Jennifer Hewitt Journalist Wikipedia: Age Husband Peter Ruehl And Family

Explore Jennifer Hewitt journalist Wikipedia page for insights into her illustrious career as an Australian journalist, her husband Peter Ruehl, and more.

Jennifer Hewitt is a prominent Australian journalist and editor known for her extensive experience in journalism as of 2022.

She is the editor of Australia’s leading financial and political newspaper, The Australian. She has dedicated over three decades to her journalism career, with stints in Canberra and Sydney.

Hewett’s expertise extends to major Australian newspapers owned by News and Fairfax in the United States.

Her work encompasses a daily column on the paper’s website, focusing on economic and political matters and a column on National Affairs.

She remains a respected figure in the media landscape, regularly appearing on television and radio.

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Jennifer Hewitt Journalist Wikipedia and Age

Jennifer Hewitt is an esteemed Australian journalist with a rich and illustrious career spanning several decades.

She embarked on her media journey in 1976 as a cadet journalist for WA Newspapers in Perth.

Throughout her career, she has exhibited a remarkable talent for business journalism. She aims to present corporate world dramas and critical individuals’ roles engaging and comprehensibly, even to those unfamiliar with business pages.

Over the years, Hewitt has contributed to various publications, leaving her mark on the industry.

Notably, she served as a global correspondent in Washington and New York for The Sydney Morning Herald, showcasing her versatility as a journalist.

In her pursuit of excellence, Jennifer earned a master’s degree in journalism from Columbia University Journalism School in New York City.

Jennifer Hewitt Journalist Wikipedia and age
Jennifer Hewitt is a prominent Australian journalist and editor. (Image Source: The Sydney Institute)

Armed with a deep understanding of Canberra’s political landscape, she joined The Australian in April 2007 as National Affairs Correspondent.

Her skill in covering the impact of politics on business is a testament to her unique expertise among business journalists.

With her contributions to The Australian Financial Review and other notable outlets, Jennifer Hewitt has become a revered figure in Australian journalism.

Her ability to write in various formats, from feature articles to concise comment pieces, reflects her adaptability and mastery of the craft.

As of 2023, considering her vast experience and wedding date, Jennifer Hewitt appears to be between 60 to 65 years old.

Her work and dedication in the field have earned her a prominent place in the realm of journalism in Australia, and she continues to inspire aspiring journalists with her exemplary reporting and insightful analysis.

Jennifer Hewitt Husband And Family

A renowned Australian journalist, Jennifer Hewitt was married to Peter Ruehl in 1984.

The couple shared 27 years of marriage until tragedy struck in 2011 when Peter Ruehl died.

Born on 29th March 1947 in Queens, New York City, Peter Ruehl was a writer known for his work on shows like “Gillies and Company” and “Insiders.” He also worked as a sailing writer for The Australian Financial Review.

Details about Jennifer Hewitt’s parents and siblings are unknown, as she has kept her family life private.

However, it is known that she and Peter Ruehl resided together in Australia before his passing in 2011.

Jennifer Hewitt Husband Peter Ruehl.
Jennifer Hewitt was married to her Husband, Peter Ruehl, a writer and journalist. (Image source: Getty Images)

The loss of her husband in 2011 was undoubtedly tricky for Jennifer, as they had shared many years as a married couple.

Peter Ruehl’s death was a significant loss to Jennifer and the journalism community, where he had made significant contributions throughout his career.

As of 2022, Jennifer Hewitt continues her journalism work, demonstrating her dedication and passion for the field.

While her personal life remains private, her professional achievements and commitment to business and political journalism continue to earn her respect and admiration in the media industry.

The support and love from her friends and colleagues likely provide solace during the challenging times following the loss of her beloved husband, Peter Ruehl.

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