James Marriott Girlfriend Aria: Did They Break Up In 2023?

James Marriott Girlfriend Aria, is a British-Japanese makeup artist, Twitch streamer, and cosplayer. The duo have also done several cosplays for anime characters.

James Marriott is a British YouTube sensation known for his clever, funny, and frequently caustic videos about modern culture.

He uploads commentary-style videos on his own YouTube account. He began his YouTube career by posting acoustic guitar renditions of popular songs and lyric breakdowns of songs submitted to him by followers. 

After that, he progressed to roast videos and harsh remarks about the newest celebrity news and happenings.

When he began posting ‘Everything Wrong With’ celebrity roast videos, the YouTuber gained popularity. His YouTube channel currently has over 700,000 subscribers.

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James Marriott Girlfriend Aria: Did They Break Up In 2023?

The internet can be a tornado of rumours and speculation, particularly about the personal lives of famous people.

James Marriott is a YouTuber and streamer is a YouTuber from England. He used to co-host the Camp Cast podcast with ImAllexx. 

His connection with his girlfriend, Aria, has piqued the interest of fans since they began dating. James and Aria’s love story allegedly began during their undergraduate years, and their mutual love of cats reinforced their bond.

James Marriott Girlfriend Aria
James Marriott Girlfriend Aria is best known for her cosplays, makeup, and general cosmetics talents. (Source- Fandom

Though she does not frequently appear in his YouTube videos, they have a greater social media following in the Commentary Crew and cosplay fanbases.

The duo are also a Twitch streamer who often plays games, mainly Valorant, and conducts chat streams, but she is best known for her cosplays, makeup, and general cosmetics talents.

However, as we approach 2023, rumours of a possible separation have fans wondering if the adored couple has split up. Is it true that James and Aria have parted ways? The answer is still elusive.

Despite the frenzy of internet speculation, no credible sources have confirmed any news of a breakup between the two.

The fact that neither James nor Aria has addressed or commented on the rumours about their supposed breakup adds to the mystery.

James Marriott family life 

James Marriott was born in Switzerland on July 7, 1997. His parents’ identities are unknown. However, he appears to have been raised and lived in the United Kingdom for the majority of his life.

James has an elder sister, Hannah, as well as a younger brother. He has a commanding presence and a towering 6’4″ stature.

In addition, he appears to be close to Alex, a fellow YouTuber and podcast colleague whose channel is one of the ‘featured’ channels on his YouTube website.

Marriott has stated multiple times that he enjoys Alex’s YouTube channel. During his podcasts, he has stated that he frequently spends a lot of time with Alex playing video games, particularly ‘FIFA’.

James Marriott youTube

James Marriott is a budding YouTube sensation recognised for his amusing and innovative take on current pop culture topics, celebrity blunders, and other topics.

On his eponymous YouTube channel, he posts vlogs (video blogs) on a daily basis. On his channel, he also shares videos of challenges, music, pranks, and reactions to happenings.

On February 12, 2012, he launched his YouTube channel as a teenager. His first video posts were acoustic guitar versions of popular tunes.

James Marriott
James Marriott is a well-known YouTuber. (Source- scenestr

His first YouTube video was a closeup of him playing an acoustic guitar tune named ‘Gratitude – Acoustic tune,’

James’s YouTube channel reached 100,000 subscribers in October 2018 and 500,000 subscribers in January 2019.

In addition, his YouTube channel currently has over 700,000 subscribers. His most successful YouTube video, titled ‘Danielle Cohn’s Sister Is Even Worse Than Danielle Cohn,’ has 3.8 million views.

James also makes cooking and baking films on occasion. However, his channel has shifted to primarily opinion and commentary videos.

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