Jai Hindley Parents Gordon And Robyn Hindley: Family Tree

Jay Hindley Parents: Gordon Hindley and Robyn Hindley, are proud parents and always believe in their son, Jai Hindley. Jai is an Australian professional cyclist, and he recently won Stage Five to take yellow jersey.

Jai Hindley is one of the finest Australian professional cyclists, born on May 5, 1996, to his parents, Gordon and Robyn Hindley.

His parents support him and his cycling career more than anyone can imagine.

They even traveled from Perth to Europe in the recent competition. Their traveling tickets surely did pay off as they got to witness Jai achieve victory.

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Jai Hindley Parents Are Very Proud And supportive

Jai Hindley, the Australian cyclist who made history by winning the Giro d’Italia, comes from a supportive and proud family.

His parents, Gordon and Robyn Hindley, have been instrumental in shaping Jai’s cycling career and providing him with unwavering support throughout his journey.

Gordon Hindley, a former cyclist himself, introduced Jai and his brother, Kaly, to the world of cycling. Jai mentioned that his father was a rider back in the day and played a significant role in getting him and his brother involved in the sport.

While Jai’s brother eventually decided to quit cycling, Jai remained dedicated and committed to pursuing his father’s dream.

In interviews, Jai Hindley has revealed that he doesn’t stay in touch with his family or others in a competitive mindset.

Gordon and Robyn Hindley
Jai Hindley’s parents, Gordon and Robyn Hindley, back in the day. (Source: Instagram)

However, he expresses how special it is for him to see his family supporting him from the roadside during races. Their presence and encouragement provide him with a sense of motivation and pride.

Due to the demands of his cycling career, Jai Hindley has had limited opportunities to spend time with his family.

According to an article from 2022, he hadn’t seen his parents for two and a half years until the Giro d’Italia race.

After winning the race, Hindley reunited with his parents, who were at the finish line in Verona, Italy. The emotional reunion left Jai feeling overwhelmed with joy and gratitude.

In the recent Tour de France, Gordon and Robyn traveled from Perth to Europe and formed an entourage. They had worn custom-made black T-shirts emblazoned with Hindley’s face printed.

Jai Hindley’s dad, Gordon, stated, “I’m passionate about cycling, and Jai is the same. His older brother, he was actually a really good cyclist, but he didn’t want to do it anymore.”

At only 26 years old, he has already achieved remarkable success in his relatively short professional career. Hindley’s determination, resilience, and the support of his parents have played significant roles in his accomplishments.

Jai Hindley Parents Ethnicity

Well, it might be a question to many of you about Jai Hindley’s parents and his ethnicity. Jai Hindley’s parents, Gordon and Robyn Hindley, come from diverse backgrounds. 

As far as we got to know, Gordon Hindley, in an interview, revealed that he hails from Manchester, UK.

Jai’s dad came to Australia in 1989 and came straight to Perth because he knew some people and had connections.

On the other hand, Jai’s mother, Robyn, is from the Hunter Valley in New South Wales.

The combination of Gordon’s British heritage and Robyn’s Australian roots gives Jai Hindley a mixed ethnicity.

Jai Hindley ethnicity
Jai Hindley comes from a diversified ethnic background; his dad is British, and his mom is from Australia. (Source: Cycling Weekly)

While specific details about his ethnic background are not explicitly mentioned, it can be inferred that Jai Hindley has a blend of British and Australian ancestry due to his parents’ origins.

Jai Hindley’s diverse ethnicity adds to the multicultural fabric of Australia’s sporting landscape.

He represents the success and achievements of athletes from various backgrounds, showcasing the inclusive and diverse nature of Australian sports.

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