Isabel Elizabeth Francis LinkedIn: Did She Work At Deliveroo?

Isabel Elizabeth Francis LinkedIn: The lady’s horrific murder has shocked the community because she was pregnant at the time of her murder.

Isabel Elizabeth Francis, a 30-year-old lady whose life was tragically cut short in January of the previous year, was a crucial figure in a horrible occurrence in an Ang Mo Kio flat.

Her spouse, David Brian Chow Kwok-Hun, was accused of her murder following the tragic event.

Isabel’s life cut short at age 30, was defined by her devotion to her family and her efforts to help her husband during a time of tremendous personal struggle.

Because of false financial information about the company he managed, Isabel’s life was tragic when she became involved in her husband’s mental health issue.

Furthermore, she was about 15 weeks pregnant with a daughter at the time of her murder, which makes her untimely passing even more heart-wrenching.

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Isabel Elizabeth Francis LinkedIn: Was She Employed At Deliveroo?

According to the Straits Times (ST), Isabel’s LinkedIn page indicated that she had started working at Deliveroo as an assistant manager in brand campaigns and partnerships in October of the preceding year.

However, at this current time, her LinkedIn profile cannot be found.

Isabel had been heavily involved in the business’s marketing and brand promotion side throughout her tenure as an assistant manager for Deliveroo’s partnerships and brand initiatives.

She had assumed a professional role that included planning and creating campaigns to improve the brand’s recognition and relationships inside the organization.

Isabel Elizabeth Francis LinkedIn
Isabel Elizabeth Francis previously worked at Deliveroo. (Source: Yahoo News)

Unfortunately, the terrible events that occurred ended her potential career.

This additional information highlights the importance of her contributions to her job before her untimely death and offers an insight into her working life.

Isabel’s husband loves his family very much; therefore, to save his wife and his upcoming daughter from the shame of his passing, he decides to free them by taking their lives.

Even though he loved his family, his mental illness turned him into a devil who was not scared to take the lives of the people he loved the most.

After killing his pregnant wife, David was about to kill himself. However, he learned that his father was coming to pick him up for official work.

Thinking that this would lead to his father’s arrest because others would think that he killed him, David called the police and told them that he murdered his wife.

After that, he locked himself in his bedroom and waited for the authorities to come.

Isabel Elizabeth Francis Pregnancy and Relationship With Husband

Isabel Elizabeth Francis’ life was defined not just by her professional accomplishments but also by the personal milestones she was about to achieve.

She was around 15 weeks pregnant with a daughter at the time of her tragic and untimely death, a prospect that brought an extra dimension of joy and anticipation to her life.

Mrs Francis and her spouse, David Brian Chow Kwok-Hun, were set to start a new chapter when they learned she was pregnant.

Isabel Elizabeth Francis LinkedIn
Isabel Elizabeth Francis was 15 weeks pregnant at the time of her murder. (Source: Medium)

After getting married in December 2019, the couple moved into their Ang Mo Kio apartment in May 2021.

Their life together, which had previously been full of promise, was damaged by the turbulence caused by her husband’s developing mental health concerns.

Hence, Isabel showed dedication to their marriage by setting up her husband’s counseling appointment out of genuine care for him.

In addition to being a devoted wife, she was a kind companion who wished for her husband to succeed and find peace.

Sadly, despite her best efforts to help him through this challenging period, David’s stress and agony ultimately caused him to commit an unimaginable act of violence that ended her life.

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