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Janet Guzman: Personality, net worth and relationship

Beauty influencers, fashion content creators, and fitness models are highly followed personalities on Instagram. One of such famous personalities who has been able to garner a significant fan following and establish herself as an up-and-coming fashion model is Janet Guzman.

Who is Janet Guzman?

Janet Guzman is known as one of the most glamorous content creators on Instagram. Owing to her glammed-up persona and the lavish lifestyle that she leads, Janet Guzman has been able to gain a massive fan following.

Janet Guzman

Janet Guzman, born Janine Almario, is a famous Instagram model and a YouTuber who gained popularity after modeling for the American fast-fashion brand Fashion Nova. The brand is well-known among fashion-conscious millennial women and features Guzman in stylish bodysuits, miniskirts, jackets, and dresses.

Similarly, she has also modeled for the brand Kloset Envy. Janet is famous for her curvy figure and is well-known for her lavish lifestyle, fashion videos, beauty content, travel vlogs, and revealing bikini photos that she posts on her Instagram.

Janet Guzman: Ethnicity, birthday, age and family

Janet is an American citizen and is of Afro-Colombian-Filipina descent. Her family hails from Colombia. She seems to be a private person and has only disclosed limited information about her family and past life.

As a child, Janet Guzman wanted to be a veterinarian as she deeply loved animals. However, she later decided not to be one as she felt that she could not perform heartbreaking works needed to be done by the vets, such as euthanizing the old and sick animals.

Janet was born on December 19, 1993, in California, USA, and is a Sagittarius that makes her 28 years old as of now.

She is a Christian and has a brother named Lewis Guzman, who she frequently features in her Instagram posts and stories.

Both her parents are in the real estate business and work as realtors. Janet considered joining her family’s business at one time in her life. Apart from this, not much has been disclosed about her parents as Guzman leads a pretty private life.

However, it is believed that she had a reasonably normal childhood and her parents supported her in her choice of the modeling industry as a potential career option.

Janet Guzman: Dog

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A post shared by Binx (@iambinxx)

Janet has a dog named Binx, who she loves dearly and takes it everywhere with her no matter where she goes.

Furthermore, her dog also has its own Instagram page under the username “iambinxx.” The page highlights the dog’s day-to-day activities and documents its lavish lifestyle as seen holidaying with Janet and chilling by the pool with her friends and family.

Like its owner, Binx has been a part of Fashion Nova’s fashion campaign titled “Bad and Boujee.”

Janet Guzman: Personality and Interests

Guzman is a travel enthusiast and an adventurer. She has traveled to many exotic and beautiful locations such as Mexica, Cabo, and Tulum. Her travel vlogs and the luxurious photos that she takes during her vacations are a major highlight of her Instagram page.

Her favorite holiday destination is Paris, France, which she likes to visit often.

Guzman is an introvert and does not like to expose every single aspect of her life on the internet. Hence, she has not mentioned much about her romantic relationships or her family history.

Janet’s favorite color is pink, and she claims to be a coffee addict. Her favorite movies are “The Devil Wears Prada,” “Sex and the City,” “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days,” and “The Pursuit of Happyness.”

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Educational Background

Janet claims to have studied tourism and hospitality at the University of Santo Tomas. She states that she was not a very good student in school and did not enjoy her high school days as she was introverted, shy, and awkward, which made it difficult for her to make friends and interact with others.

When she was studying in 2014 to become a realtor like her parents, she failed the examination. She reappeared in the examination after taking a crash course, and she finally passed the test. Apart from this, other details of her educational background and qualifications have not been disclosed.

Recent News and Controversies

Guzman was recently in the news due to the swimsuit photo that she posted on Instagram on her birthday. She received many compliments for her perfectly toned body and garnered a lot of accolades for how she styled the barely-there bikini.

Likewise, she also made headlines for sending Chris Hemsworth a racy photo of herself.

Janine Almario Janet Guzman Sends photo to chris hemsworth hi chris hows quarantine
Janet Guzman Sends photo to Chris Hemsworth “Hi Chris, hows quarantine?”

One of the major controversies related to Janet Guzman is that she has been frequently criticized for photoshopping her photos and for undergoing cosmetic surgeries, which she denies.

It is believed that Janet Guzman has had butt implants and breast augmentation to enhance her figure and give it a more curvy appearance. Also, it is believed that she also has had lip fillers and a nose job which have made her face look more appealing and conventionally beautiful.

If you compare her current body and face to her older photos, it seems the rumors must be true. Regardless, Janet is a beautiful diva and a fashion icon who looks stunning both before and after the surgery and cosmetic procedures.

She claims that she deals with the negative criticism and hate that she receives by blocking or ignoring the online trolls and the harsh comments left by them on her posts.

Her romantic relationships

Details about her boyfriend are unknown. Similarly, not much is known about her past dating history.

She prefers to keep her life private. Janet wants to focus on her career as a model and Instagram influencer instead of settling down and getting married.

Janet Guzman: Alexis Ren and Stephanie Rao

Janet Guzman has also been associated with other famous models such as Alexis Ren and Stephanie Rao.

Alexis Ren is a famous supermodel known for her perfect hourglass figure and tiny waist. Likewise, Stephanie Rao is Janet Guzman’s colleague who has also worked for Fashion Nova and is one of the most famous models of the brand like Guzman herself.

Relationship with El Chapo

Although they share the same surname, Janet Guzman is not related to Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, the notorious drug dealer of the Sinaloa Cartel.

Physical features, Height, Weight, and Measurements

Janet Guzman is 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs a total of 53 kgs. Her measurements are 35”-25”-37”, giving her a perfectly voluptuous figure and extremely enviable curves.

Her dress size is 4, and her shoe size is 6.5. She is a brunette and has long luscious brown colored hair. Likewise, her eyes are brown.

Janet Guzman Career

Janet Guzman first came into the limelight after posting her first Youtube video titled “Bali, MY FIRST VLOG!” Currently, there are 13.9k subscribers on her Youtube channel, where she posts reaction videos, challenges, fashion lookbooks, travel vlogs, and makeup tutorials.

Before working as a professional model, Guzman also worked as a professional fashion photographer. It allowed her to get a first-hand experience of the world of modeling and understand modeling as a profession.

As her Youtube channel and her Instagram account grew in popularity, the American fashion retailer Fashion Nova approached Guzman to model for the brand. After this, she gained worldwide fame and became one of the most famous faces of the brand.

Janet Guzman photo shoot Instagram photo

Her followers increased due to her beautiful face, stylish clothing, and her perfect hourglass figure, as highlighted by the brand’s website. Even today, she is associated with Fashion Nova and is a part of its many campaigns.

Likewise, she also promotes the brand and the clothing on her Instagram page. Apart from Fashion Nova, her Instagram account also features other sponsored posts that Guzman uploads to highlight her association with different new and exciting fashion brands and labels.

Health and Diet

Janet Guzman is known to lead a very healthy lifestyle, and she frequently shares her workout clips, health tips, and fitness inspiration on her Instagram account. She enjoys working out regularly and incorporating cardio to stay fit and maintain her stunning curves and hourglass shape.

She has been following a pescatarian diet since 2005. It means that she does not eat meat but does consume fish. Her favorite food is salmon. Besides, she has also recently cut out bad carbs and dairy from her diet to live an even healthier lifestyle.

Janet Guzman: Net Worth and Income

Her net worth is estimated to be between $400,000 and $500,000. Her major income source is her Youtube channel and her Instagram page.

Likewise, she also makes money off of her modeling jobs. Janet Guzman has been signed with Unruly Models, which is the modeling agency that represents her.

Janet Guzman Social Media- Instagram and Facebook

She has a total of 1.8 million Instagram followers. Her Instagram account is janetguzman.

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A post shared by Janet Guzman (@janetguzman)

There is no official verified account associated with Janet Guzman on Facebook, although a few profiles share the same name and use her photo as the display picture.

Who is the Latina fashion Nova model?

Janet Guzman is the Latina fashion Nova model who has acquired fame through her social media.
She is also one of the hottest fashion Nova models on Instagram.

Is Janet Guzman a woman?

Yes, Janet Guzman is a woman.

How tall is Janet Guzman?

Janet is 5 feet 5 inches tall.

What agency is Janet Guzman signed to?

Janet Guzman is signed to Unruly Agency. It is an elite marketing group that represents top-tier talents worldwide.