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Jason Harvey- Biography, net worth, and career

Who is Jason Harvey?

Jason Harvey is an American creative director, producer, designer, artist, and co-owner of a luxury footwear brand called ‘Yevrah.’

Jason established the brand on artistic vision and innovative design principles. Such tenets have led Jason and his team to produce shoes that are not just comfortable to wear but also have a creative look.

Jason is a male name with Greek and Hebrew origins. It means “healer.”

Jason is also one of the sons of Steve Harvey and his third wife, Marjorie Harvey. Steve adopted him after tying the knot with his mother in 2005. Reportedly, Jason Harvey’s biological father is an infamous drug kingpin named Jim Townsend.

Likewise, Jason Harvey is married to an American model named Amanda Harvey. Amanda is the co-founder of Yevrah.

The couple has been married for seven years and is a fantastic parent to four children named Rose, Noah, Ezra, and Joey Harvey.

Jason Harvey quick facts

Full nameJason Harvey
Date of birthAugust 27, 1991
Age30 years old
Sun signVirgo
TraitsPositive: hardworking, intelligent, and trustworthy

Negative: critical, stubborn, and easily frustrated
Biological fatherJim Townsend
MotherMarjorie Harvey
Step FatherSteve Harvey
SisterMorgan Harvey
Half-sisterLori Harvey
StepsiblingsBroderick Harvey, Karli Harvey Raymond, Brandi Harvey, Wynton Harvey
OccupationCreative director, designer, model
Marital StatusMarried
WifeAmanda Harvey
No. of children4
Children NameRose Harvey, Noah Harvey, Ezra Harvey, Joey Harvey

Jason Harvey interesting facts

  1. Jason Harvey’s biological dad is a drug lord

Jason was born to Majorie Harvey and Jim Townsend. Jim was arrested when Jason was only a year old. He was arrested for running a substantial illegal drug business and thus, got charged with life imprisonment.

  1. Steve Harvey adopted Jason Harvey and gave him his surname

Steve Harvey is a comedian and a TV host renowned for his show titled ‘The Steve Harvey Show.’ He married Majorie in 2005 and adopted all her children.

Jason is very close with Steve and all his half-siblings and step-siblings.

  1. Jason Harvey is married to a model

Jason married an American model named Amanda Hill on August 26, 2013. Jason and Amanda have been in a serious relationship since 2010.

Jason and Amanda are still going strong and living a happy life with their children.

  1. Jason Harvey is a father of four children

Jason shares four children with his wife, Amanda. They welcomed their first child, Rose Harvey, a year after their marriage.

They also have two sons, Noah, born in 2015, and Ezra, born in 2018.

They recently welcomed a daughter named Joey on July 2, 2020.

  1. Jason Harvey is the co-owner of a luxury footwear brand ‘Yevrah.’

Jason co-founded ‘Yevrah’ with his wife, Amanda. Besides being the co-owner, he is also the company’s creative director, designer, producer, and artist.

The company sells handmade shoes produced in Brazil. His goal is to create comfortable and artistic shoes.

Jason Harvey age and early life

Jason Harvey was born on August 27, 1991, to Marjorie Harvey and Jim Townsend. He is currently 30 years old.

Jason was only one year old when his biological father, Jim Townsend, was arrested in 1992. During that time, the FBI and DEA had accused Jim of running a substantial illegal drug business, and the court later charged him for life imprisonment for his crime.

After the incident, Jason’s mother, Marjorie, divorced Jim Townsend and married another drug kingpin named Donnell Woods. Jason never publicly talks about his biological father, but we believe he never got to know him while growing up as the court sentenced Jim to jail until 2017.

Jason Harvey family

Jason Harvey’s biological father, Jim Townsend, was a former Memphis drug kingpin married to Marjorie Elaine Harvey in the early 1990s. The FBI and DEA authorities arrested Jim during a sting operation in 1992. During the arrest, the police authority caught Jim attempting to buy 40 kilos of cocaine.

After the arrest, the court sentenced Jim to life imprisonment for his crimes. However, Townsend only served 26 years of his sentence and was pardoned by former US President Barack Obama in January 2017.

Jason Harvey mother Marjorie Harvey

All through Jim Townsend’s investigation, Marjorie was also accused of helping her husband commit crimes. At the time of the investigation, the media reported that she would be arrested as the FBI and DEA had substantial evidence of her illegal activities.

Luckily, the court never charged Marjorie with a crime, and she divorced Townsend in less than five years of his sentence.

Today, Jason’s mother is a successful socialite, fashion icon, and internet personality. Marjorie also runs an initiative called ‘The Lady Loves Couture,’ which addresses women’s beauty needs and shows them how to live a lavish life on any budget.

Furthermore, she also provides beauty tips and lifestyle products on the initiative website.

Learn more about the life of Marjorie Harvey here

Jason Harvey stepfather Steve Harvey

On the other hand, Steve Harvey is a comedian, a television host, a producer, and a radio personality. He mainly made it to the limelight due to his flagship show called ‘The Steve Harvey Show.’

Today, he runs multiple successful shows such as ‘Steve Talk Show,’ ‘Family Feud, ‘Steve Harvey’s Funderdome,’ and many more. Steve has received five Daytime Emmy Awards and 14 NAACP Image Awards in various categories.

However, he is exceptional in his professional life and an excellent father to all seven children. Steve adopted all three of Marjorie’s children and gave them his last name after marrying Marjorie in 2005.

You can read the biography of Steve Harvey here.

While making an appearance in Steve Harvey’s show, Jason stated that Harvey giving him his name was quite unthinkable for him.

Jason said, “You took my mother, but you gained a whole lot more with it. As a man, you gave me your last name, and it is not something a lot of people do. My father, he did what he could, but he was not there, but you stepped in, and you gave me that.”

Jason further looked at Steve Harvey and added, “If only you knew the proper amount of love I have for you. I need you to know that now. They do not get better than you. You it.”

Today, Jason lives in a blended family along with Steve and Marjorie Harvey and their children from past relationships.

Jason Harvey siblings

He has one biological sister named Morgan Janel Hawthorne and a half-sister named Lori through Marjorie and her previous relationship.

Here you can check on Lori Harvey biography

Likewise, he also has four stepsiblings through Steve Harvey and his past relationship, Karli Harvey Raymond, Brandi Harvey, Broderick Harvey, and Wynton Harvey.

Jason Harvey with parents steve harvey and siblings

You can learn all about the different Steve Harvey family members here.

Judging by the engagement and appearance Jason makes with his siblings, it seems he is close to all of his siblings.

Jason Harvey personality

Jason Harvey is an American by nationality and hails from an African American ethnic background. He has black-colored hair and a beautiful pair of light brown eyes like his mother, Marjorie Harvey.

Since Jason was born on August 27, his sun sign lies under Virgo. As a Virgo, Jason is quite intelligent, generous, and disciplined. Furthermore, he also has outstanding social skills and is an attentive person who will devote all of his mental energy to his work.

Today, due to Jason’s dedication, not only has he been successful in establishing a luxury footwear brand, but he has also been providing shoes and services to various charities and needy people.

Jason Harvey wife

Jason is happily married to American model Amanda Hill for seven years now.

The pair have reportedly known each other since their earlier years and were in a serious relationship since 2010. After dating for two years, Jason asked Amanda to marry him on July 10, 2012.

The couple held their wedding ceremony on a Hot Air Balloon on August 26, 2013.

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Today, the pair are stronger as ever and share four children.

Jason Harvey children

Jason and Amanda welcomed their eldest daughter, Rose Harvey, one year after their wedding on June 19, 2014.

Likewise, the couple welcomed their second son, Noah Harvey, on August 24, 2015, and their third son Ezra Harvey on September 5, 2018.

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And finally, the duo welcomed their second daughter and fourth child Joey Iris Harvey on July 2, 2020.

About Amanda Harvey

Jason Harvey’s wife Amanda Harvey was born on July 20, 1993, to Fred Hill and Nancy Hill.

Amanda Harvey is a successful model who started her career when she was still a teenager. Due to her perfect looks, she was signed by Wilhelmina’s modeling agency at quite a young age.

However, Amanda only started to climb the ladder of success after winning a BCBG Max Azria model pageant in 2012. After winning the competition, Harvey began to walk and model for several luxurious brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Leonard Paris, Elie Saab, and many more.

Furthermore, she has also appeared on the covers of Vogue Brazil and Vogue Japan.

In 2017, Jason and Amanda Harvey and their daughter Rose and son Noah opened the show for Dolce & Gabbana on Milan Fashion Week. The Harvey family’s appearance took the internet by storm as their fans praised them for being the perfect-looking family.

Jason Harvey career

Jason is the creative director, producer, designer, artist, and co-owner of a luxury footwear brand called ‘Yevrah.’ Jason and his business partner Erwin Sweetwine had established the footwear brand around 2013.

The name ‘Yevrah’ comes from Jason’s surname ‘Harvey,’ spelled backward.

The shoes that Yevrah sells are entirely handmade and produced in Brazil. According to Jason, the company’s primary goal is to create comfortable shoes and present them uniquely and artistically into an installation form. To execute their vision, Jason and his business partner showcased their products in one of the most significant art events conducted worldwide called ‘Art Basel.’

Art Basel is a for-profit, privately owned, and managed international art fair staged annually in Basel, Switzerland, Miami Beach, Florida, and Hong Kong. Jason Harvey used the platform of Art Basel to showcase Yevrah’s artistic footwear in 2016.

In the footage shown by ‘Steve TV show,’ one can witness how Jason is devoted to executing his vision and bringing them to life. In the end, most of the audience, including Jason’s mother, who visited the showcase, was impressed with Jason and his team’s work.

One of the visitors even said, “It’s not your typical pair of shoes where you just glance at them and say ‘Oh wow, those are nice’ like you have to stare at them and get close up. It was beautiful.”

The lowest-priced shoes found on the Yevrah website cost $135, while the highest and most expensive ones are the pointy and high heeled cork boots, which are priced at $450.

Apart from being an exceptional entrepreneur, Jason is also charitable. In 2018, he pulled up with a truckload of Yevrah shoes and gifted them to every single woman at the All Nations Worship Assembly in Atlanta, Georgia. All Nations Worship Assembly is a nondenominational Church that conducts contemporary worship and has members who come from diverse backgrounds.

Jason Harvey net worth

According to networthpost.org, Jason Harvey has an estimated net worth of $300k which he has acquired from his shoe business.

Jason Harvey Instagram

Jason Harvey is on Instagram as @butwhoisjason 

He has over 37.3k followers on this platform. However, he is very private about his life and isn’t active much on other social media platforms besides Instagram.

You can also follow his wife Amanda on Instagram as @theamanda_h 

She is more active than Jason and posts more photos of herself with her husband and kids.

Jason Harvey F.A.Qs

Is Jason Harvey Steve Harvey’s son?

Yes, Jason Harvey is Steve Harvey’s son. Steve adopted him and gave his surname after he married Jason’s mother, Majorie. 

Who is Jason Harvey’s biological father?

Jason Harvey’s biological father is a drug lord named Jim Townsend.

How old is Jason Harvey?

Born on August 27, 1991, Jason Harvey is 30 years old. 

Is Jason Harvey still married?

Yes, Jason Harvey is still married to a model named Amanda Harvey.

How many kids does Jason Harvey have?

Jason Harvey shares four children with Amanda Harvey. Their names are Rose, Noah, Ezra, and Joey.