Isabela Ramirez: Bio, Media, Net Worth & More

Who is Isabela Ramirez?

Isabela Ramirez is a Colombian social media influencer and adult model. 

While flaunting her curves on social media, Isabela Ramirez shares about travel and lifestyle. Chiefly, Isabela exhibits her chubby face and voluptuous body in a scanty outfit; this has her followers’ eyes glued to the screen.

Moreover, Isabela is also well known among adults as she has profoundly established herself as an adult content creator through social media.

Isabela Ramirez Biography
Isabela Ramirez Biography

Discover more with us in detail about the bombshell, Isabella Ramirez, hereon.

Quick Facts

Full Name Isabela Ramirez
BirthdateJanuary 22, 2000
Age23 years old
Sun SignAquarius
TraitsPositive: optimistic, rational, self-reliant, non-judgemental
Negative: rebellious, emotionally detached, stubborn, impulsive
BirthplacePalmira, Valle del Cauca, Colombia
SiblingsVanessa Ramirez (sister)
Height5 feet and 7 inches
Weight126  lbs
Eye ColourHazel
Hair ColourBrown
Social MediaInstagram
Net Worth$800k

Early Life

Isabela Ramirez was born on January 22, 2000, in Palmira, Valle del Cauca, Colombia. Currently, she is 23 years old.

Likewise, the Aquarius beauty Isabela graduated from Humberto Raffo Rivera in her hometown. Moreover, she first started posting on Instagram back in 2017.

Young photo of Isabella
Young photo of Isabela

Accordingly, Isabela is a Hebrew origin name, meaning “God’s Promise.”

Evidently, Isabela does justice to her name. Because one look at her, the term god’s promise couldn’t be more accurate.

Isabela’s Height and Body features

Isabela Ramirez is most known for her tempting curvaceous figure.

Undoubtedly, Isabela’s beauty of hotness evokes both admirable joy and desire; at the same time, jealousy and bitter hate are primarily unwarranted from men and women.

Subsequently, Ramirez stands relatively tall at 5 feet 7 inches or 170.18 cm. Likewise, she weighs around 126 lbs.

In addition, Isabela’s bust measures around 36 cm. In comparison, her wasp-like waist measures 29 cm, and her hips are about 40 cm.

Moreover, her big doe-like hazel eyes hold you captive, coupled with a small button nose, pouty honey lips, and long face-framing hair; she is a dream and walking fantasy.

Photos of Isabela Ramirez
Photos of Isabela Ramirez

Hence, putting these features together; results in her thick, perfect hourglass body that have all salivating.

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Social Media

Although, starting first on Instagram with no significant goal or number of followers. Comparatively, Ramirez has flourished since then.

She is sure, rising to become a thriving social media sensation.

Moreover, she has not only multiplied her platform ten times more. But, she also ventured into other media and certained her success.

Isabel Ramirez Instagram

Firstly, Isabel Ramirez began posting on Instagram early in 2017. Meanwhile, she mostly posted her pictures and videos. By then, she had gained a small following. 

Isabela Ramirez Photo
Isabela Photo from her Instagram

Later, around 2019, one of her videos went viral on different social media platforms. Undoubtedly, she paved her path as a mainstream Instagram star. Presently, Isabela Ramirez has 5 million followers. on her Instagram. But conversely, she also promotes her brand endorsements.

Isabela Ramirez TikTok

Furthermore, Ramirez on TikTok shares enticing and fun videos of herself with her friends. Not only that, but she also posts her outfits, traveling, and dance videos.

While on TikTok, Ramirez has 1.3 million likes and 253.9k followers.

In addition, Ramirez performs covertly sexual dances in her endorsed outfits, leaving everyone who is watching wanting more.


Further, Isabela Ramirez has 736.1k followers on Twitter. In contrast to other platforms, Ramirez is less active on Twitter.

Though Isabela rarely shares similar sexy content, she also tweets and retweets photos, captions, and questions to her followers, often provocatively catering to her adult audience.


In the meantime, Isabela has 85.59k on Facebook; she shares similar content. In addition, Isabela also seems fond of sharing memes on her Facebook page.

Also, she posts her family though rarely, unlike on other social platforms.

Isabela Ramirez with her mother and sister, Vanessa Ramirez
Isabela Ramirez with her mother and sister, Vanessa Ramirez

So, along with the bold and borderline sexual content: on Facebook, more unguarded Isabela incites us with a glimpse into her personal life.

Isabela Ramirez OnlyFans

In addition, Isabela, from sharing sensual pictures to adult content. While on OnlyFans, Isabela posts lewd nude photos of herself and 18+ rated videos.

OnlyFans: 83.8k likes

Moreover, on OnlyFans, Isabela often produces content starring herself while featuring co-stars that only cater to certain adult gaze consenting to pay to view her posts.

Isabela Ramirez Net Worth

Furthermore, the estimated net worth of Isabela Ramirez is around $800k approx.

Since Isabela, primarily an Instagram influencer earns from brand marketing on social media. She promotes swimwear, lingerie, and dresses; hot photos of herself while traveling and cruising in the sea.

Isabella chilling on the beach
Isabela chilling on the beach

However, OnlyFans contributes most of her income, where she posts paid adult photos and videos to her subscribers. In fact, OnlyFans has been a tremendous revolutionary platform that provides content creators leverage of payment and consent.

Moreover, this adult star has established a firm ground with a growing platform of 5 million.


Where is Isabela Ramirez From?

Isabela Ramirez is from Colombia.

How old is Isabela Ramirez?

Born on January 22, 2000, Isabela is 23 years old.

Does Isabela Ramirez have OnlyFans?

Yes. Isabela Ramirez is active on OnlyFans.

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