Is Oompaville Dating Tara? Relationship Timeline

“Is Oompaville Dating Tara?” people are trying to find the details of the relationship between the creator and his editor.

Caleb Hunter Phelps, born on August 29, 1996, is widely recognized on the internet by his alias, Oompaville.

This American YouTube personality primarily produces videos where he responds to memes and Twitch highlights, dives into Omegle, and offers commentary on YouTube controversies and current news events.

While initially gaining popularity for his gaming content, Phelps has since transitioned; he deleted most gaming-centric videos made before May 31, 2019.

Nowadays, his content predominantly revolves around meme reactions, although he occasionally revisits gaming.

His YouTube journey began with a video released on May 31, 2019. Interestingly, he has some even earlier videos but chose to set them to private.

Phelps also reviews and reacts to offbeat animations from channels like Actually Happened and Share My Story.

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Is Oompaville Dating Tara? Relationship Timeline

Recently, there’s been growing speculation around the relationship status of Oompaville and his editor, Tara.

The rumor has been working overtime, especially since fans know that Oompaville has been on the singles’ radar following his breakup in 2022.

Tara’s consistent presence in Oompaville’s videos fuels these speculations, leading many fans to hypothesize a budding romance between the two.

Further stoking the fires of the rumor was a video Oompaville uploaded with the intriguing title, “Discord dating my editor.”

ompaville Dating Tara
Oompaville and Tara are seen collaborating on a YouTube video. (Source: YouTube)

This naturally sent the fanbase into a frenzy, with many eager to determine the authenticity of a romantic relationship between the YouTuber and his editor.

Oompaville and Tara have remained tight-lipped, neither confirming nor denying their relationship status.

However, the community’s detective instincts have many convinced that they’re an item.

Should there be any truth to the whispers of romance, an official announcement might be just around the corner.

Meet Oompaville Ex Girlfriend Shayen Cooks

Shayen Cooks and Oompaville had been in a relationship but eventually parted ways.

Shayne seemed to have admired her then-boyfriend early in their relationship, as evidenced by her tweets.

She even declared herself as Oompaville’s biggest fan in her Twitter bio.

Oompaville and his ex-girlfriend in a YouTube video. (Source: YouTube)

Her Twitter profile suggested that they dated for approximately 15 years. They had offered significant support to one another during their time together.

In a YouTube video titled “Disgusting Twitch Drama,” Oompaville disclosed that he had ended a 10-year relationship in July.

He mentioned that they would have been considered married in many states, but they had a cohabitation agreement.

The breakup of Oompaville and his girlfriend became a topic of discussion once he began addressing it openly.

There was a period when she was frequently featured in his videos, and he even created content specifically centered on or influenced by her.

Oompaville Origin And Early Life

Caleb was born in Virginia to parents Jesse and Lois Phelps. His heritage is predominantly Italian, with some Mexican roots, and he also has Syrian ancestry through his great-grandmother.

Caleb has a sister and two younger brothers, Gilbert and Humphrey.

During his 1st grade, he transitioned from traditional schooling to homeschooling.

In early 2021, he relocated to Frisco, Texas, accompanied by her and Clint.

Starting on August 1, Caleb experienced temporary homelessness briefly while waiting for his Texas residence to be prepared.

He then shifted to central Texas later that year.

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