Jill Hardener: Bio, Career, Onlyfans, Net worth & more

Who is Jill Hardener?

Jill Hardener is an uprising model who has been entertaining her audience through the social media platform, mainly Onlyfans. She has been sharing the picture of her sizzling, hot body in fashionable clothes.

Jill Hardener is a bikini and lingerie model. For the time being, Jill Hardener has been active in The Honeycomb Team. Apart from her modeling work, Jill Hardener is famous for her tattoo all over her body.

Jill Hardener Biography
Jill Hardener Biography

Quick facts

Full NameJill Hardener
BirthdateOctober 9, 1988
Age 34 years old
Sun SignLibra
TraitsPositive: Charming, beautiful, and well-balanced
Negative:  Unreliable, self-pitying, indecisive, and non-confrontational
Currently residingBerlin
Height5 feet 9 inches
Profession Instagram model
Net Worth$1-5 million
Social mediaInstagram

Early life and childhood

Jill hails from the wonderful place of Germany. Hardener’s initial name Jill means “child of gods” and is a short form for Gillian.

This model was born in the year of 1988. She celebrates her birthday each year on the 9th day of October.

Therefore Jill comes from the sun sign of Libra. According to this sign, Hardener is well-balanced, charming, and beautiful.

Often, she tends to be generous and is regarded as The Queen of Compromise. However, Jill can be unreliable, self-pitying, indecisive, and non-confrontational.

Jill Hardener Height and Body

This Tattoo model stands tall at a towering height of 5 feet 9 inches. Being a model, she is blessed with an artistic body.

Youphoria Height and Body
Jill Hardener Height and Body

According to her website, Jill has a bust measuring about 36.6 inches, a waist of about 25.6 inches, and hips of about 37.4 inches.

She often uses a cup size of 36 DD and a shoe size of 6 or 5. In addition to this, Hardener is blessed to have blonde hair and a pair of green eyes. Moreover, she has a tanned skin body.

Jill Hardener tattoo

Jill’s body is a work of art. She boasts of having plenty of artwork around her body.

There is a skull illustration on her bottom. Besides this, there is a bondage-themed portrait of a person with hands clasped around their neck.

Jill Hardener Tattoos
Jill Hardener Tattoos

Most of her tattoos are black & grey. Apart from this, she also has to pierce her body. As they are situated on the private parts, only her IP fans are well aware of it.

Hardener removed Nazi Tattoo from her crotch.

Jill Hardener was only 14 years old when she decided to get her first tattoo. Within a couple of years, she decided to ink an imperial eagle tattooed onto her crotch.

Hardener saw an imperial eagle on her friend’s belly and liked it but never got a second thought about the meaning.

Little did she know that the symbol drawn on her skin was the sign used by the Nazi party during the Third Reich. She also believes that the tattoo does not reflect her beliefs.

When she started posting her picture on Instagram, many viewers noticed her art in the crotch and criticized her in 2015. Soon, her photos were stolen, retouched, and uploaded to left-wing and right-wing extremist websites.

Later it becomes tough for Jill to land work in magazines and brand endorsements. Many magazines denied working with her while not being invited to major events.

In contrast to this, Hardener tried her best to hide the tattoo but later decided to remove it for good. She wanted her followers to know that Jill did not share the evil views of the Nazis.

Jill underwent five laser surgery in an attempt to remove the tattoo but failed each time. However, her surgeon has revealed that they will be able to cut it out throughout two other operations.

Jill Hardener’s net worth

This lingerie model has been earning money from her Onlyfans accounts. Apart from entertaining her beloved fans all over the world, she is also a model.

Jill Hardener Photo
Jill Hardener Youphoria

Her second source of income is displaying exotic lingerie and bikini. As of 2022, Jill has a total net worth of $1-5 million.

Social media presence

Being an Instagram model, Jill is highly active on social media platforms. She also has her own website.


Jills have been active on Twitter since February 2019. From that moment on, she has accumulated 25.1k followers.

Jill Hardener Instagram

Unlike other models, Jill has a huge fan following on her Instagram account. As of today, this lady has gathered more than 4.2 million followers on her Instagram account.

With only 20 posts, she has been doing well on Instagram. In addition to his, Hardener has a secondary Instagram Youphoria.nft where she shares her 3d Avatar.

Jill Hardener OnlyFans

Until now, Jill has posted 394 posts on her Only fans account. In comparison to other social media accounts, she is highly active on Onlyfans. Jill has gathered 521.4k likes on her account.

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