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Jason Simpson: OJ Simpson’s son, bio, family, health issues, and net worth

Who is Jason Simpson?

Imagine being at the peak of your youth and facing criminal trials all alone. It would be a bad situation. Now, imagine being famous among the media for being the son of a crime suspect dad, where the victim is your mom. Guess your day can’t be worse when this thought occurs to you. What would you do in such situations? Most of us would crumble and break down, right? Well, it is not the same for everyone. Some people have lived such horrifying situations and grown out of them well. Jason Simpson is living proof that it is always alright to keep calm no matter what happens in life.

He is an example that your parent’s labels do not matter if you can decide to go on with your life. No matter how deep, you can get out of the pool of disgust and start fresh.

Jason, as a teenager, had terrifying experiences. He has proved that there is no disturbance that is more significant than a person’s willpower. Jason showed that one could outcast any shadow of the past and live a bright future.

Quick facts

Full nameJason Simpson
Weight90 kgs (198.4 lbs)
Originally fromCalifornia
HobbyCooking, watching movies
Eye colorBlack
Hair colorBlack
Best matchCancer, Pisces, Scorpio
Lucky colorWhite and pink
Lucky numberSeven

Jason Simpson childhood

Jason Simpson was born as a second child on April 21st, 1970, making him fifty years old this April 2020. He was born to Orenthal James Simpson (best known as OJ Simpson), and his mother, Marguerite L. Whitley.

Jason was born in the city of Georgia. His grandparents are Jimmy Simpson and Eunice Simpson, who is originally from California.

OJ Simpson with his mother and father
Jason Simpson’s father, grandfather, and grandmother

So, all their folks are in and around this state. Jason has an uncle called Melvin Leon Simpson, often seen in public profiles of his dad.

OJ Simpson was a former NFL running back, broadcaster, and actor. He was first married to Marguerite L. Whitley in 1967.

The pair faced many ups and downs as OJ’s career started taking off. The couple stayed married for twelve years.

The marriage was always on the verge of separation as OJ was publicly dating other women.

There had been brutal fights in the family since Jason’s childhood. It must have had an impact on his mind.

After the separation, the children were under the care of their grandparents for a while. Then they followed their father. Jason, however, lived a significant time with his mother as well.

The fights in his environment while growing up must have caused Jason to face rage issues.

At present, he has four siblings. They are Justin Ryan Simpson, Arnelle Simpson, Aaren Simpson, and Sydney Brooke Simpson.

Arnelle and Aren are siblings from the same mother. At the same time, Justin and Sydney are his half-siblings from stepmother Nicole Brown Simpson.

Aaren died by drowning in the family swimming pool, at the mere age of three. It was also a contributing factor why Jason’s parents separated in March of the same year.

OJ got over the relation quite well and quickly as he was already dating Nicole. He also re-married to her no later.

OJ had met Nicole in 1977 at a nightclub called “The Daisy,” where she worked as a waitress. Blonde white beauty Nicole was very different from his wife. Upon expecting a child, they decided to get married on February 2nd, 1985.

This marriage ended up brutally in 1988, causing the kids’ home to change from time to time.

On June 2nd, 1994, Sunday evening, Nicole and her friend, Ronald Goldman, got stabbed to death. OJ Simpson got charged with his ex-wife and her friend’s murder.

Jason Simpson in court during OJ Simpson Trial
Jason Simpson in court during OJ Simpson Trial

This case ran too long; finally, it gave the verdict OJ “not guilty” at the end. This traumatic period was hellish for the four kids, also.

Though rumors say that Jason completed his high school in Georgia, there is no definite proof. It is also because of a series of issues he had during his upbringing.

There are issues like drug abuse and alcohol overconsumption in his teenage records. Jason even bears criminal records, according to Business Insider magazine. Run-ins, driving with a suspended license, physical abuse, etc. are some of his records.

It was indeed tough for Jason to cope up with his youth as he was mentally ill. His issues were mainly intermittent rage disorder, for which he has prescribed medication. The theory by William, later on, said that he was not taking his drugs on time.

Jason has tried to commit suicide three times. It also pushed him over the edge of keeping anything in order before he loses it.

We can expect a series of secondary problems that follow this kind of disorder. Jason worked odd jobs like busboys and at restaurants to earn his living.

He lived with his mother. Jason then shifted with his girlfriends when he pursued his culinary science dream. Life sure must have been difficult for that kid to grow up till his 50s.

Here are some interesting facts about Jason Simpson.

How tall is Jason Simpson?

Jason is a tall and handsome man of color, whose height is approximately 1.73 meters (5.67 ft).

How old is Jason Simpson?

Jason is fifty years old as of 2020.

Jason Simpson personality traits

Jason’s zodiac sign is Taurus. By the virtues of his zodiac sign, he should be a generous, kind, focused person. It shows his loyalty and patience to bear the extreme situations that his family faced.

Nevertheless, his simplicity shows in his attire.

Where is Jason today?

Jason has been living a quiet life since the hectic trial of the century started. Heightline report suggests that Jason is currently living in Atlanta, Georgia. However, this is not for sure.

Jason has been maintaining a low profile and avoiding the media spotlight for a very long time now.

What does he do now?

Heightline also reported that Jason works in a couple of high-end restaurants. Some reports even claim that he is an accomplished chef.

But, his family’s whole life has been a mystery since the big trial of his father.

Who is Jason Simpson’s mother?

Jason’s mother is Marguerite Whitley. Whitley’s whereabouts are unknown for the time being.

Jason SImpson Mother and Father

Jason Simpson relationships

Many media sources have reported that Jason is single. However, this information is not authentic, as Jason has not announced anything yet.

Due to his drug abuse issues, his relationship with his family members is not very strong.

Jason Simpson controversies

People mostly know Jason due to his father’s internationally publicized trial. This case is famous as the “trial of the century.” He got into the limelight, and then the criticism never left since the case rebounded again and again.

The most significant controversy that Jason faced was a decade-long trial of his father. His father got acquitted for the murder case of his former wife and her friend on June 12th, 1994.

Another crisis came into Jason’s life when he got convicted by some theorists to be the murderer of the trial. In 2012, it was 18 years after the actual trial day, when a private detective William C. Dear wrote a book, “OJ is innocent, and I can prove it.”

Road to fame

Despite his low profile at present, Jason got into the media limelight again in 2016. It must be tiring to get dragged into the same old story in one’s 50s. There was a post in 2016 publicizing the murder case TV mini-series “The People v/s O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story.

Despite the not-guilty verdict, many people still believed that he was the murderer. The book by William intended to propose a theory that blamed Jason for the murder 18 years later.

The writer blamed Jason for the murder in the book. He used to work at a restaurant at that time. And it seemed reasonable for people to think about facts put forward by the famous detective.

He mentioned a guilty Jason by focusing on a flimsy alibi working at a restaurant with a handwritten time card. According to William, OJ cleared up the crime scene for saving his son Jason.

Jason Simpson net worth, charity, and social media

Jason’s net worth is approximately USD 1-5 million. He has not done any charity worth mentioning in the media to date.

Jason does not have links to social media profiles on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. The only place people can search for his whereabouts is Jason Simpson Wikipedia.

Apart from his troubled life, we all wish Jason good luck for his bright future endeavors.