A month after Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s wedding in Georgia, the “Let’s Get Loud” singer performed at Grameen America’s “Raising Latina Voices” event in Los Angeles.

It’s time to get loud for a worthy cause.

Jennifer Lopez participated in Grameen America’s “Raising Latina Voices” event at Universal Studios on Sept. 17.

E! Hears from an eyewitness! Ben Affleck also attended to show his support for his wife. 

Jennifer spoke to over 400 Latina entrepreneurs and promoted Limitless Labs’ partnership with Grameen America, a small business empowerment program.

She shared with the crowd, “What I saw growing up was that it was very, very difficult for people like me, low-income Latinos, especially women, to get access to capital.” 

 “We remain sixty percent less likely to get loans from national banks. That is fundamentally unfair and un-American, making the promise of the American dream feel partly hollow. So that’s why I’m here alongside Grameen today to change that.”

At the event, Marry Me’s star wore an off-white suit by Fendi and promised to “make that promise real for everyone” Specifically, “people who look like me or come from places like where I come from have the same opportunity to borrow money to start their own business and make their dreams come true.”

Continuing, JLo said, “Don’t give up, ever. Listen but be strong. “Be kind but be resolute. Be generous but be firm. Be caring but be professional. Be open but have boundaries. Above all, be honest. We don’t need a handout, we need a hand up,”

As a mother of 14-year-old twins Max and Emme, Jennifer has shared the “best advice” she can give them: “you can be whoever you believe you can be.”

She said, “Find that in yourself and don’t give up. Learn from people who have done it well, then take those ideas and innovate and refine them and make them your own. And listen to your parents; we aren’t quite as clueless as we seem when you’re 14.”

Jennifer’s passionate speech comes just one month after she and Ben exchanged vows at the actor’s estate in Georgia.

The couple wed in July in a private ceremony in Las Vegas. 

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