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Jan Ashley: A glance at her life’s most infamous clash with Kardashians

Who is Jan Ashley?

Jan Ashley may seem like an ordinary woman but she is a feisty fighter. Her extraordinary clash with the famous Kardashian family still makes her a popular person. Jan is the second wife of the late Robert Kardashian Sr., father of Kimberly, Kourtney, Khloe, and Rob Kardashian.

Jan is a Hebrew name that means “God is gracious” or “gift from God.”

Before marrying Robert, Jan was the widow of the actor, producer, and singer, John Ashley. John died of a heart attack when he was 62 years old.

Jan Ashley is a mystery yet to be solved. However, her unusual appearance in media once or twice caused quite the stir, especially in the lives of the trendy Kardashian family.

People say that it is her strong dislike towards the family that is responsible for her controversial actions.

Jan Ashley is the lesser-known wife of the late attorney and businessman Robert Kardashian Sr. Her marriage with Robert ended only after a month.

Jan, more than anything, is famous for her bold statements regarding the Kardashian family. She has even gone on record to say that Khloe Kardashian is not Robert’s biological child.

This statement created controversies and led Khloe and her family to lash out at her all over Twitter. Although Jan had gathered a massive attraction after that statement, she went her way shortly after the famous scandal.

Do you want to know what Jan Ashley did to shake the world of the Kardashians? Stay with us. We have all the exciting information about Jan Ashley that you should know.

Jan Ashley quick facts

Full name Jan Ashley
Date of birth1949 A.D.
Age72 years old
BirthplaceUnited States of America
Marital StatusDivorced



John Ashley (Unknown-1997)


Robert Kardashian Sr. (November 1998-December 1998)

Hair colorBlonde
Eye colorBlue
Height5 feet 6 inches
Net worth$22 Million

Jan Ashley interesting facts

1. Jan Ashley is the second wife of Robert Kardashian

Jan married lawyer and businessman Robert Kardashian on November 25, 1998, in Vail, Colorado. However, their marriage couldn’t last long due to Robert’s ex-wife and children creating frequent turmoil. 

2. Robert was disinterested to have a child with Jan Ashley

According to legal documents, Robert initially wanted to have a child with Jan before tying the knot in 1998. However, after their marriage, Robert was disinterested in having a child as he already had four biological kids from his previous marriage. 

However, in a 2014 interview with Radar Online, Jan said that she had no intention to have a child with Robert. 

3. Jan Ashley was first married to actor John Ashley

Jan was previously married to actor, producer and singer, John Ashley. She was married to him until his sudden demise in 1997. 

John died of a heart attack.

4. Jan Ashley and Ellen claimed that Khloe Kardashian was not the biological child of their ex-husband

Jan and her ex-husband Robert’s third wife, Ellen, claimed that Khloe was not Robert’s biological child. They claimed that their ex-husband, Robert, told them that he knew Kris had cheated on him a couple of times when they were married, and Khloe was not his child.

5. Jan Ashley has no child of her own

Jan has no biological kids. However, her ex-husband had four kids from his previous marriage with Kris.

Jan Ashley age, childhood and education

Jan has kept her private details a secret from the media. For example, she has not revealed her birthdate or her family background. 

All we know is that she was born in1949 A.D in the United States of America. Jan Ashley is currently 72 years old.

She is of Caucasian ethnicity.

Talking about her educational background, Ashley is definitely an educated woman; however, there is no information on her schooling.

Jan Ashley personality

Jan has blonde hair and blue eyes.

Even though Jan had relationships with two very famous personalities, she was always out of the spotlight. As a result, she has made very few public appearances.

After the end of her relationship with Robert Kardashian, she had disappeared from the picture. But she came back in a 2012-controversy surrounding Khloe Kardashian.

Jan Ashley relationships

Robert Kardashian Jan Ashley

Interestingly, Jan Ashley and Robert Kardashian Sr. stayed in a marriage for only a month. So their marriage has to be one of those with the shortest life span.

Jan met Robert as she was selling her house in 1998. Robert saw her picture and asked her late-husband’s actor friends to introduce her to him.

After dating for around seven months, Robert Kardashian Sr. and Jan Ashley tied the knot. Although they had promised to be man-and-wife for life on November 25, 1998, they ended their marriage in just thirty days through an annulment.

They had gotten married in Vail, Colorado. She tied the knot with Robert Kardashian when she was 49 years old.

Jan and Robert were married to have kids since Jan did not have any. However, as per the legal statement released by Robert Kardashian Sr., he and Jan had to part ways, for he decided not to have kids with Jan.

Even though their marriage lived short, Jan’s relationship with Robert has to be one of the most popular that she has ever had, perhaps because of the famous last name Robert possessed. Yet, the circumstances and fate were such that she could not remain Jan Ashley Kardashian for a long time. The Kardashians, however, remained in her life for quite some time.

Long before marrying Jan Ashley, Robert had four children with his first wife, Kris Kardashian (Kris Jenner). Robert and Kris were together for around fifteen years. The couple had four children together. All of them are very popular in today’s day and age. After all, it is always intriguing to be “Keeping Up With The Kardashians.”

With all of that said, Jan blamed Kris and Robert’s kids for the failure of her marriage with Robert. She also claimed that Kris and her kids were continually contributing to Robert’s deteriorating mental health.

After Jan, Robert Kardashian Sr. went on to marry Ellen Pierson in 2003. Ellen and Jan were responsible for the controversy regarding Robert’s relationship with Khloe Kardashian.

Robert Kardashian Sr.

Robert Kardashian Sr. was an attorney and a businessman. He was the co-founder of a trade publication, Radio & Records. Robert also started a company called Movie Tune, of which he was the president and C.E.O. In addition to this, he also invested money in a frozen yogurt company.

His daughters seem to have followed in his footsteps. Kim, especially, is on the run to become an attorney just like her father. But, likewise, Kim and her sisters are businesswomen.

Jan Ashley and Ellen Pierson

Ellen Pierson is Robert Kardashian’s third wife, who started the controversy about Khloe Kardashian. Jan only came in Ellen’s support. However, with two of the Late Robert’s wives coming on record to say the same thing, people for a while thought that the claim could be valid.

Both of them lit fire to the controversy while speaking to Star Magazine separately. Besides supporting the Khloe controversy, Jan and Ellen have not appeared together on other occasions.

Ellen Pierson was Robert Kardashian Sr.’s last wife, and the two were married back in 2003. Although their marriage did not last long, there were no family differences or family members behind the end of their marriage.

However, Robert’s demise changed things dramatically. Robert Kardashian Sr. left the world on September 30, 2003, only six months after his third marriage. And, nine years after Robert’s demise, Ellen came up with her claim regarding her late husband and Khloe.

But, because it took her nine years to talk about that openly, there were enough reasons to indicate that the claims were baseless.

When Ellen and Jan circulated the controversy, the Kardashian family was already famous in the media.

Jan Ashley and John Ashley

Before the Kardashians came into Jan’s life, she had been married to actor, producer, and singer John Ashley. She was the third wife of the late actor, and the couple had no kids.

Jan’s late husband, John Ashley, enjoyed his last days with her while Deborah Walley and Nancy Moore were his first and second wives, respectively.

John Ashley died of a heart attack in New York when he was 62 years old. He had just left the set of the movie “Scar City” before the unfortunate incident and took his last breath in his car in the parking lot outside the film studio.

John Ashley

John was born on December 25, 1934, in Kansas City, Missouri, U.S.A. He started his film career in 1957. The late John Ashley contributed as an actor in films for American International Pictures. He also produced and acted in many horror films shot in the Philippines.

Apart from acting and producing films, John also went on to showcase his singing talent. “Seriously in Love” (1958), “Let the Good Times Roll” (1958), “Born to Rock” (1958), “The Hangman” (1959), and “Little Lou” (1961) are some of his beautiful records.

Jan Ashley children

Jan Ashley does not have kids. As per the records, she married Robert to have a child as she did not already have kids. However, one of the big reasons for their annulment was their subsequent decision not to have kids.

Jan Ashley Kardashian controversy

Jan’s Statement on Khloe Kardashian

It all started when Jan Ashley went on record to tell that Khloe Kardashian is not Robert Kardashian Sr.’s biological child. She pointed at Khloe’s appearance, hair, and skin complexion, all different from those of other Kardashian kids.

Years after Robert’s death, his third and last wife, Ellen, came on to media saying that Khloe Kardashian’s relationship with her late husband was not biological. Supporting this statement, Jan Ashley came back to the press in 2012.

Jan claimed that Robert had shared the secret with her when they were together. She also told the media that considering Kris Kardashian’s past cheating events, Robert had doubted Khloe’s relationship with him.

Contrary to Jan’s claims, Robert Kardashian Sr. had stated in his court documents from his divorce with Jan that he had four biological children, Kourtney, Kimberly, Khloe, and Rob Kardashian.

When this statement came into the highlight in 2012, Jan further said that Robert’s love for Khloe would never let him admit that she was not his blood. Jan and Elle strongly supported the accusation, albeit without proof.

On the other hand, the Kardashian family gave their all to be with Khloe and prove that she is a biological Kardashian.

After this big scandal, Khloe did not sit back without saying anything. This statement petrified her. Khloe took out her anger on Jan and others, questioning her identity through Twitter. On one occasion, she even lashed out at Jan’s audacity to use her father’s name.

She wrote, “The audacity you have to mention my father’s name like this! You should be ashamed of urself! I let a lot of things slide, but this one is really low… YOU ARE DISGUSTING! (yes, you know who YOU are).”

Likewise, Khloe’s mother, Kris Jenner, also addressed the rumors on Good Morning America. She said, “I’m telling you, it gets weirder and weirder. I have never heard such crap in my life. I mean, I was there! I gave birth! I know who the dad was!”

No matter what claims Jan made, this could not break the bond that the Kardashian family had.

Khloe has been subjected to such rumors a couple of times. People find no resemblance between Khloe and her sisters. Hence, time and again, they have questioned her blood. A lot of them speculated that Khloe could be the daughter of the former athlete, O.J. Simpson.

However, Khloe endorses these rumors through the reality show “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.” The claims could have shaken them for a while, but they came out more vital than ever. Thanks to the scandals and rumors, there’s hardly anyone that doesn’t recognize the Kardashians.

Jan Ashley net worth

Jan Ashley had a net worth of $22 Million when she disappeared from the limelight. She had received the hefty sum after the demise of her actor husband, John Ashley.

Currently, her net worth is estimated to be over $5 million.

John had a net worth of $70 Million when he died.

Jan Ashley Instagram

With everything being accessible on social media, people likely assume that Jan Ashley could be on Instagram and other social media handles.

However, she seems to be away from the modern world of social media. So those who are searching for her on Instagram handle might have to disappoint themselves.

Jan Ashley now

After creating chaos in the lives of the Kardashian through her statement, Jan Ashley completely disappeared. However, even though she is a mystery, we can imagine her being somewhere happy in her life.

From what we know, Jan was already a millionaire before her marriage to Robert ended. Her late actor husband, John Ashley, had left her a whopping fortune from his possession.

Jan Ashley F.A.Qs

How many children does Jan Ashley have?

Jan Ashley has no kids. However, her ex-husband, Robert Kardashian, had four children from his previous marriage with Kris. 

How old is Jan Ashley? 

Born in 1949, Jan Ashley is 72 years old.

Who is Jan’s husband? 

Jan is currently a divorcee. However, Jan was previously married to an actor/singer named John Ashley and later with an attorney named Robert Kardashian.

What is Jan Ashley’s net worth? 

Jan has an estimated net worth of $5-$22 million, which she acquired from her late husband, John Ashley.

Is Jan Ashley available on any social media platforms? 

Unfortunately, Jan is not available on any social media platforms.