Is Tasha Smith Gay? Husband And Kids

Fans have been curious to know is Tasha Smith Gay, particularly following the release of her recent drama. Join us as we uncover the truth about her sexuality, husband, and kids.

The actress was born on February 28, 1971, in Camden, New Jersey. Smith is a versatile American actress, director, and producer who has made her mark in the entertainment industry.
Tasha’s talent and dedication propelled her into the spotlight with a starring role on the NBC comedy series Boston Common from 1996 to 1997.
Beyond her acting accomplishments, Tasha Smith is also a visionary.

She founded TSAW, an actor’s workshop that empowers and inspires performers from all walks of life, focusing on uplifting the Black community.
In addition to her thriving career, Tasha Smith shares a unique bond with her identical twin sister, Sidra Smith, who resides in Harlem.
There are rumors about Tasha Smith being gay. Let’s find out.

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Is Tasha Smith Gay?

Tasha Smith’s personal life has been the subject of rumors and speculation regarding her sexual orientation. Fans are curious to know if Tasha Smith is gay or straight.

Is Tasha Smith Gay?
Tasha portrayed the character of a gay in her recent drama. (Photo Source: Instagram)

While there are claims about her alleged lesbian flings and a secret love affair with actress Elisabeth Rohm, it’s still unclear whether those claims are valid.

Some even claim that the divorce of Smith and Keith Douglas was also due to her affair with Elisabeth.

However, Smith clarified that their divorce was due to Douglas’s fraudulent lifestyle and failure to disclose previous marriages.
Furthermore, Tasha has portrayed the character of a gay in her recent role in the drama “Survival of the Thickest.”

However, the characters in her acting roles do not necessarily reflect her sexual orientation. Artists often portray characters that differ from their personal lives and identities.
Tasha has not disclosed any information about her romantic relationships or sexual orientation.

Her social media presence also doesn’t provide conclusive evidence about whether she is gay or straight.
It’s essential to respect an individual’s privacy matters. Without Tasha herself disclosing her sexual orientation, it is inappropriate to draw conclusions or make assumptions about her identity. 

Let us appreciate her talent, her dedication to her craft, and her contributions to the entertainment industry, focusing on her professional achievements rather than speculating about her personal life.

Tasha Smith Husband And Kids

Tasha Smith was previously married to her husband, Keith Douglas, in December 2010. Keith also serves as her manager. 

However, their marriage was far from a happy union. Trouble brewed between them when Keith suspected Tasha of having an extramarital affair, citing her close interactions with other actors in her profession. 

Husband And Kids
Keith Douglas s the ex-husband of Tasha Smith. (Photo Source: 

In response, Tasha decided to file for divorce, revealing that her husband had kept important information hidden from her.

She discovered that Keith had neglected to disclose his five previous marriages before their own. 
Adding to the complexities, Tasha uncovered that her husband had evaded paying taxes for nearly a decade.
Fortunately, the divorce proceedings were relatively straightforward, as the couple had no biological kids.

However, Tasha found herself the stepmother of five kids from Keith’s previous marriages.
After five years of marriage, a judge granted Tasha an annulment, rendering their marriage null and void and preventing her ex-husband from seeking spousal support.
While Tasha’s marital journey may have faced its challenges, she now navigates her life independently, focusing on her career and personal growth.

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