Jessica Olsson- The truth behind Dirk Nowitzki wife arrest rumor

Who Is Dirk Nowitzki wife, Jessica Olsson?

Jessica Olsson was born on November 27, 1977, in Gavle, Sweden. Dirk Nowitzki‘s wife is of mixed race. Her mother is Kenyan, and her father is Swedish.

Additionally, she has twin brothers, Marcus and Martin Olsson are professional soccer players. Marcus plays from Helsingborgs IF and Martin for BK Häcken.

Jessica Olsson met Dirk in 2010, and they started dating each other. Dirk met his future wife, Jessica Olsson, at a charity event for SEED (Sports Education Economic Development) in 2010.

She became the official wife of Dirk Nowitzki on July 20, 2012. Jessica’s parents were thrilled with her choice of life partner, and so were Dirk’s parents.

Nowitzki Olsson wedding photo

Close friends and family attended the wedding. It took place in Nowitzki’s Preston Hollow home. Judge Craig Smith gave them a valid marriage license.

The Judge confirmed the news in August to the Dallas Morning News. Sources claim that the sports star gave Judge a signed jersey.

How many kids do Dirk and Jessica Olsson have?

Jessica Olsson, after marriage, has three children with Dirk Nowitzki. Her eldest child is Malaika, who was born in July 2013. Two years after that, they gave birth to a son Max Nowitzki. 

In 2016 they gave birth to a third child, Morris Nowitzki.

What does Jessica Olsson do?

Jessica worked at the art gallery before meeting Dirk Nowitzki; however, she quit her job after joining the Dirk Nowitzki Foundation as the CEO. 

With the foundation’s help, Jessica Olsson works on helping needy children. In addition, he gives grants to other organizations that focus on children’s well-being, health, and education. 

Was Dirk Nowitzki wife arrested?

Cristal Taylor Dirk Nowitzki ex-lover arrested

Most people think that Jessica Olsson was arrested; however, it is not true. The police arrested Dirk Nowitzki ex-fiancée, Cristal Taylor. 

Cristal was already in trouble with the law for a theft and forgery case, which was 12 years old. She was arrested two times in Texas for misconduct in 2000. 

Additionally, Dirk’s former fiancée was again arrested in Jefferson County for not paying dental services charges in 2006. It is said to be a sum of USD 20,000. Her multiple trouble with the law finally landed her in jail. She was sentenced to five years of imprisonment in August 2009.

Cristal seems to have a tough time managing money. Also, she was racked up in debt of at least USD 330 Thousand. 

Some of her offenses included:

  1. Violation of probation as she failed to appear before her trial office. 
  2. Failing to attend the hearing of theft and forgery cases.
  3. Twice arrested for misconduct.
  4. Fraud as she didn’t pay the Dental Service charges
  5. Repeated stealing and forgery

It is heartbreaking to learn that Dirk had spent USD 250,000 buying her an engagement ring. She was arrested from Nowitzki’s house.

She is now out of prison; however, it seems she is trying to stay away from trouble. Moreover, she is prohibited from leaving Missouri.

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