Jayda Wayda Sister Jazmine Ameerah Cheaves, Boyfriend And Family

The interest in Jayda Wayda Sister,  has been growing, particularly due to her successful ventures in the beauty industry and her relationship with her famous sister, Jayda Wayda.

In the world of beauty and entrepreneurship, one name that has been making waves recently is Jazmine Ameerah Cheaves.

As the sister of the popular influencer Jayda Wayda, Jazmine has carved out her own niche in the beauty industry. 

Their unique bond and occasional disagreements have caught the attention of many, making them a trending topic. 

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Jayda Wayda Sister – Jazmine Ameerah Cheaves, 

Jazmine Ameerah Cheaves, affectionately known as “Big Jazz,” is a rising star in the beauty industry and the sister of popular influencer Jayda Wayda.

Jazmine has made a name for herself as a successful entrepreneur, owning The Glam Trap, a salon in Decatur, Georgia, and Masked by Meerah, a line of beauty products.

Despite facing challenges such as a car accident in 2020, Jazmine has continued to thrive and grow her businesses.

Her relationship with her sister Jayda adds another layer to her story, as they navigate their careers and occasionally public disagreements.

Jayda Wayda Sister
Despite the challenges that come with being in the public eye, Jazmine continues to navigate her path with grace and determination, making her an inspiring figure in the world of entrepreneurship and beauty. (Source: Instagram)

Yet, their bond remains strong, demonstrating that Jazmine is not just Jayda Wayda’s sister but a formidable entrepreneur in her own right. 

Jazmine’s entrepreneurial spirit extends beyond the beauty industry.

Moreover, she launched a cookware brand during the COVID-19 pandemic, demonstrating her versatility as a businesswoman.

who is Jazmine Ameerah Cheaves dating – Boyfriend 

Jazmine Ameerah Cheaves, a successful entrepreneur and sister of Jayda Wayda, keeps her personal life relatively private.

As of my latest update while writing the article, the model is single. 

Moreover, there is no public information available about her current relationship status or boyfriend.

Similarly, the star has not addressed anything regarding her romantic aspect of life.

It’s important to note that Jazmine’s focus appears to be on her career, as she continues to expand her businesses in the beauty industry.

She owns The Glam Trap, a salon in Atlanta, Georgia, and Masked by Meerah, a line of beauty products.

Despite the public interest in her personal life due to her sister’s high-profile relationship with rapper Lil Baby, Jazmine maintains a low profile when it comes to her own romantic relationships.

This privacy allows her to concentrate on her entrepreneurial ventures and maintain a distinct identity separate from her famous sister. 

Jazmine Ameerah Cheaves family

Jazmine Ameerah Cheaves, also known as “Big Jazz,” is a part of a close-knit family that includes her younger sister, Jayda Cheaves, and a brother named Len.

Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Jazmine has always been surrounded by the love and support of her family.

This support has played a significant role in her journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur in the beauty industry.

Jazmine’s family life is often showcased on her Instagram account, where she frequently posts photos of her nephew.

These posts offer a glimpse into the strong bond she shares with her family, especially with her sister Jayda.

Jayda Wayda Sister
 Jazmine Ameerah Cheaves’ family has been a significant part of her life and career. (Source: Instagram)

Despite their occasional disagreements, Jazmine and Jayda continue to support each other in their respective careers.

Jayda Cheaves, also known as Jayda Wayda, is a well-known influencer and entrepreneur herself.

She was in a relationship with rapper Lil Baby, and they have a son together named Loyal Armani.

The sisters’ shared experiences in entrepreneurship and motherhood have undoubtedly strengthened their bond. 

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