Fans of Bennifer will be thrilled to hear that Jennifer Lopez has finally made it official about her relationship with Ben Affleck through social media.

As part of her 52nd birthday celebrations, Jennifer Lopez shared a steamy photo of herself kissing and embracing boyfriend Ben Affleck. However, Ben was not tagged in the post.

On Saturday, Jennifer shared pictures of her bathing suit body and affectionately embracing Ben aboard a yacht on Instagram. She captioned her photo, “5 2 … what it do …”

Additionally, Leah Remini, an actress who is friends with Jennifer, posted a video compilation of Jennifer with Ben on Instagram on Friday. The video featured photos and clips from Remini’s birthday in June.

Hollywood’s golden boy Ben Affleck met Jennifer Lopez on the set of Gigli in 2002 while popstar Jennifer was married to actor Cris Judd.

After a short period of time, the couple got engaged. In early 2002, following Jen’s separation from Cris, Ben proposed to her at his mother’s house in Boston. Unfortunately, after two years, they parted ways because they didn’t mesh well together.

Jennifer started dating musician and friend Marc Anthony immediately after her split with Ben Affleck. The couple were married in June of that year. Emme and Maximilian, two daughters, joined the family in February 2008.

However, the couple announced their split in July 2011 and obtained their divorce in 2014. Although they are estranged, both parents are still friends because of their twins.

After this, she was linked to several men but eventually fell in love with Alex Rodriguez, a former professional baseball player.

Together, the divorced couple with children formed a strong bond over their shared interest in fitness and workouts.

Things started out great for the couple in March 2019, only for the engagement to fall through. The couple announced their separation in May 2021.

The famous singer began dating Justice League star shortly after her split from A-Rod.

Ben Affleck, who starred in ‘Superman,’ has been rumored to propose romantically to Jennifer Lopez. Additionally, JLO is relocating to Los Angeles, which is, in fact, the city where Ben Affleck lives.

Jennifer Lopez is official about her relationship with Ben Affleck: she posts an intimate photograph on her 52nd birthday.

Jennifer and Ben have had trouble keeping their priorities in order. Nevertheless, fans are eagerly awaiting to see what the pair will do next. Although it took a while for their relationship to blossom, Bennifer fans are thrilled that they pick up 17 years after the first meeting.

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