Jeannie Mai “The Real” co-host, bio, career, relationships, and net worth

Who is Jeannie Mai?

Jeannie Mai is a bold talk show host who makes statements through her fashion expertise. She is an actress, television personality, reality star, and celebrity stylist.

Jeannie is a Hebrew female name that means “God is gracious.”

Jeannie gained the most popularity as the co-host of the daytime talk show, “The Real.” Besides that, she has also amassed fame through her presence on the fashion show, “How Do I Look?”

Jeannie’s accomplishments make her one of the successful personas. She is the epitome of hard work.

Jeannie’s fame went uphill after she engaged the famous American rapper, Jeezy. From a make-up artist trainee to a stylist who has worked with known celebrities, she is unstoppable.

quick facts

Full name Jeannie Camtu Mai
BirthdayJanuary 4th, 1979
Age44 years old
BirthplaceSan Jose, California
Sun SignCapricorn
TraitsPositive: hardworking, ambitious, and responsible

Negative: pessimistic, workaholic, and stubborn
ParentsJames Mai (father), Olivia Tu Tram Mai (mother)
Siblings Daniel and Dennis Mai (brothers)
SpouseJeezy (2021)

Freddy Hauteris (2007-2018)
Height1.62 m
Net worthUSD 4 Million
EducationMasters in Communication, De Anza
Social mediaInstagram: @thejeanniemai


Twitter: @jeanniemai

Facebook: @IheartJeannieMai

ProfessionHost, Television Personality

interesting facts

1. Jeannie Mai is a Vietnamese American woman

Jeannie was born in San Jose, California, to a Vietnamese mother and a Chinese father. Even though she was born and brought up in the USA, she can speak fluent Vietnamese and Spanish.

She respects her Vietnamese roots and adores its culture and tradition.

2. Jeannie Mai began her career as a makeup artist

Jeannie began her career at the age of 18 as a makeup artist for MAC Cosmetics. She trained other makeup artists too. From there on, Mai met many celebrity clients such as Jennifer Aniston, Alicia Keyes, Christina Aguilera, and more. Later, she also became a stylist.

3. Jeannie Mai wrote her own audition scripts

In 2003, Jeannie decided to try a career in television and began auditioning for hosting jobs in local television networks.

She prepared her scripts for the audition so that she could show her talent as a television host. Thus, she was hired by the International Channel to cohost ‘Stir.’ She also got her first primetime hosting role for USA Network’s ‘Character Fantasy.’

4. Jeannie Mai was married before she met Jeezy

Jeannie Mai Jenkins is currently married to American rapper and entrepreneur Jeezy. Before, she was married to Freddy Harteis for 11 years. She divorced him in 2018 and struggled with it. 

5. Jeannie Mai is a germophobe

Jeannie has confessed that she is a germophobe in an interview. She also revealed that she is an expert at using public restrooms without any skin contact.

6. Jeannie Mai was named after a television character

Jeannie’s parents named her after the character of their favorite television series, ‘ I Dream of Jeannie.’ Barbara Eden played Jeannie in the movie.

7. Jeannie is close to her mother than her father

Jeannie’s childhood was full of struggles, and her father was abusive towards her mother. Jeannie didn’t talk to her mother for years, following Jeannie’s confession about being sexually harassed during her childhood.

However, Jeannie’s mom has made amends with her daughter, and they are closer than ever. Jeannie says that her mother taught her to be fearless. 

8. Jeannie Mai is expecting a child

Fans of Jeannie Mai know that Jeannie is against having a child. But that has changed after she met her current husband, Jeezy. She is now expecting a child, which is due soon.

Jeannie Mai age and early life

Jeannie Mai’s life was full of unpredictable events. She was born in San Jose, California, on January 4th, 1979, which currently makes her 44 years old.

She grew up to become a wise, strong, and independent woman. All thanks to her parents for teaching her life. She has two younger brothers: Dennis and Daniel.

Born in America, Jeannie Mai is an American by nationality. But, she has Asian blood running through her veins. Jeannie was born to a Vietnamese mother and a Chinese father.

Jeannie Mai is multi-lingual. In addition to English, Jeannie speaks fluent Vietnamese and Spanish. Although Mai was born in America, she has not moved away from her Vietnamese roots.

She respects and adores the culture and tradition of her mother’s birthplace. Her mother had come to the USA by boat, and the US Navy had rescued her.


The media personality has tons of talent. From her skills in make-up to styling to hosting, is there anything she has not aced?

Jeannie Mai obtained a major in communications. She went to De Anza College for her degree. Jeannie had attended Milpitas High School in Milpitas, California.

height and personality traits

Jeannie Mai is 1.62 m tall.

No matter her height, her endeavors in the media have taken her to a great place. Jeannie is a beautiful person inside out. She never takes a step back when it comes to helping people.

She inspires people, most importantly, the people from Vietnam. The story of her and her mother’s struggle in the land of America is full of inspiration for young people.

Jeannie has worked with NightLight International. The organization works for the welfare of sex trafficking and exploitation victims.

Jeannie’s reach has grown over the years. And she has also given back to the community that gave her this life.

Jeannie is a woman with a purpose. She is a proud woman who likes to reach out to those who need someone to hear them.

Jeannie Mai is a Capricorn. She was initially a Buddhist and later transformed into Christianity.

Jeannie Mai

Jeannie Mai family

Olivia Tu Tram Mai(mother)

Jeannie Mai is the daughter of Asian parents in San Jose, California. Her mother, Olivia Tu Tram Mai, is Vietnamese. Mai is close to her roots.

Jeannie had a roller-coaster of a relationship with her mother. The fashion expert’s mother married her second husband, Ted, without letting her kids know.

The mother-daughter duo surprised everyone with the fact. The pair revealed the details through Jeannie’s Youtube channel, Hello Hunnay.

Jeannie must have been equally surprised when she found out her mother’s second marriage’s truth eight years later. The man Jeannie and her siblings knew as Uncle Ted was their stepfather, while the kids had no clue about that.

Olivia and Ted started talking in a chat room for single Vietnamese. She initially tried to set the Houston-resident, Ted to her Dallas living sister. But, there was no flame between the two.

It made Olivia and Ted talk more and more. After continuing the online interaction for around four months, they met in Houston. Well, the first meeting was enough for Olivia to know how special her online friend was.

Soon after the first meeting, Ted proposed to Olivia in California. The couple knew each other for over fifteen years. The couple has been married for around nine years now.

Olivia and Ted kept their relation a big secret from the kids, not knowing how they would react. Jeannie, who had seen Ted in almost all the family events, considered him a family friend.

Nonetheless, after finding out about the marriage, Jeannie was happy for her mother. Like any daughter should do, she supports her mother’s decision for happiness.

Jeannie’s stepfather, Ted, was present during her first wedding with Freddy Harteis.

Jeannie Mai’s Rift with her mother

At present, we see the beautiful relationship of Jeannie with her mother. But, was it the same, always?

No. The star once ran out of home as her mother did not believe in what she shared. Jeannie revealed that she had experienced abuse from a family member since she was nine on her Youtube.

The abusive incidents continued until she was sixteen or seventeen. Whenever her parents were not working, the unknown family member had to look after her.

When Jeannie became intolerant of the abuse, she shared her state with her mother, who didn’t believe her at that time. The incident shook Jeannie, and she decided to leave home when she was only sixteen. ‘The Real’ co-host did not reconnect with her mother for eight years until she was twenty-four.

Jeannie, after the end of her rift with Olivia, made her understand everything in detail. The mother then confronted her daughter’s abuser. The mother-daughter duo finally reconnected and are closer than ever.

Jeannie’s mother also had a traumatic childhood at the hands of her father. Olivia’s father would verbally and physically abuse her. She opened up about it in one of her daughter’s Youtube videos.

James Mai(father)

“The Real”-star was born to a Chinese father. Her mother ran away with James Mai, Jeannie’s father, at a young age. It was when she had had enough of her father’s ill-treatment towards her.

Jeannie’s mother, Olivia, had met James in Texas, who was then working as an assembly line manager. James and Olivia conceived Jeannie when both of them were young.

The ex-couple decided to keep her despite the confusion and stayed together. They had two other kids, Daniel and Dennis.

Other facts about Jeannie’s parents’ relationships are missing. But, they were not together for a long time. While Papa Mai is dating his girlfriend for more than ten years, Mama Mai has married her husband, Ted.

Jeannie’s father casually makes an appearance on her YouTube series, Hello Hunnay.

Jeannie Mai relationships

Jeannie Mai Freddy Harteis

Jeannie claims that she was too young when she tied the knot for the first time. She married her ex-husband, Freddy Harteis, in August 2007 soon after they met. Jeannie thinks that she and her then-husband rushed to take a step towards marriage.

That is why even though both of them were great human beings, they could not keep their marriage going. Jeannie and Freddy used to have arguments on finances, and the union was draining.

Neither Jeannie nor Freddy was happy. So, the pair decided to end the marriage in October 2017. They filed for divorce in October 2017 and legally separated in December 2018.

Freddy had already moved on with his new girlfriend, Linsey Toole, six months after his divorce. He had even announced the news of his girlfriend’s pregnancy at that time. Freddy is a father to a daughter and a son.

Likewise, Jeannie has also moved on in her life.

Jeannie Mai Jeezy

Jeannie Mai is currently married to American rapper Jeezy. The news of Jeannie’s relationship with Jeezy surfaced around August 2019. The couple had appeared on the red carpet together at a gala for Jeezy’s non-profit, Street Dreamz.

They met on the set of the daytime talk show, “The Real.” Jeezy asked her out on a date years later.

Their first date included a romantic sushi dinner in Los Angeles. They salsa danced the night away. 

The rapper proposed to her on March 27th, 2020. They have since been making their fans wait for the news of the big day.

Jeannie and Jezzy seem to be a positive influence on each other.

They are very much attracted to each other’s passion for life. Their cute little PDAs are visible on the lady’s Instagram handle.

Both Jeannie and Jeezy had failed relationships in the past. Jeannie’s last marriage did not make many headlines. Jeezy, on the other hand, has a son from a woman.

Jeannie Mai with Jezzy
Jeannie Mai with Jezzy

About Jeannie’s husband Jeezy

Jeezy, aka Jay Wayne Jenkins, is famous for his major-label debut, “Let’s Get It: Thug Motivation.” He has started his career with the name Young Jeezy.

The rapper, singer, and songwriter began his music career in 2001. He has released ten studio albums and various singles.

The songs like “Soul Survivor,” “I Luv It,” “Go Getta,” and “Put On” has to be his most successful songs. Jeezy released his last album, “RM104: The Legend of the Snowman,” on August 23rd, 2019.

Jeezy has got arrested multiple times. The grounds were firearm possession, DUI, shooting, etc. The rapper allegedly fought with his son in September 2012. He got arrested for false imprisonment and threats on January 4th, 2014, after the alleged fight.

Considering his past, Jeannie’s mother has a close interference in their relationship. But, he has not been under any charges since he met Jeannie.

Jeannie Mai engagement ring

So what, Jeezy proposed to Jeannie while in quarantine? Jeezy did not leave a stone unturned to bring a smile to his lady’s face.

A ring that has a worth of around USD 150,000 was not the only thing the rapper did. He brought the touch of Vietnam to their table on a date night before proposing to Jeannie.

While they had planned to go to Vietnam in April this year, the lockdown made it impossible. So, Jeezy treated Jeannie to Vietnamese cuisine and a romantic date night.

According to jewelry experts, the engagement ring is a 4-5 carat marquise cut diamond set.

Jeannie Mai wedding

Initially, Jeannie and Jezzy wanted to get married at Lake Como, France. But, unfortunately, that had to change and be put to a halt due to the COVID pandemic. 

After Jeezy’s mother passed away, they realized that life was too short, and all they wanted was to be husband and wife. 

So, the duo decided to exchange their vows in the presence of their immediate family and close friends.

They made their wedding event as safe as possible. All of the guests were to test negative for COVID-19 two days before traveling to the wedding. They tested for COVID-19 yet again on the day of their marriage.

Jeannie Mai Jenkins and Jeezy at their home wedding

They hosted the wedding in an open garden of their home. The setup was beautiful, with a backdrop of magnolia, maple, and birch trees and tall glass candles.

Jeannie wore a wedding gown by Galia Lahav topped by a 15 foot Galia Lahav veil. In addition, she wore minimal jewelry, which was designed by her friend Rosalina Lydster.

On the other hand, Jeezy wore a custom design by Teofilo Flor. 

All the guests were requested to wear off-white as it represented peace. The wedding also had a touch of Vietnamese tradition. Her brother organized the Vietnamese tea ceremony, which is done to honor their parents by pouring tea as a gesture to welcome the groom into the bride’s family and vice versa.

The wedding also had live music by Trap Jazz and Tyrese.

Jeannie Mai pregnant

Jeannie and her husband, Jeezy, are expecting their first child together. They had been struggling to conceive, and she even had a miscarriage before her wedding.

Jeannie opted for in-vitro fertilization (IVF). Before this, she never wanted to be a parent.

We wish the soon-to-be parents good luck!

Jeannie Mai career

Fame did not knock on Jeannie’s doorstep out of nowhere. She had to work excessively hard to become a renowned personality.

It all started when she was eighteen. She began working as a trainee make-up artist in Mac Cosmetics. Jeannie even traveled the world, working for celebrities like Alicia Keys.

With her work’s quality, it took her no time to grab MTV’s Total Request Live and Good Day Sacramento opportunities. These experiences, as a make-up stylist, polished her skills.

Then followed her involvement with the local television networks. In 2003, she auditioned with self-written scripts for local television networks.

Her ample amount of talent gave the star her very first television platform. International channel hired her as the co-host of the Asian-American magazine-style show, Stir.

She then went on to host her music countdown show on the California Music Channel. Jeannie Mai became an entertainment reporter of the WB’s “The Daily Mix” in her mid-20s.

With so many great works at a young age, many shows wanted Jeannie Mai as a host. She went on to host several television shows and beauty pageants.

Jeannie Mai started as a brilliant host at the Miss Universe Pageant in 2011. Besides these endeavors, people best know her as the makeover expert from “How Do I Look?” She made a significant impact on women through her expertise.

Her contribution to the Emmy Award-winning daytime talk show, “The Real,” is the most popular. Mai is the co-host of the show with Adrienne Bailon since 2013. These are only a few names.

Jeannie Mai has given so many shows that have showcased her hosting journey. She also has a YouTube channel named, Hello Hunnay with Jeannie Mai.

She is a renowned celebrity stylist and a great talk show host and made her way to success through absolute hard work and dedication.

People love her presence on stage. So, when Jeannie was hosting the Miss Universe Pageant, hardly anyone didn’t like it.

This celebrity stylist knows what she can do. An extraordinarily talented persona like her deserves to be at the stage of fame she is today.

Jeannie Mai movies and TV shows

The Real Jeannie Mai

The media personality, Jeannie Mai, has mastered what she does the best, i.e., hosting. She has hosted around ten television shows, including the most popular, “The Real.”

She began her career as a co-host in “The Real” with Adrienne Bailon, Loni Love, and Tamera Mowry in 2013. It has been seven years since the show’s start, and she is still one of the best hosts to watch.

The hosts won the Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Entertainment Talk Show Host.

Jeannie Mai How Do I Look?

People also know Jeannie for her work in the Style Network’s “How Do I Look?” She took charge of the show in 2009 as a makeover specialist for women facing fashion challenges.

Jeannie replaced the original host, Finola Hughes, and stayed with the show till 2018. She had also introduced the show’s franchise in Asia’s Diva network in 2016.

Aside from these TV shows, she hosted The 2018 Primetime Emmy Awards and Miss USA Competitions. Her association with the Miss Universe pageant as a host in 2011 is also noteworthy.

Jeannie Mai has not done any feature films. Still, she has appeared on several TV shows like “Martha & Snoop’s Dinner Party” (2018), Celebrity Family Feud (2019), etc.

People loved her on popular talk shows like “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” and “The Wendy Williams Show.” Also, she is a sideline reporter on Holey Moley of ABC as of 2020.

Dancing With the Stars Jeannie Mai

And, there’s more on the cards. Jeannie Mai competed as one of the celebrities on the 29th season of “Dancing with the Stars.”

Sadly, she had to withdraw from the show after she faced a near life-threatening abscess. She was diagnosed with epiglottitis and suffered from a parapharyngeal abscess.

Jeannie mai Youtube channel

Hello Hunnay with Jeannie Mai has to be one of the best YouTube channels so far, especially for Jeannie’s fans. Along with this Youtube channel, Jeannie Mai has become one of the famous YouTubers. She has over 695K followers.

These followers get to see the small details of Jeannie’s life. From her dance preparations to her life’s secrets, she reveals a lot on her Youtube videos.

If you want to learn more about Jeannie regularly, you must head on to her Youtube channel.

Jeannie Mai net worth

With over seven years as a daytime talk show co-host, there’s no doubt in Jeannie’s popularity. Along with it, other endeavors have given her a lot of fame as well as money.

She has a net worth of USD 4 million, which also comes from her successful YouTube channel. Jeannie got married to the American rapper, Jeezy, with a net worth of USD 10 million.

Jeannie Mai social media

Social media has been a crucial part of people’s life. With the quarantine all over the world, Jeannie Mai was very active on her social media.

Jeannie Mai Instagram

Mai never misses a chance to let her fans know about her life through her Instagram account. Currently, she has over 2.6 million followers on her account.

Her recent posts indicate her happiness in being a mother.


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Jeannie Mai Twitter

She also has a Twitter account in which she is equally active. You can get the recent news of her life through her Twitter handle titled, @jeanniemai

The followers’ count is over 257.9K

Jeannie Mai Facebook

If you are on Facebook, don’t forget to go through her official Facebook page


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