Jennifer Misner- Biography of the ex-wife of actor Dustin Diamond.

Who is Jennifer Misner?

Jennifer Misner is a well-known American celebrity. The ex-wife of the late Hollywood actor Dustin Diamond, Jennifer rose to fame after her marriage with the Saved by the Bell actor. Jennifer Misner separated from Diamond in 2013; however, their divorce was not highly publicized. 

Jennifer’s ex-husband tragically passed away on February 1, 2020, due to lung cancer. Currently, Jennifer is working as a subject matter expert in Amadeus.

Additionally, she has moved on and is in a relationship, but they are not married yet.

Continue reading if you want to learn about Jennifer Misner’s life.

Jennifer Misner bio, relationships, career and net worth
Jennifer Misner Biography

Quick facts

Full nameJennifer Misner
BirthplaceEdesnberg, Pennsylvania
Currently residingLouisville, Kentucky
ParentsSteve Misner (father)
SiblingsValerie Misner (sister)
Marital statusDivorced
SpouseDustin Diamond (2009-2013)
Brett Soboleski (current)
EducationPenns State University
ProfessionSubject Matter Expert at Amadeus,
A business owner at Little Shop of Horticulture and Willow + Wren
Eye colorGreen
Hair ColorBrown
Height5 feet 8 inches
Net worthUSD 250,000
Social mediaFacebook

Early life

Jennifer grew up in Pennsylvania, USA. She still resides in Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania. 

Although Jennifer has not disclosed who her parents are, we have some information about her close ones. Her closest relatives are Valerie Misner, Jeremy Misner, Olivia Misner, Amanda Misner, and Josh Misner. 

Young Jennifer Misner photo

Growing up, Jennifer also had two pet dogs that she loved dearly. Their names were Bentley and Rukus. 

Even though Jennifer Misner’s date of birth is unknown, the celebrity ex-wife is in her early 40s. She is younger than her deceased husband, Dustin Diamond. 

Jennifer Misner is Jewish. She is an American as she was born in the USA. 

Misner stands tall at 5 feet and 8 inches, around 172 cm. 

Jennifer’s ex-husband, Dustin Diamond, was only 3 inches taller than Jennifer. When it comes to her appearance, Jennifer has beautiful green eyes. Similarly, she has brown colored hair, and she is fair-skinned. 


Jennifer Misner and Dustin Diamond met for the first time in Pennsylvania in 2002. During the time, Dustin was on tour and was instantly attracted to Jennifer. 

Nevertheless, both chose to remain friends. Their friendship eventually blossomed into love, and in November 2004, they officially began dating. Similarly, they started living together in Port Washington, Wisconsin.

Dustin Diamond with his wife
Jennifer Misner and Dustin Diamond

After dating each other for a few years, the love birds took their relationship further and exchanged wedding vows in 2009.

In an interview with CityTV, Dustin Diamond talked about his marriage. He held up his left hand to show off his wedding band and stated that he had been married for three years.

Answering a question about his wife, Jennifer, Dustin said, “Happy wife, happy life, my friend! That’s the way to do it!”

While Dustin and Jennifer seemed to have a fairytale marriage from the outside, the reality of their relationship seemed to be something else. Jennifer and Dustin’s wedding started crumbling apart within some years of marriage.

Eventually, they divorced in 2013 after four years of staying in the relationship. After the divorce, Jennifer Misner chose to remain single.

She seems to have moved on and is in a relationship with Brett Soboleski.

Dustin Diamond (ex-husband)

Born on January 7, 1977, Dustin Diamond was an actor, director, stand-up comedian, musician, and professional wrestler

Dustin Diamond
Dustin Diamond

Dustin began his acting career in childhood. He portrayed the role of Samuel “Screech” Powers for thirteen years. After Saved by the Bell ended, Dustin ventured into stand-up comedy. 

Likewise, Dustin made cameo appearances in films like Made and Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star. Additionally, he participated in the game and reality shows, including The Weakest Link and Celebrity Boxing 2. 

Besides he also formed an alternative metal band called Salty The Pocketknife, where he played bass and wrote many songs. In 2013, he became a housemate on the twelfth series of Celebrity Big Brother in the UK. 

Dustin Diamond has been a part of many scandals and controversies in the past, including his infamous sex tape. 

In 2001, he filed for bankruptcy in California.

In December 2014, police arrested Dustin for possessing a switchblade knife, which he pulled during a bar altercation. Later, the court convicted him of two misdemeanors: carrying a concealed weapon and disorderly conduct.

Diamond was diagnosed with extensive-stage small-cell carcinoma of the lungs in early 2021. After completing one round of chemotherapy in Cape Coral, Florida, Diamond passed away on February 1, 2021. 

After divorcing Jennifer Misner, Dustin Diamond began dating professional clown Amanda Schultz shortly after his divorce from Jennifer.

Dustin with her new girlfriend Amanda Schultz
Dustin Diamond, with Amanda Schultz

They started their relationship in early 2014 and even engaged to each other.

Brett Soboleski (boyfriend)

Jennifer seems to be in a relationship with Brett Soboleski.

He is from Buffalo, New York, but lives in Louisville, KY.

Brett is an entrepreneur and the owner of The Flea Off Market. The business sells handmade leather items.

Brett Soboleski
Brett Soboleski, boyfriend of Jennifer Misner

Brett has an online store on Etsy called BornInBourbon, where he sells gift items.

He was the one to come up with the name Little Shop of Horticulture for Jennifer’s business.


Jennifer Misner does not have any children, biological or adopted. However, she was pregnant in 2005. Unfortunately, she suffered a miscarriage. According to reports, Jennifer’s miscarriage was caused due to an ectopic pregnancy.

It was one of the most challenging moments for the couple. Additionally, the tragic miscarriage also created many financial issues for the duo. 

Luckily, Jennifer and Dustin overcame their misery and even decided to start their non-profit organization for the welfare of children. 

The love birds founded the Dustin Diamond Foundation in 2005. It is an organization that specializes in child care.

The career of Jennifer Misner

Jennifer Misner has been the director of sales and marketing at the Holiday Inn Express in Altoona, Pennsylvania, for the past ten years. She began working there in September 2010. 

She has proved to be one of the most hardworking employees at the Holiday Inn Express. 

Before, Jennifer was in advertising and sales. She worked as a project manager at TNS in the 1990s. Within a short time, the Monarch Group appointed her as the Vice President of Marketing and Development.

Likewise, she has switched companies for opportunities.

In 2018, she started a wine company called Willow + Wren, and in 2020, she started her garden business, Little Shop of Horti Culture.


Despite Jennifer Misner’s desire to remain away from the media spotlight, the beauty became controversial after her ex-husband, Dustin Diamond’s death in February 2021.

Following Dustin’s tragic demise, TMZ reported that the actor and his former wife, Jennifer, were never legally married.

According to TMZ’s sources, Dustin’s death certificate described his marital status as “never married.” Later, Dustin’s friend, Dan Block, hinted that the couple was probably never married but that Dustin wore a ring on his left hand to show his dedication to Jennifer.

Likewise, Jennifer also got entangled in Dustin Diamond’s 2006 sex tape scandal. Dustin Diamond’s sex tape, Screeched – Saved by the Smell, leaked in 2006. In the video, Dustin appears to have sex with two women in a hotel room.

Many even speculated that one of those women was his then-girlfriend, Jennifer Misner. Misner chose not to comment on the controversy and stood bravely behind the love of her life. 

Later, Dustin clarified to Oprah Winfrey that he made the sex tape to overcome financial troubles. His friend had encouraged him to make the tape since “Paris Hilton made USD14 million off her sex tape”. 

Nevertheless, it was not Dustin actually who appeared in the video. The Saved by the Bell actor mentioned that he used a “stunt person” in his place to have sex in the film instead of himself.

The net worth of Jennifer Misner

Jennifer Misner’s net worth is estimated to be approximately USD 250,000 as of 2021. Her former husband, Dustin Diamond, had a net worth of USD 300,000 at the time of his passing. 

Social media

In the past, Jennifer Misner chose to remain away from social media.

Nonetheless, the celebrity ex-wife seems to have changed her mind. Misner recently joined Facebook to connect with her close friends and family. 

She has a profile on LinkedIn and is actively using it to update her professional growth and find opportunities.

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