JAY-Z is saying yes to Jermaine Dupri’s request to sample a classic track. However, JAY-Z has rejected many collab requests in the past, but this time he agrees. And the approval comes with a disclaimer.

JD is producing Drake’s artists, the duo dvsn, and on Wednesday, he posted a text with his “Money Ain’t A Thang” collaborator, in which Hov cleared the sample — after all, who is he to knock the hustle? However, he provided some commentary on the dvsn track.

Consequently, he wants the world to know that he disagrees with the message of dvsn’s song, “I Get Caught,” because it beats out his 2001 heartbreak anthem, “Song Cry.”

We’ve heard that ‘Caught’ samples “Song Cry” and that the dvsn is doing a severe hype job, claiming it’s on par with Usher’s “Confessions Pt.”. II” and SZA’s “The Weekend.” 

According to dvsn, “Caught” will add plenty of spice to social media — and money to Hov’s bank account!