Is Toast And Miyoung Dating 2023? Relationship Timeline

The two YouTube streamers are in the spotlight after the rumors of their love affair. Is Toast and Miyoung dating in 2023? What is the situation going on?

Jeremy Wang, popularly recognized as Disguised Toast, has carved a niche for himself as a prominent Taiwanese-Canadian streamer, YouTuber, and internet personality.

His journey in content creation began on YouTube, where he specialized in crafting videos related to the digital card game Hearthstone.

Transitioning to live streaming on Twitch further bolstered his reputation before he inked an exclusive streaming contract with Facebook Gaming in November 2019.

Meanwhile, Miyoung, a partnered Twitch broadcaster and notable gaming personality, ascended to stardom through her live streaming of Valorant gameplay.

Her charismatic presence and gaming prowess caught the attention of a broad audience. In addition to Valorant, Miyoung has ventured into creating gameplay videos for titles like PlateUp! and Only Up!.

She continues to engage with her followers through her regular Twitch streams, particularly in the conversational Just Chatting category.

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Is Toast And Miyoung Dating In 2023? Relationship Timeline

One rumor that has been generating considerable buzz lately is the alleged romantic involvement between popular YouTube streamers, Disguised Toast and Miyoung.

Fans and curious onlookers have been itching to find out if there’s any truth to these rumors or if it’s all just conjecture.

To investigate the matter, one might turn to social media accounts for clues. A common way for individuals to confirm their romantic relationships is by sharing pictures of each other on platforms like Instagram.

However, a quick search through both Disguised Toast and Miyoung’s Instagram profiles reveals an absence of any photos featuring each other.

Moreover, neither Disguised Toast nor Miyoung has officially addressed the rumors or made any public statements confirming or denying their relationship status.

Is Toast and Miyoung dating
Disguised Toast and Miyoung have not stated anything regarding dating rumors. (Source: Sportskeeda)

The rumors reached a crescendo when Disguised Toast made a playful remark during a livestream, jesting about a controlling girlfriend and a toxic relationship.

Miyoung’s hilarious reaction to the comment added fuel to the fire.

It’s possible that this video ignited the speculation, leading some fans to believe that the two YouTubers might be romantically involved.

However, in the case of Disguised Toast and Miyoung, their shared passion for gaming, particularly Valorant, and their collaborative live streams suggest a strong friendship and camaraderie.

While the rumors about their relationship have gained momentum on platforms like TikTok and Reddit, it’s important to remember that no credible sources have confirmed their romantic involvement.

Toast Breakup with xChocoBars In 2020

Disguised Toast, a prominent figure in the streaming world, was previously romantically involved with xChocoBars, an online gamer and a close friend of Pokimane.

Their relationship, which commenced in 2018, quickly became a fan favorite.

However, like many relationships, their love story took an unexpected turn, and in 2020, Disguised Toast and xChocoBars jointly announced their decision to part ways.

In a heartfelt message shared on Twitter, the two Twitch stars explained their breakup, emphasizing that they felt a responsibility to inform their fans, considering their relationship had been in the public eye since its inception.

Toast and xChocoBars
The two Twitch stars stated their relationship just did not work out. (Source: Dexerto)

Their approach to the breakup received widespread appreciation from their followers and the streaming community.

Disguised Toast and xChocoBars navigated the challenging waters of separation with grace and maturity.

Their decision to publicly announce the breakup, while undoubtedly challenging, provided a valuable example of handling such situations without resorting to negativity or drama.

While their romantic journey may have come to an end, the admiration and goodwill from their supporters continue, acknowledging the couple’s ability to conclude a chapter of their lives with dignity and respect.

In a world often marked by online drama and feuds, this breakup was a reminder that even in the public eye, relationships can end with grace and understanding.

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