James Cameron recently watched a fully remastered version of Avatar with his children. Upon hearing about the film’s upcoming theater rerelease, he says he is excited.

James Cameron discusses the rerelease and future of 'Avatar'
James Cameron discusses the rerelease and future of ‘Avatar’

He and his children watched Avatar on streaming or Blu-ray like many other fans rather than watching it on a big screen when it first debuted in 2009.

The 68-years-old director’s kids began to understand its grandeur as they watched it with their father in a theater.

Cameron said he hopes everyone to enjoy seeing it on the big screen during its rerelease on Sept. 23.

In an interview, the director said, “Young film fans never had the opportunity to see it in a movie theater. [So] even though they think they may have seen the film, they really have not seen it. And I was pleasantly surprised… at how well it holds up but how gorgeous it is in its remastered state.”

Though Cameron looks forward to the rerelease of Avatar, he recognizes that the industry is different today. Many people relied on home access and streaming services when the record-breaking film debuted.

The Canadian filmmaker said, “We’ve got a turn of the world toward easy access in the home, and that has to do a lot with the rise of streaming in general and the pandemic, where we literally had to risk our lives to go to the movie theater.”

Cameron noticed that theater attendance has increased despite still being about 20 percent lower than pre-pandemic.

The Director of the legendary movie ‘Titanic’ added, “People are craving that. It is slowly building back. Partly it is because of a dearth of top titles that people would want to see in a theater.”

He continued, “But Avatar is the poster child for that. This is the type of film that you have to see in a theater.”

Throughout Avatar, we see Sam Worthington play the role of Sully, who falls in love with Zoe Saldaña’s Neytiri. As a result, the two form a team to prevent Pandora from being destroyed.

A key message in the highest-grossing film of all time is taking care of the environment and its resources. However, filmmakers still try to convey this message in projects like Don’t Look Up.

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