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Izzy Stannard: “Good Girls” actor, bio, gender, career, and net worth

Who is Izzy Stannard?

Izzy Stannard, named Isaiah Stannard initially, is an American teenage actor. He is famous for his role in “Good Girls” (2018), “Party Dress” (2017), and “Brads Status” (2017).

Isaiah is a Hebrew male name that means “God saves.”

Not everyone gets fame at a young age. There are very few people who make it possible in their tender ages. Among them, the name that created waves is Izzy Stannard.

Izzy is a transgender celebrity born as a female but prefers to be addressed as a male. Do you want to know more insights into Izzy Stannard’s life? Let’s get into it.

Izzy Stannard quick facts

Full nameIsaiah Stannard
Also known asIzzy Stannard
BirthdateOctober 1, 2004
Age17 years old
BirthplaceNew York, United States
Sexual orientationTransgender
Hair colorBlonde
Eye colorBrown
Height5 ft 4 inch (1.62)
Weight53 kg (116 lbs.)
TraitsPositive: expert communicator, tactful and charismatic

Negative: indecisive, self-indulgent, and superficial
Favorite colorBlue
Favorite foodItalian Cuisine
Net worth$50,000
Social media presenceInstagram

Izzy Stannard interesting facts

1. Izzy Stannard grew up in a very supportive family

Izzy was interested in acting from a young age, and her parents supported that. She was born to a dancer, singer, and actor mother, Kristen, and a senior editor father, Eric.

Her parents also supported her when she came out as gay, then later as transgender.

2. Izzy Stannard is a transgender

Izzy is known as Isaiah Stannard. He was born as a female but wanted to be addressed as a male. He went through some surgeries to be transgender.

3. Izzy started acting from a school play titled ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” 

Izzy played the role of Charlie in the “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” school play. He started his professional career as a voice actor in “Star Stuff: Story of Carl Sagan.” 

4. Izzy Stannard is most famous for his role in Good Girls and Part Dress

Izzy has starred in many movies and Tv shows. Good Girls especially is a show that has made Izzy renowned to a larger fanbase. 

This comedy-drama series revolves around Izzy’s character Sadie who is exploring her gender identity.

5. Izzy has a large fanbase

For a teenager, Izzy, a.k.a, Isaiah has a large fanbase. People love him for the talent and charisma that he shows on his projects. In addition, he is very active on social media.

Izzy Stannard parents, age and childhood

Izzy Stannard is an American actor born on October 1, 2004, in New York. He is currently 17 years old.

Izzy was born to American parents. Izzy was born to Kristen Johansen and Eric Stannard. 

His father, Eric, is a Senior Editor for Springer, New York, whereas his mother, Kristen, is a dancer, singer, and actor.

Currently, his mother is dating a massage therapist named Warren Marsh.

We assume his parents must be very proud of their child being so successful at a very young age.

Stannard has spent his childhood with his family in New York. He was very much interested in the acting industry from a young age.

Izzy Stannard born a girl

The “Good Girls” fame Izzy Stannard was born as a female but loved to be addressed as a male. Izzy is transgender.

Izzy Stannard

Izzy Stannard surgery

Izzy Stannard went through a series of surgeries to become who he truly is. 

Izzy Stannard education

He attended a professional performing arts school. Izzy has completed his voice and dance training.

Izzy Stannard was very passionate about acting ever since he was a child. He played the role of Charlie in “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” for a school play. Izzy indeed has a very bright future ahead.

Izzy Stannard personality traits

Izzy Stannard was born on October 1, 2004, in New York, United States. Izzy has spent his childhood with his family in the United States.

He stands at 5’4 (1.62m) tall and weighs about 53 kg (116 lbs.) He has a healthy body and an attractive face.

He belongs to white ethnicity and holds an American nationality. An American teen actor, Izzy Stannard, has blonde hair with a pair of beautiful brown eyes.

Izzy is a huge pet lover and loves to keep pets in his house. Additionally, as his birth falls on October 1, he belongs to the zodiac sign Libra. The Libras are quite romantic, fair, and excellent listeners.

The people belonging to the Libra zodiac sign are peaceful and hate being alone. Izzy Stannard is a true Libra.

Izzy Stannard hobby

Izzy Stannard loves traveling and playing video games. His favorite video fame is League of Legends. Besides, he also loves partying with friends ad listening to music. 

He recently went to a Harry Styles concert.

Izzy Stannard dating and relationships

The young American actor is not dating anyone as of now. He is single and entirely focused on building his career.

We will surely update you if any information related to Izzy pops up.

Izzy Stannard career

Izzy started his career in 2012 from the show named “Star Stuff: Story of Carl Sagan.” In the front, he did a voice-over of a child, Carl.

Izzy created a significant amount of popularity from the show. In 2017, he played vital roles in “Party Dress” and “Brad’s Status.”

In 2018, the actor was also part of a top-rated NBC comedy-drama series named “Good Girls.” The series was quite popular among teenagers. Izzy gained a lot of positive responses from the audience.

He has been successful in making his name in the acting industry at such a young age. Izzy’s career is slowly rising. He will make it to the big screen very soon.

Izzy Stannard movies and tv shows

5 Teenagers Walk Into a Bar (Short)Sam
Good Girls (TV series)Ben Marks / Sadie Marks2018-2021
Generation (TV Series)Evan 2021
Party Dress (Short)Harper Klein 2017
Brad’s StatusTween One2017
Star Stuff: The Story of Carl SaganChild Carl2015
88th Annual Hollywood Christmas Parade (TV Special)Self2019

Izzy Stannard Good Girls

The show “Good Girls” is an NBC comedy-drama series created by Jeena Bans. Bans, Dean Parisot, and Jeannine Renshaw produced this show.

In the first two seasons, the series revolves around the 11- year-old Sadie. Sadie is Annie’s child, who has been exploring gender identity in the series. In season two of the exhibition “Good Girls,” Sadie he is a transgender person.

Isaiah Stannard

When the “Good Girls” team finalized Izzy in the role, they found out that Izzy was transgender. So, they changed the character Sadie’s storyline.

“Good Girls,” Jeena Bans revealed that she was unaware Izzy Stannard was transgender.

Jeena Bans said:

“We realized we had an excellent opportunity to tell a story about a character who was gender-nonconforming, but at the same time not necessarily have that be what leads the development.

“What’s most important to the character and the story we’re telling between Sadie and Annie is really about the bond between Sadie and her mom.

“We liked the idea that the character of Sadie was exploring [his] gender [expression] in the show, but I think what we responded to more was that the Mae Whitman character just couldn’t care less.”

Izzy Stannard revealed his happiness in an Instagram post, saying:

“I’m so proud to be part of the @nbcgoodgirls team. The writers are beyond excellent, and Mae is the most amazing actor and friend. Thanks for all your comments and for watching last night #nbcgoodgirls”

He gathered a lot of media attention and popularity from his role as Sadie in the show.

Izzy Stannard net worth

Izzy Stannard is living quite a lavish life in the United States. At a very young age, Izzy has created a good impact on the heart of the audience.

The net worth of Izzy Stannard is estimated to be over $50k. He earns over $5,258 per week.

Izzy Stannard social media

Izzy Stannard is very active on social media platforms. She uses her platform to share photos of her life, work, and important issues.

Izzy Stannard Instagram

Izzy is very much active on Instagram, with followers numbering more than 192k. His Instagram consists of his stunning selfies, photoshoot pictures, and vacation photos.

Izzy is quite a photo lover and loves to keep his audience aware of his life through his pictures on Instagram.

You can follow Izzy on Instagram as @isaiahstannard

Izzy Stannard Twitter

Izzy is also on Twitter as @isaiahstannard 

He joined Twitter in September 2019 and has over 590 followers.

Izzy Stannard now

Izzy feels more comfortable expressing himself in different ways now that he was come out as trans. He feels proud to represent other trans people, and we are proud of Isaiah too.

Izzy Stannard F.A.Qs

Who are Isaiah Stannard’s parents?

Isaiah,a.k.a Izzy Stannard, was born to Kristin Johansen and Eric Stannard. Kristen is a dancer, actor, and singer whereas, Eric is a senior editor at Springer.

Who played Sadie Marks?

Izzy Stannard, who is now known as Isaiah Stannard, played the role of Sadie Marks.

What was Izzy Stannard born?

Izzy Stannard was born as a female.

What age is Isaiah Stannard?

Born on October 1, 2004, Isaiah Stannard id 17 years old.

Was Isaiah Stannard in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?

Isaiah was not in the movie version of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.” However, he played the role of Charlie in his school play.

Is Izzy Stannard female?

The “Good Girls” star Izzy Stannard was born as a female but loved to be addressed as a male. Izzy is transgender.

What is Izzy Stannard’s gender?

Izzy Stannard is a transgender person who uses the pronouns he and him.

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