Israel Houghton bio, family, career, and net worth

Who is Israel Houghton?

Israel Houghton is the lead vocalist and songwriter for the Gospel band Israel & New Breed. Moreover, he is a Christian singer, producer, worship leader, and worship leader. Israel & New Breed has released seven albums so far.

Israel was first married to Meleasa Houghton and had three children. In 2015, Meleasa divorced him amidst the cheating rumor. After divorcing her, Israel Houghton married Adrienne Bailon.

He has received many awards, including Grammy.

Israel Houghton biography
Israel Houghton biography

quick facts

Full nameIsrael Houghton
BirthdayMay 19, 1971
Age52 years old
Sun signTaurus
TraitsPositive: Introverted, stubborn, and realistic
Negative: Dependant, very jealous, and materialistic
BirthplacePhoenix, Arizona, USA
Current residenceOceanside, California, USA
ParentsMargaret Houghton,
James Boyd,
Henry Houghton (stepfather)
SiblingsTwo brothers and One sister
Marital statusMarried
SpouseAdrienne Bailon (2016-2023),
Meleasa Houghton (1994-2016)
ChildrenMariah Houghton,
Israel Sonny Houghton,
Milan Lily Houghton,
Jordan Houghton,
Kingston Houghton,
Khristian Houghton
EducationThe University of Phoenix,
San Francisco High School
ProfessionSinger and songwriter for Israel & New Breed
Net worthUSD 8 million
Social mediaTwitter,
Height5 ft 7 inches (1.67m)
Favorite colorBlack and grey
Eye colorBrownish Black

interesting facts

1. Israel Houghton faced resentment during his childhood

Israel was born to a Negro father and a white mother in 1971. During those times, racial segregation was prevalent. Due to a cultural mix, his parents faced heavy resentment. 

Israel’s mother was advised to abort him but decided to keep the baby. His maternal grandfather also resented him due to the cultural difference.

2. Israel took up his step-father’s surname

After separating from his biological father, Israel’s mother married a pastor named Henry Houghton. He loved Israel as his child and gave him his surname.

3. Israel was musically influenced by his mother

Israel’s mother, Margaret, was a concert pianist and used to play in a church too. Margaret taught him to play the piano.

He was influenced by her as well as the church music. He played the drums at the church when he was only 5 or 6 years old.

4. He has two wives

Israel Houghton was first married to a traditional gospel singer named Meleasa Houghton for 21 years. They divorced after Meleasa found out about Israel’s infidelity.

Then, he married Adrienne Bailon in 2016.

5. Houghton has six kids

Israel Houghton has six children. 

He has three kids with Meleasa Houghton. He also fathered two sons from his extramarital affair with DeVawn Moreno. 

He has another son from an unidentified woman.

6. Israel has won three Grammy Awards

Israel won his first Grammy in 2010 for Best Pop/Contemporary Gospel Album. He won the same award again in 2011.

He won a Grammy Award in 2013 for Best Contemporary Christian Music Song.

Childhood and family

Israel was born in Oceanside, California, on May 19, 1971. He completed his schooling in his hometown. He grew up as a countryside boy who enjoys having a drink around the bonfire with his folks.

Israel grew up with three younger half-siblings in Arizona and New Mexico. 

Israel is a Hebrew name that means ‘Fighter of God.’ It is named from the Bible, which was bestowed on Jacob after he wrestled an angel at the ford of Jabbok (Genesis 32:24-8).

His mother taught him to play the piano. Israel learned to play the guitar on a bet from someone who doubted that he had the discipline to do it. He also used to play the drums at the church when he was only 5-6 years old.

Israel met his grandfather for the first time when he was 7. However, he still resented him due to the cultural difference. Israel used to doubt himself. Eventually, he figured out that he had gone through all these to be acquainted with many people’s pain. 

He also spent most of his childhood in Santa Fe. Music was a heavy influence as he was a son of a pianist and a Church Pastor. 

He listened to mainstream music such as Led Zeppelin and The Beatles and Christian music such as Andrae Crouch and the LA Mass Choir.

He was amazed by the emerging R&B of Earth, Wind & Fire, and Stevie Wonder.

He liked carrying a guitar in his hands, singing a country song, and chatting.

Israel has always been free and open about his faith. His faith, Psalm 139, helped him get over his troublesome childhood.

Israel Houghton

Israel Houghton parents

Israel Houghton practically worships his dad –Pastor Henry Houghton. Pastor Henry is a white man by ethnicity. He explains his experience with his dad as a sound of god, a role model for justice.

His biological father, James Boyd, too, met him on his 18th birthday. So he spent six years of his life with his biological father, his last memory with James.

He loves Pastor Henry and James equally cherished. Israel gives credit for his success to these two men.

He recently shared a rare picture of his mom Margaret Houghton as a token of appreciation for his mother. She had supported him in every up and down of his troubled childhood and struggling career.

Israel Houghton mother

Israel’s mother was only 17 years old when she got pregnant with him in 1971. She was of white ethnicity whereas his father was black. They lived in Waterloo, Iowa, and used to face a lot of resentment back in the day. 

His mother was also advised to abort him. Margaret was a concert pianist and had everything ahead of her, but she did the opposite of what others said and kept the baby. Israel still feels grateful for that.


Israel Houghton has two brothers and a sister. He also has three sisters from his biological father’s side.

Israel Houghton relationships

Israel Houghton first wife Meleasa Houghton

The first wife of Israel was Meleasa Houghton. Meleasa was also a traditional gospel singer who even won the GMA Dove award for her songs.

You can read about Meleasa Houghton, who was the first wife of Israel Houghton here.

She was seven years older than Israel. Meleasa met Israel at Houghton’s Ministry. The couple tied the knot after dating for a couple of months in 1994.

The marriage ran for twenty-one years, and the couple had four children. The duo had two sons and two daughters together before they divorced in 2015.

Meleasa has not been singing since her separation. Instead, she has shown involvement in different women empowerment organizations and performing charity.

Israel named his sons Sonny Houghton and Jordan Houghton. His daughters are Milan Houghton and Mariah Houghton. Israel moved on quickly and married Adrienne after a year on November 11, 2016.

Adrienne Bailon and Israel Houghton

Adrienne is a famous singer and television personality. Their wedding took place in Paris.

Adrienne’s full name is Adrienne Eliza Bailon. She is thirteen years younger than her husband.

This beautiful lady is fluent in Spanish, accredited to her Puerto Rican descent. This five feet tall lady is also called Aid, A, or Munchkin by her beloved ones.

Adrienne and Israel were both heartbroken when they met each other for the first time. Israel had separated from his 21-year-long wife. And Adrienne had broken up with her long-term boyfriend, Lenny Santiago, after six years of dating.

You can read about Adrienne Bailon here.

Israel Houghton with Adrienne Bailon
Israel Houghton with Adrienne Bailon

Before Lenny, Adrienne had dated Rob Kardashian for a year. Adrienne and Israel were more of a comfort to each other than love at first sight. Their connections, from being religious to being broken-hearted, aided their relationship.

If anything, Adrienne is a confident and passionate woman. Her famous quote,

“Don’t ever give up. Believe in yourself or no one else will. My personal saying is, I’d rather die knowing that I tried to do what I love.”

This statement proves her belief in herself and her life choices. Adrienne was born in New York City. She grew up among her stepfather, parents, and folks.

Adrienne was passionate about singing since childhood.

Israel’s love for his current wife, Adrienne, is evident as he likes to introduce himself with her name. His statements and profile on social media show his passion and respect towards Adrienne.

Israel Houghton affairs and controversies

Israel faced many controversies and rumors in his lifetime.

The jolly dad fathered four children from his first wife and had two sons Kingston and Khristian, from a mistress DeVawn Moreno, which is supposed to be the reason for the divorce from Meleasa.

Israel Houghton children

Mariah Houghton

Mariah is the first and the eldest child born to Israel Houghton and his first wife, Meleasa Houghton. She was born on August 31, 1995. 

Mariah Houghton is an Instagram influencer with thousands of followers. You can find Mariah Houghton on Instagram as @mariah.houghton

She married her boyfriend Bryon Rideau in 2016 and divorced him in February 2019.

Mariah has a close relationship with her father and her stepmother, Adrienne.

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Sonny Houghton

Sonny Houghton is Israel’s son with Meleasa Houghton. He followed in his father’s footsteps and became a singer-songwriter and a music producer. 

He is the director of marketing at Beat Bank. You can check out his songs on Soundcloud and Spotify.

Milan Lilly Houghton

Milan is the youngest child of Israel and Meleasa. She was born on October 21, 2003. Milan also has a close relationship with her father and his new wife, Adrienne Bailon. 

She is also fond of singing and works as a content director at Beat Bank.

Jordan Houghton

Jordan is also Israel’s son; however, there is no information on who his mother is. 

He is a singer and a songwriter who appeared on American Idol Season 3.

Jordan supports his father and his new stepmom on his Instagram account.

He is married to Lel Aira Marie Houghton and recently became a father to a son on May 4, 2021. They named their son Nova Houghton. 

They also have another son named Carter.

Kingston and Khristian Houghton

Israel Houghton fathers two children from his extramarital relationship with his mistress DeVawn Moreno. Kingston is his second-youngest son whereas, Khristian is the youngest.

He continues to provide financial support for the children. 

Due to his affair, Israel’s ex-wife, Meleasa, ended her 20-year marriage with him. 

Israel Houghton career

Israel Houghton

Israel’s debut album “Whisper It Loud” was released in 1997 by Warner Brothers records.

He won eleven Dove Awards, four Grammy Awards out of the nominated six. He also has a Soul Train Award and two gold-selling albums. In addition, he produced Michael Gungor’s album “Bigger Than My Imagination.”

Israel won thrice for the best album category for the contemporary gospel. In addition, he received the best traditional gospel album award for his live performance in South Africa.

Israel believes that music is a common language of the soul. It has the power to heal deep wounds and transform people. He works for his dream of leaving a legacy through everlasting music.

When a little spirituality touches music, it becomes subtle and soulful than ever.

Israel Houghton and new breed

New Breed is Houghton’s backing band which has been credited on many of his albums.

Together, Israel Houghton and New Breed produce Christian worship songs and albums. 

Israel and his ex-wife, Meleasa, founded the New Breed Ministry. The ministry included musicians and singers who served their respective churches. Together, they served the church at large. 

Israel and New Breed have now have Gold-selling albums, six Dove Awards, three Grammy Awards, two Stellar Awards, and a Soul Train award.

Music albums of Israel Houghton

The list of Israel Houghton’s albums are as follows:

  • Feels Like Home, Vol. 2 (2021)
  • Feels Like Home, Vol. 1 (2021)
  • Covered: Alive In Asia (2015)
  • Love God, Love People (2010)
  • The Power of One (2009)
  • New Season (2001)
  • Whisper It Loud (1997)

Israel Houghton songs

Israel Houghton has over 433 songs. Israel’s songs are mainly Christian music composed of a mixture of different varieties. Most of them being rock, jazz, and reggae style music.

Israel’s music is a part of his life, which he takes away as service to the public.

Israel Houghton church

Israel believes in god and serves as the worship leader at Lakewood Church, Houston. Countryside people sure have some strong protestant Christian influence.

Israel is prosperous with a proud personality and a cheerful attitude. However, his trials to provide more services get challenged every day by a bunch of strangers. Either way, people have to wait to get their rightful turn.

Israel Houghton personality traits

Israel has a tattoo inked in his ring finger and left arm with his current wife’s name, Adrienne. He shows the utmost dedication to his wife. It’s indeed impressive when love gets on someone’s skin.

Most of his pictures are in black-white portraits, which shows his love for the old times.

Charity by Israel Houghton

Being a devoted Christian, Israel has served as a worship leader in Church for a very long time. His videos of Worship Wednesdays are all over the internet. The best part about it is, his family is always with him for the rituals.

Israel does not mention his charities to the media.

Israel Houghton weight loss

In 2018, Israel Houghton attended the 49th Annual GMA Dove Awards with his wife, Adrienne. After sharing a picture of that night, many fans showered them on how lean they looked.

Israel Houghton has indeed shed some pounds. He had been working out to slim down for a few months along with his wife.  

Adrienne and Israel worked with a famous trainer, Massy Arias, to shed some pounds for their wedding in 2016. Then, Adrienne lost 22 lbs, and Israel lost 25 lbs of weight after following a clean diet and working out to hit their goals.

Israel Houghton net worth

The total net worth of Israel is USD 8 million. He accumulated this amount from his profession as a singer, songwriter, and worship leader.

Social media

Israel’s Instagram account is active to follow, and so is his Facebook page. He is quite popular with his followers on both social media accounts.

Israel Houghton Instagram

You can follow him on Instagram as @israelhoughton.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Israel Houghton (@israelhoughton)


You can find him on Facebook as his own name.

Israel Houghton Twitter

You can find him on Twitter as @ihoughton.

He is selective when it comes to media exposure. Israel likes to share pictures with celebrities of his likes.

Most of his photographs do not pose his full body, and he is only covered knee-high. It shows that Israel is not very selective of camera angles and relevant things.

His YouTube channel

You can listen to Israel & New Breed’s songs and watch his live performances on his Youtube channel. He has over 266k subscribers.

Israel Houghton official website

Israel Houghton also has his website under his band’s name

The website includes information on his music, awards, and the story behind his music. 


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