Is Toby Tarrant Related To Chris Tarrant? Father-Son Age Gap And Family

Having got the same surname, many fans have one common question in mind, “Is Toby Tarrant Related To Chris Tarrant?” Let’s find out below.

Toby Tarrant, whose full name is, Tobias Charles Tarrant, is a popular radio broadcaster from England. He started his career in national radio broadcasting in 2014, presenting a breakfast show on Capital FM.

Toby has a lot of listeners as there was a growth of about 29% audience. Thanks to that, his popularity grew even more and reached new heights. 

Chris Tarrant, born Christopher John Tarrant, is also an English broadcaster. Furthermore, he is a former radio DJ and a TV personality. He is popular for being a presenter of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? and Tiswas, a children’s TV show.

He started his career in 1972. He was first hired by ATV, a channel network which has now been dissolved.

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Is Toby Tarrant Related To Chris Tarrant? 

There might be lots of instances where celebrities sharing the same surname don’t have any relationship. However, this is not the case.

Well, to answer the question, yes, Toby Tarrant is indeed related to Chris Tarrant. It may come as a surprise to many, but Toby is, in fact, Chris’ kid.

Toby Tarrant and father Chris Tarrant
Toby Tarrant and Chris Tarrant share a loving bond of son and father. (Image Source: Daily Express)

Chris Tarrant is a proud father of four. He has three daughters, Helen Tarrant, Jennifer Tarrant, and Sammy Tarrant, and a son, Toby Tarrant. 

Among them, Tony is the youngest and only son of the broadcaster. Chris had Tony from his second marriage.

Father-Son Age Gap And Relationship

Toby was born on the 29th of October 1991. Whereas his father, Chris was born on the 10th of October 1946. 

It can only be called a coincidence as both the father-son duo were born in the same month. As of 2023, Toby is 31 years old and his old man, Chris is 76 years old.

So as per our calculations, the father-son has an age gap of 45 years. 

Not everyone has a great bond with their parents. Though, it is a different story here. According to Express, Chris Tarrant’s son Toby looks up to him, and he had wished that he could present like his father.

When Toby started his career, he was scared thinking he would be blamed of nepotism as Chris is a well-known personality in the world of broadcasting.

It is no new news as many celebrity kids who end up following in their parent’s footsteps are accused of nepotism. Furthermore, Toby stated that he has a different style from his father.

In one funny instance, Toby even dressed up like Chris and impersonated him during a campaign of VoucherCodes. 

Chris and Toby also have many things in common, one being how spookily similar their voices are.

Both Toby And Chris Have A Blissful Family Life

As mentioned earlier, Toby Tarrant’s father had him from his second marriage. Chris was first married to Sheila Roberton. Their marital life started in 1976 and ended in divorce in 1982.

He had his two daughters, Helen and Jennifer during that time. Then Chris married Ingrid Dupre-Walsh and became parents to Toby and Sammy.

Unfortunately, Chris’ second marriage also didn’t have a happy ending and the former pair parted ways. Alongside his above stated siblings, Toby has two more siblings, Fia and Dexter from his mother’s previous marriage.

Chris Tarrant Son
Toby Tarrant’s father Chris has been married twice. (Image Source: iNews)

As for Toby, he is married to his beautiful partner Pippa Taylor. Toby Tarrnt’s wife announced their engagement on the 20th of July, 2020, on The Chris Moyles Show.

Then after two years, Toby and Pippa tied their marital knot in September 2022.

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