, her new husband, and whether or not she is pregnant right now.

Sylvia Chan, born on 2 January 1988, is one of the co-founders of Night Owl Cinematics, also known as NOC.

Many speculations and rumors regarding Sylvia Chan are being made nowadays.

People wonder whether the NOC co-founder is pregnant, and many others also have questions regarding her new husband.

Keep reading to clear all your speculations regarding Sylvia Chan’s pregnancy and Sylvia Chan’s new husband.

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Noc Sylvia Pregnant News and New Husband in 2023 are not true

Many people have been asking recently if Sylvia Chan, who co-founded NOC, is expecting a child.

But Sylvia and her team haven’t formally responded to it. At the moment, it’s just people talking and sharing rumors.

We must respect her privacy and not speculate on her matters.

Nowadays, gossip and rumors spread quickly, especially with the use of social media.

But we must remember that everyone, including celebrities like Sylvia Chan, has the right to private life. Making assumptions about someone’s private life might lead to misunderstandings.

Noc Sylvia Pregnant
Sylvia Chan, born on 2 January 1988, is one of the co-founders of Night Owl Cinematics. (Source – marketing interactive)

As for people wondering whether or not she has a new husband, we will also be going through that topic.

Many people have also speculated that Sylvia has a new husband, but there has been no official confirmation.

It’s just speculation and assumption, just like the above baby rumors. We should respect her privacy and avoid making assumptions about her personal life.

We must wait for her to confirm any of this vital news. Let us now focus on her work and show our support for it.

She has a great business and has also done great in her profession. Her story tells us that determination and hard dedication may lead to success.

In conclusion, being patient and avoiding making assumptions about things we don’t know is a good idea.

Noc Sylvia was previously married to Ryan Tan

Previously, Sylvia Chan married Ryan Tan, the other founder of Night Owl Cinematics.

Sylvia and Ryan’s love story began when she was only sixteen. She met Ryan Tan while she was working as a part-time model.

They first started as friends before becoming a couple. It is known that Sylvia fell for Ryan after he helped her confront her ex-boyfriend, who owed her money then.

Sylvia and Ryan married in 2010 when they were both 22 years old. Their marriage, however, was not always easy and smooth.

After their initial business attempt failed, they decided to try their hand at professional video production. 

Noc Sylvia Pregnant
Sylvia Chan was married to Ryan Tan, who is another founder of Night Owl Cinematics. (Source – Malaysia news)

Then, they met a Malaysian YouTuber, Dan Khoo, who helped them as he taught them all about the YouTube industry.

Sylvia and Ryan separated in March 2020 because of the differences in personal aspirations.

It was the main reason for the breakup.

Despite their divorce in March 2020, Sylvia and Ryan remained business partners.

They announced this on YouTube in May 2020, claiming that the hardship of being business partners and a married pair had been too much for them to handle.

Despite the end of their romantic relationship, Sylvia and Ryan continued to work together at NOC, demonstrating their ability to communicate as friends and business companions.

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