Is Oompaville Autistic? Health Update 2023

Is Oompaville Autistic? Stay informed about the current well-being of the YouTuber and whether he has any pre-existing health issues through the latest updates.

Caleb Hunter Phelps is an American YouTuber who will be 27 years old in 2023, born on August 29, 1996.

Caleb has a widespread online presence, where he’s more commonly recognized by his online alias, “Oompaville.”

The YouTuber engages in creating videos where he shares his reactions to memes and Twitch clips.

Caleb also takes part in activities on platforms like Omegle and adds his commentary to YouTube drama and news trends that are currently popular.

Part of his content also involves watching somewhat unconventional animations, often sourced from channels such as Actually Happened and Share My Story.

This choice showcases his diverse interests and the variety he brings to his content creation.

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Is Oompaville Autistic? 2023 Health status

A recent rumor suggests that Oompaville might be on the autism spectrum.

Considering its potential impact, delving into this claim’s authenticity is essential.

The reality is that Oompaville has indeed confirmed his autism in his “It’s Your Fault” video, where he engaged in a conversation with Nikocado Avocado.

Oompaville Autism
Oompaville revealed that he has autism. (Source: Instagram)

This revelation responded to Nikocado’s teasing about Oompaville’s homeschooling background.

Moreover, Oompaville has also openly shared that he deals with ADHD, addressing this aspect in several of his video content.

Given the sensitivity of this matter, it’s crucial to exercise caution and considerate thought before discussing such topics.

Speculating without due consideration can inadvertently cause emotional distress or discomfort to the individuals involved.

Thus, regardless of the integrity of the information, it’s prudent to approach these matters with empathy, understanding, and a consciousness of the potential impact on others.

Oompaville life Details explored

Caleb was born in Virginia to parents Jesse and Lois Phelps.

Caleb’s ancestral background is a mix of Italian descent, partially Mexican, and his great-grandmother hailed from Syria.

Among this YouTuber’s family members, he has a sister and two younger brothers, Gilbert and Humphrey.

In 1st grade, he transitioned from traditional school to homeschooling.

In early 2021, Caleb relocated to Frisco, Texas, accompanied by Clint.

However, a period of temporary homelessness ensued until his residence in Texas was ready.

Starting from the age of 15, Caleb embarked on a lasting romantic relationship that lasted until July 25, 2022.

In his household, Caleb is a proud owner of two dogs named Frankie and Pip.

Oompaville Pets
Caleb takes joy in owning two dogs named Frankie and Pip. (Source: Instagram)

Additionally, the YouTuber cares for two cats, Pickle and Little Bean.

Caleb initially gained recognition for creating gaming content.

However, Oompaville removed his gaming videos before May 31, 2019.

Caleb’s content primarily centers around his reactions to memes, occasionally interspersed with videos of him playing games.

Caleb’s YouTube journey commenced with his debut video on May 31, 2019, although he has uploaded even earlier content, which he has chosen to keep private.

Furthermore, Caleb engages with unconventional animations from channels such as Actually Happened and Share My Story.

Engaging with Omegle, Caleb occasionally enjoys surprising people by taking on personas like a female police officer or a Japanese schoolgirl.

In January 2021, Oompaville released a video titled “The End,” in which he announced his decision to cease sexualized thumbnails, explaining that he had initially used them ironically to attract attention to his channel, deeming it “content that wasn’t advertiser-friendly but didn’t lose monetization.”

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