Is Susan Rosenkowitz Still Alive? Health Update 2024

Is Susan Rosenkowitz still alive? The lady gained international prominence after giving birth to six children at once.

Susan Rosenkowitz, formerly known as Susan Wilson, was a Briton native who emigrated to South Africa in 1966.

Later, she found her love in Colin Rosenkowitz and married him, eventually adopting the last name Rosenkowitz.

The pair became parents to Samantha, their first child, and a few years later, Anthony was born as their second child.

Wanting to expand their family, the couple tried for another baby; however, upon initial checkup, they learned it was twins.

The number continued to increase with every checkup as they found the number to be three, then four.

When they decided on abortion, the doctor suggested continuing with the pregnancy, and later, they found the number to be six.

After successfully giving birth to the sextuplets on January 11, 1974, the news spread worldwide.

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Is Susan Rosenkowitz Still Alive? Divorce Reasons

Susan Rosenkowitz, the mother of the world’s first known surviving sextuplets, rose to international fame with the birth of her six children.

The birth of the sextuplets propelled Susan and her husband, Colin, into the spotlight.

However, managing the responsibilities of caring for eight children, including two older siblings, was a huge struggle.

With such a big family, the couple’s schedule became chaotic, leaving little chance for privacy and outings.

Despite the challenges, Susan and Colin put much effort into supporting and caring for their special family.

Is Susan Rosenkowitz Still Alive
Today is the 50th birth anniversary of the sextuplets. (Source: Facebook)

As the difficulties grew, Susan and Colin had to deal with the pressure on their marriage.

Ultimately, the couple decided to file for divorce in 1989 and got separated.

Nonetheless, the breakdown of their marriage caused changes in the family, and Susan’s life went a different path.

After the divorce, her life became less visible to the general world as she intentionally opted for a more private life.

Susan chose to lead a life away from the public spotlight that once took a toll on her mental health, with the responsibility of raising eight children.

Recently, she has been living her life on her terms, and her sextuplets are now on their different journeys scattered in different countries.

Today, January 12, 2024, is the 50th birth anniversary of her six children, who survived their infancy.

Susan Rosenkowitz Health Update 2024

Susan experienced a period of health difficulties following the delivery of her sextuplets, which resulted in her hospitalization for several months.

Undoubtedly, the physical strain of giving birth to six children and the responsibilities of managing a large household damaged her overall health.

However, showing resilience, she emerged from this challenging period on the path to recovery.

Rosenkowitz’s post-divorce life has been a well-guarded part, hidden from prying eyes in the media.

Is Susan Rosenkowitz Still Alive
Susan Rosenkowitz might be facing old-age health problems. (Source: Facebook)

She chose a private life and shifted her attention away from the spotlight, allowing her to live on her terms.

Moreover, her current situation remains mysterious due to the lack of media attention, which makes it challenging to learn specifics about her daily life.

Given that her children are now in their 50s, it is fair to presume that Susan has also gone through the normal aging process.

Even though no information is available about her recent health updates, she might have been facing the problems of growing age.

Whatever the situation is, Susan has stayed determined in her choice to live a private life for her mental well-being.

Furthermore, one can only assume about her recent condition without her health updates.

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