Jay Boogie Kidney Dialysis Update: Botched Surgery Before And After

Jay Boogie kidney dialysis: Jay Boogie, who was known to have undergone BBL, suffered from some severe problems which led to kidney issues.

Born Daniel Anthony Nsikan on June 26, 1998, Jay Boogie has emerged as a notable personality in Nigeria’s social media environment.

She is a transgender fashion enthusiast, brand influencer, and entrepreneur who rose to prominence in her early 20s on Instagram.

Boogie made a name for herself in the fashion industry as the creator of JaySecrets and rose to fame as an influencer and businesswoman.

Moreover, her journey started on Instagram, where a large following was drawn to her distinctive look and audacious declaration of her gender transition.

As she bravely accepted her identity, Jay’s fame skyrocketed, helping the transgender community gain more awareness and acceptance on social media.

The influence of Jay Boogie goes beyond her internet persona. She is ranked among the top 10 crossdressers in Nigeria, ranking among celebrities like Bobrisky and James Brown.

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Jay Boogie Kidney Dialysis Update: How Is She Doing?

In a heartbreaking turn of events, transgender fashion icon Jay Boogie is currently dealing with significant health issues brought on by a poorly executed surgery.

She is currently dealing with the complex reality of kidney problems as a result of a botched surgery.

Boogie’s health has suffered dramatically as a result of the botched Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) surgery, which was first revealed last week.

Jay Boogie Kidney Dialysis
Jay Boogie is in a critical condition as her kidneys are not functioning well. (Source: Nigerian Eye)

Moreover, it was disclosed that she is in a critical state, bedridden, and unable to urinate during an Instagram live session with Dr. Loveth Jennifer.

Dr Jennifer claimed that Dr Dimma, the surgeon, left Jay Boogie in a strange hospital and is now trying to shift the blame by claiming that she had kidney problems in the past.

According to reports, Jay Boogie was in a frightening state of health and was unable to urinate for a full day following surgery, which adds to the seriousness of the problem.

Additionally, the influencer disclosed going bankrupt after spending all her life savings on medical costs, such as dialysis and basic supplies like diapers.

As for her dialysis updates, she asks for the public’s assistance raising money to carry out the dialysis.

Furthermore, she is not in good health condition as both her kidneys have stopped functioning normally and need to be cured immediately.

Jay Boogie Botched Surgery: Before And After Photos

The transgender influencer Jay Boogie has had a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) procedure.

It’s important to remember that people can choose cosmetic procedures for various reasons, including improving their physical characteristics or increasing their self-confidence.

BBLs and other cosmetic operations have become popular as more people seek to alter their looks according to socially accepted beauty standards and self-perceptions of attractiveness.

Jay Boogie Kidney Dialysis
Jay Boogie’s botched surgery has severely affected her life. (Source: Gist Lover)

Moreover, the decision to undergo such treatments is exceptionally personal and can be affected by individual preferences, societal standards, and personal experiences.

Jay Boogie got such surgery to feel better about her body and increase her self-confidence.

Her decision to undergo such surgery is entirely her personal choice, and everyone should respect her decision.

However, Boogie’s surgery went wrong, and as a result, she faced severe health issues due to the failed cosmetic procedure.

Her health issues include being challenged to stand, unable to urinate, and disfunctioning of her kidneys.

Additionally, she has spent her entire savings on her treatment and is now seeking financial help from her followers.

Furthermore, her story serves as a reminder that people should love their body as it is and that cosmetic surgeries are dangerous.

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