James Barber Last Meal: Last Words And Execution Video

James Barber Last Meal: James Barber, 64, was condemned to death in 2004 after being convicted of murdering Dorothy Epps, 75, in 2001.

James Barber, 64, was condemned to death in 2004 after being convicted of murdering Dorothy Epps, 75, in 2001. Barber did handy work for Epps before hammering her to death.

When investigators matched a bloody handprint on the scene to Barber’s, they were able to prove that he murdered her. He then informed authorities that he needed money for drugs.

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James Barber Last Meal: Last Words And Execution Video

Barber spent his final 24 hours before his execution on Thursday night. According to the ADOC, Barber skipped breakfast on Thursday and instead ate snacks.

Barber wanted loaded hashbrowns, a western omelet, spicy sausage, and white bread for his last dinner. Barber got ten visitors and six phone calls on Wednesday. He got 22 visitors and two phone calls on Thursday.

Barber was condemned to death in January 2003 for fatally beating a 75-year-old woman in her Harvest home near Huntsville.

Furthermore, Barber was convicted of murdering 75-year-old Dottie Epps with a hammer in May 2001 by a jury, and the capital penalty was recommended in December.

James Barber Last Meal
James Barber is scheduled to be put to death at a South Alabama prison. (Source-CNN)

She had many skull fractures, lacerations on her head, brain hemorrhage, and rib fractures. The judge who sentenced Barber described the crime as cruel, horrible, and wicked.

In a 2012 court hearing, Barber admitted to smoking “hundreds of dollars’ worth” of crack cocaine, drinking at least a case of beer, and taking a handful of prescription pain pills before arriving at Ms. Epps’s home on the night of the murder, according to The Atlantic.

The decision to send James barber in a death row

Barber’s defense team argued for a life sentence in jail. Barber was convicted of beating 75-year-old Dorothy Epps to death in 2001 and given the death penalty.

In a 6-3 decision, the court dismissed Barber’s claim that being executed by lethal injection would violate his Eighth Amendment rights.

The defense team for Barber has asserted that several punctures may be used to create IV lines to administer the lethal cocktail of medications.

His attorneys said the numerous punctures, which grew more excruciating with each needle stick, amounted to “cruel and unusual punishment.”

The Supreme Court had been petitioned to permit the execution by the office of the attorney general of Alabama. The office said, “The survivors of Dorothy Epps, Smith’s victim, have already waited too long to see justice done.”

 According to the prosecution, handyman Barber admitted to killing Epps with a claw hammer and escaping with her pocketbook. The judge executed the death sentence that the jury had recommended, 11 to 1.

What crimes was James barber convicted of?

On Friday, Alabama killed a man for the 2001 beating death of a woman, as the state began lethal injections after a hiatus to examine protocols. James Barber, 64, died at 1:56 am after receiving a fatal injection at a prison in South Alabama.

Following that, he claims to have only foggy memories, but he does recall being inside the house and taking up a hammer.

James Barber Last Meal
James Barber, an Alabama death row convict, is opposing lethal injection. (Source- AL.com)

Barber described his initial shock at what he had done and how he recoiled from his reflection in a mirror moments after the act. He claimed he had no idea why he had struck Ms Epps.

It was Alabama’s first execution this year, following the state’s suspension of executions last autumn. In November, Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey announced a moratorium on executions to conduct an internal review of protocols.

The decision was made after the state paused two lethal injections due to difficulty injecting IVs into the convicted men’s veins.

Advocacy organizations said a third execution, carried out after a delay due to IV issues, was botched, something the state denies.

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