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Jean Muggli – Michael Strahan’s Ex-wife [bio, relationships, net worth & family]

Who is Jean Muggli?

Jean Muggli became the talk of the town after marrying NFL star Michael Strahan. She was no longer just an ordinary person. After all, the brilliant Michael Strahan married a normal woman like her.

Jean Muggli had no background in the world of the spotlight. Probably, she was the first from her family to have the attention and spotlight over the head. From her marriage to her divorce, everything was breaking news.

Jean Muggli Biography

Starting in 1994, Jean started gathering attention.

Recently, Jean has become the focus of the media again. She and her ex-husband are undergoing an ugly dispute over the custody of their twin daughters.

Her private life is far from everyone’s reach.

Jean Muggli quick facts

Full NameJean Muggli
BirthdateNovember 30, 1964
Age 57 years old
Sun SignSagittarius
adventurous, fun loving, sociable
reckless, irresponsible
BirthplaceCarson, North Dakota, U.S.A
Currently residingNorth Dakota, U.S.A
ParentsAnthony Alphonse Mugglu (father)
Marry Mugli (mother)
Scott, Timmy, and David
Denise and Carolee
Marital StatusDivorced
Spouse NameMichael Strahan (m. 1999-2006)
ChildrenIsabella Strahan
Sophia Strahan
Net Worth$13.2 million
Social mediaInstagram: @strahanjean

Jean Muggli interesting facts

1. Jean Muggli is not from an entertainment background

You may think that Jean, being a celebrity’s wife, must be from the entertainment sector. Instead, Jean was an average person working at a Spa center.

Michael met her for the first time while working at the Spa center and immediately fell in love with her.

2. Jean Muggli has two daughters

Jean Muggli shares two twin daughters with her ex-husband, Michael Strahan. Born in 2004, their names are Isabella Strahan and Sophia Strahan. 

The twins are in shared custody; however, they seem to have a closer relationship with their father than their mother.

3. Jean Muggli has five siblings

Born to a family of farmers, Jean Muggli had three brothers (Scott, Timmy, and David) and two sisters (Denise and Carolee).

4. Jean Muggli received $15 million in the divorce settlement

Jean accused Michael of physical abuse and showed evidence of her bruised body. Muggli filed for divorce in March 2005 and finally divorced in 2006.

Strahan had to pay $15 million in settlement along with $18,000 per month for child support. The court readjusted the amount to $13,000 in 2009.

Jean Muggli childhood and family

57 years old Jean Muggli was born on November 30, 1964, in Carson, North Dakota. She is one of the six children of her parents. Her father, Anthony Alphonse Muggli, and mother, Marry Muggli, raised her and her siblings in Queens Borough, New York.

A photo of Jean Muggli, ex-wife of Michael Strahan, with her family.

Her siblings are Denise, Scott, Carolee, Timmy, and David Muggli.

Jean Muggli education

Jean completed her school studies in New York. Little to nothing is known about her childhood.

Jean Muggli personality traits

Jean always had her feminine side dominating in her character. Beautiful facial features and a great body played a huge part in presenting her as a model, although she was not one.

She has curly, long blonde hair and beautiful brown eyes.

We assume that had she wanted, she would have done great in the modeling industry. Even at the age of 55, she continues to look amazingly fit and beautiful.

Jean Muggli marriage and relationships

Jean Muggli’s popularity depended upon the reputation of Michael Strahan. She became the topic of public interest as soon as her relationship with him came into the spotlight.

Jean Muggli with Michael Strahan

The question is, how did it all happen? A simple working woman and an NFL star, how did they fall in love?

Jean worked at a skincare center as a shop attendant in Manhattan. They first met when Michael visited the spa center (skincare center), where Jean was working.

Jean’s beauty enchanted the former NFL player. Their story was more like love at first sight.

Michael used to visit the center and buy a lot of soap bars to interact with Jean.

Not only the income of the spa center flourished, but Jean also started generating feelings for him. When Michael did not make any move towards her for a whole month, she got into thinking that either he was the cleanest man on earth or he was waiting for the right time to confess.

When the NFL star made his move and asked her out, the lady could not say no. They were in a relationship for several years and ultimately tied the knot in 1999 in North Dakota. Before marrying Jean, Michael was married to Wanda Hutchins, whom he divorced in 1996.

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Their union received tremendous attention. Jean and Michael were some of the most famous couples during those times in Manhattan. Even their neighbors in Manhattan agree to this.

The couple has two beautiful twin daughters from their marriage, Isabella Strahan and Sophia Strahan. They were born in 2004.

Despite having a beautiful life from the outside, they went through a nasty divorce in 2006. Even after over ten years, the separation is still making the news. Isn’t this a perfect example of nothing is permanent?

Jean’s husband Michael Strahan

Michael Strahan is a well-known name in the sports fraternity. He played as a defensive end for the New York Giants of NFL from 1993 to 2007.

He was born in Houston. After retiring from his NFL career, Michael went on to become a media personality. In 2008, he joined FOX NFL Sunday pregame show.

In 2010, he co-hosted Live! With Regis and Kelly.

Michael is popular for his appearance as a co-host in Good Morning America. He joined the show on ABC on April 19, 2016.

Michael’s first wife was Wanda Hutchins. They had two kids together: Tanita Strahan and Michael Anthony Strahan. After splitting in 1996, he moved his kids to the US. He also bought them a $163,000 house in Houston.

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After his second marriage failure, Michael got engaged to Eddie Murphy’s ex-wife, Nicole Mitchell, in August 2009. Sadly, this engagement also did not last longer than five years.

Expensive divorce with Michael Strahan

Jean filed a divorce against Michael in 2006. She stated abuse, cheating, and lack of interest as the reason for divorce. Everyone in their neighborhood was shocked to hear the news as none of them had expected the separation would go that way.

Surprisingly, Jean even accused her ex-husband of filming her sister getting undressed. Nasty, isn’t it?

No wonder there was no way to turn back. The couple finally parted legally on July 20, 2006.

Their divorce was one of the most expensive divorces in sports.

As a part of the divorce settlement, Jean received a hefty sum of $15 Million. Additionally, Michael agreed to pay $18,000 monthly for child support.

Jean also received approximately $1.8 million after selling her ex-husband’s $3.6 million worth of mansion if that was not enough.

Jean got full custody of their daughters. Michael was allowed to meet the daughters. Even after so many years of divorce, the former couple has not reached a decent settlement.

They are still fighting for the custody of their teen daughters.

Their relationship started sinking a few years before their split. According to reports, Jean would even sell Michael’s personal belongings, including his “Football Stuffs.”

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Jean Muggli and Michael Strahan kids

Jean Muggli has twin daughters with her ex-husband, Michael Strahan. Born on October 28, 2004, Sophia Strahan and Isabella Strahan are both 49 years old.

Jean’s twin daughters have a close bond with their father despite her feud with Michael Strahan.

They are doing great at horse riding and are taking classes for the same.

Photo of Jean Muggli and Michael Strahan Daughters

The daughters are tall and remarkably beautiful.

You can learn about Michael Strahan and all his relationships and daughter here.

Jean Muggli Controversies

Jean Muggli and Michael Strahan divorce

Even though Jean went to live a quiet life after her ugly divorce with Michael, she has been in the spotlight repeatedly.

Whether it was herself accusing her ex-husband of not fulfilling the child support responsibility or it was her husband who accused her of being an absentee mother.

In October 2019, Jean claimed that her ex-husband still owed her a considerable sum in child support. Michael, denying this accusation, said he never backed away from his responsibilities towards his daughters.

Recently, on March 11, 2020. Michael again accused Jean of being an absentee mother. He also claimed that Jean had been a terrible mother and an abusive parent.

Furthermore, the former Good Morning America fame, Michael, even claimed that his daughters missed their court-ordered therapy and volleyball classes because of their mother.

The actual truth about their ongoing issue is still little known. Amidst the accusation, the daughters, however, are spending time with their parents.

We, being outsiders, can only assume the truth until it comes out of the closet. Until then, let’s hope the teenage daughters don’t get affected by the crisis.

Jean Muggli and Marianne Ayer controversy 2021

Michael Strahan’s ex-wife has recently been a topic of another controversy after getting arrested.

Michael Strahan’s ex-girlfriend, Marianne Ayer, filed for a restraining order on Jean Muggli after appearing at Ayer’s Upper West Side home even though she has an order of protection that states that Jean Mugli needs to stay away from Marianne Ayer.

Jean was arrested for breaking the order of protection. 

In early June, Marianne had filed a case against Jean for disorderly conduct, harassment, grand theft, and forcible touching. Muggli had threatened her with a plastic gun and had also kicked her German Shepherd.

Jean’s career

Unlike a lot of celebrity wives, Jean Muggli comes from a simple background.

Before meeting her ex-husband, she was a shop attendant at a skincare and spa center in Manhattan. She knew about selling cosmetic products and had hardly been exposed to media attention.

No information about her career before meeting Michael is available as of now.

Similarly, information about a post-relationship with Michael is also a mystery. But whatever she did, she is good at keeping a low profile and maintaining discretion.

Jean Muggli net worth

Muggli received a huge sum of alimony of $15 million after her divorce from Michael Strahan. As of 2021, her net worth is estimated to be around $13.2 million.

Moreover, she continues to receive financial support from her ex-husband monthly for the upbringing of her daughters.

Her ex-husband currently has an estimated net worth of around $65 million.

Jean Muggli social media

Jean spent a lot of her time away from social media following her divorce from Michael. That could have been her tactic not to let people come near her personal space.

However, recently, she seems to have been back on the colorful social media world.

Jean Muggli Instagram

She often shares pictures of her daughters from their horse riding classes. She has approximately 934 Instagram followers. She goes by the username @strahanjean.

It seems like she has not given up the last name of her ex-husband.

Jean Muggli now

Following a bitter divorce, Jean Muggli has been living a quiet life in North Dakota away from the media spotlight.

She recently got arrested for breaking the order of protection and was taken into custody in New York City.

Jean Muggli F.A.Qs

1. Who is Jean Muggli?

Jean Muggli is the ex-wife of Michael Strahan.

2. Where does Jean Muggli live?

After her marriage with Michael Stragan ended, Jean Muggli moved to North Dakota, North Carolina where she spent her childhood.

3. Where is Jean Muggli from?

Muggli is originally from Carson, North Dakota, USA. She gained her high school education in New York City.

4. What does Jean Muggli do for a living?

A former beautician, Jean Muggli lives mostly through the monthly support provided by her ex-husband, Michael Strahan.

6. How did Jean Muggli meet Michael Strahan?

Michael Strahan first met Jean Muggli when she was working at a spa center. It was as if he fell in love at first sight.
He used to visit the spa center and buy many soap bars to interact with Jean.

7. What is Jean Muggli’s net worth?

Jean Muggli has a net worth of $13.2 million.

 8. Is Jean Muggli married?

Currently, Jean Muggli is not married. Before, she was married to an American television personality and former professional football player, Michael Strahan.
Their marriage ended in 2006 with a nasty divorce.

9. What is Jean Muggli’s height?

Michael Strahan’s ex-wife, Jean Muggli, is 167 cm/5 feet 9 inches tall. 

10. How old is Jean Muggli?

Jean Muggli is 57 years old.

11. What is Jean Muggli’s Body measurement?

Jean Muggli has an attractive body. Her body measurements are 24-27-34. 

12. Who is Denise Muggli?

Denise Muggli is Michael Strahan’s ex-wife’s sister.

13. Where does Jean Muggli live?

Jean Muggli is living in North Dakota. Her property includes a volleyball court, tennis court, half basketball court, and horse riding ring.

14. Why was Jean Muggli arrested?

According to TMZ, Jean Muggli was arrested and taken into custody in New York City and was booked for criminal contempt. Additionally, she was arrested for breaking the order of protection involving Michael Strahan’s ex-girlfriend, Marianne Ayer.