Jennifer Lopez headed out for a leisurely afternoon, shopping with her stepdaughter Violet Affleck on Sunday afternoon in New York City as part of an outing. It was a perfect occasion to wear a pair of gray spandex shorts, which she styled in the most elegant manner.

This summer, Lopez styled her cycling shorts with a comfortable but still elegant white shirt while accessorizing with bold sneakers and a Gucci crossbody bag. The look was complete with her signature aviator sunglasses.

To keep her look minimal for the daytime outing, she pulled her caramel-colored hair back into a loose bun, parting it in the middle, and wore barely noticeable makeup to keep her look as natural as possible.

As part of Ben’s 50th birthday celebration, Jennifer Lopez’s and Ben Affleck’s family is currently in the Big Apple.

There have been reports that Ben has become upset about the trip following the couple’s highly-publicized honeymoon in Paris.

A previous report revealed that Ben is not used to having pictures taken of him. According to the source, “Ben was a little freaked out in Paris…..this was a whole new level — an almost Princess Diana level.”

In addition, the insider continued, “Ben is used to the flashing lights. But he felt that the honeymoon was a tsunami. Jen’s made out of steel and knows it comes with the territory… he still gets pissed off.”

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