Jenny Webb Murder Update: Apparent Suicide Where Is Her Killer Kenneth Bluew Now?

The netizens are eager to get an update on the Jenny Webb Murder case. While Kenneth Bluew is serving life in prison for her murder, some believe it to be a suicide case. 

Jennifer Webb’s murder continues to haunt the memories of those familiar with the harrowing details surrounding her untimely demise.

In this article, we delve into the latest updates on the Jenny Webb murder case, shedding light on the investigation.

Additionally, we will cover the subsequent arrest and conviction of Kenneth Bluew and provide insight into his current whereabouts.

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Jenny Webb Murder Update: it Looked Like Suicide

On August 30, 2011, Jennifer Webb, a pregnant woman in her eighth month, met a gruesome fate.

Her lifeless body was discovered near a drainage ditch, where she had been strangled to death.

It soon became evident that the crime scene had been staged, initially suggesting suicide as the cause of her death.

However, as investigators delved more profoundly, a more sinister truth emerged.

The detectives interrogated Bluew about his relationship with Jennifer.

He claimed they had recently seen each other about once or twice a month but denied having a sexual relationship with her.

Jenny Webb Murder
‘Justice for Jenny Webb’ Facebook page garners thousands of supporters, uniting the victim’s well-wishers. (Source: Facebook)

Subsequent DNA analysis confirmed Kenneth Bluew as the father of Jennifer’s unborn child and linked him to the crime.

The discovery of a staged crime scene, Jennifer’s cause of death, was determined to be strangulation.

Similarly, the presence of Bluew’s blood and fingerprints all point toward a deliberate act of violence.

The investigation soon shifted gears, focusing on gathering additional evidence to solidify the murder charges against Bluew.

The tragic death initially raised suspicions of suicide.

However, developments in the case have cast doubt on this theory.

Detectives and forensic experts meticulously examined the crime scene, uncovering evidence of a potential murder.

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Where is Killer Kenneth Bluew Now?

The prominent murder case had Kenneth T. Bluew as a pivotal protagonist. He was suspected and soon proven guilty.

Authorities then pressed charges of first-degree premeditated murder against the former Buena Vista police officer.

Detective Sergeants Jason Teddy and Allan Ogg interviewed Kenneth Bluew during the investigation.

Moreover, Ogg was already familiar with Bluew, having encountered him during previous investigations.

To understand Bluew’s actions and behavior at the crime scene, the police inquired why he didn’t recognize Jennifer.

Blue justified his lack of recognition by citing the position of her body.

Jenny Webb MurderIt seems that the motives for Jennifer Webb’s murder stem from betrayal and a desire to evade responsibilities. (Source: MLive)

However, Allan Ogg observed several injuries on Bluew, including an eye injury.

When questioned about it, he attributed the injuries to playing with his puppy, which had scratched him.

The detectives directly questioned him about the possibility of being the father of her unborn baby as the conversation shifted back to their relationship.

Bluew firmly denied the possibility. Despite his statements, he agreed to provide a DNA sample to the police voluntarily.

Law enforcement did not have sufficient evidence to charge Bluew at the time, so he was released following the interview.

Soon after his conviction for the murder, he was sentenced to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole.

Bluew’s trial commenced on the third day of proceedings and involved significant testimonies and evidence from the prosecution team.

Webb’s parents were also sequestered throughout the trial and were expected to testify as prosecution witnesses.

The prosecution’s collective effort aimed to ensure justice was served for Jennifer and her unborn son.

As the trial progressed, it brought some solace to Jennifer’s grieving family and the community affected by this heartbreaking incident. 

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