Is W2S Muslim? Religion Ethnicity And Origin

Is W2S Muslim? Many speculate about his religious convictions as he continues gaining notoriety from people worldwide.

Harry Christopher George Lewis, born on November 24, 1996 (26 years old), is popularly recognized on the internet as W2S, an acronym for Wroetoshaw.

He hails from Guernsey and has made a name on YouTube, primarily through his FIFA Fut Draft and Pack content.

Beyond the gaming scene, Harry is also celebrated for hosting real-life challenges featuring his loved ones.

He’s an integral part of the group called Sidemen, which consists of seven members.

While Harry ceased uploading content on his main ‘W2S’ channel in 2020, he remains active on his secondary track ‘W2S+’ (previously named W2SPlays) and continues participating in Sidemen activities.

Is W2S Muslim? Learn About His Religious Beliefs

Harry “W2S” Lewis has made significant waves in the U.K. digital content scene with his vast online presence.

As one of the leading figures in the content creation industry, he’s naturally a subject of immense public interest.

Such visibility brings an inevitable underbelly of conjecture and hypothesis regarding different facets of his life.

One such topic that has surfaced occasionally is his religious orientation.

Whispers and speculations have made their rounds, with a segment of the audience suggesting that he could be a follower of Islam.

W2S religion
W2S grew up with two siblings and his parents on the islands of Guernsey. (Source: Pinterest)

But, grounding the conversation in facts, it’s paramount to note that Harry is Christian.

While he may not be vocal or overt about his religious sentiments in the public domain, his upbringing was rooted in Christian values, suggesting a familial adherence to the faith.

Being in the public eye means one’s personal life often becomes a matter of public discourse. Yet, treading these waters with caution and respect is always crucial.

Speculations, especially regarding sensitive topics like religion, should be based on solid foundations, not hearsay.

For the followers and admirers of such public figures, it’s a responsibility to ensure they rely on credible and authentic sources before drawing conclusions or spreading information.

W2S Ethnicity And Origin

Harry Lewis, popularly known by his online moniker “W2S,” traces his roots back to the picturesque Channel Islands.

Born in Guernsey, his formative years were spent in Alderney until around 7 or 8. It was in 2004 that the family decided to relocate to Guernsey.

The Lewis family includes Harry’s younger siblings, Josh and Rosie, with whom he shares a close bond. All three of them pursued their education at the Guernsey Grammar School.

Inevitably, Sidemen, the group Harry is a part of, frequently jest about Harry’s origins in Guernsey.

W2S with sister
W2S with his sister Rosie Lewis. (Source: Reddit)

They playfully and humorously exploit Guernsey’s stereotypes, teasingly suggesting him as “inbred” and making light-hearted remarks about incest.

It’s worth noting that these jokes are in good humor and part of their playful dynamic.

Harry’s childhood wasn’t just limited to studies. He was active on the football field, playing for a local team named ‘Rangers F.C.

A particularly memorable (or perhaps not-so-memorable) moment from this period was a staggering 32–0 defeat in one of their matches.

Away from the field, Harry found solace in gaming. This passion ignited when his parents got him a Nintendo GameCube for a mere £5 from a car boot sale – a humble beginning to a massive gaming career.

As for academics, Harry wasn’t just another face in the crowd.

He exhibited a flair for numbers and showcased his prowess by sitting for his GCSE maths examination a year ahead of his peers.

And not just that, he managed to secure an impressive A* grade, signaling his academic brilliance.

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