JK Labajo Girlfriend Dia Maté Relationship: Break Up With Ex Maureen Wroblewitz

JK Labajo Girlfriend or, let’s say, alleged girlfriend, Dia Mate became trending among fans after a picture of them together circulated over the internet last year.

Juan Karlos Labajo, or JK, is a Filipino-born singer and actor.

The actor and singer was born on the 5th of February, 2001, in Consolacion, Cebu, Philippines.

The Filipino actor and singer became recognized after participating in the reality singing competition ‘The Voice Kids Philippines.’

He ended up in third position in the competition, and the fame came. 

Talking about his acting career, he has appeared in many television shows and drama series.

His first film role was in the indie film ‘Tatlong Bibe,’ and he later appeared as a main cast in ‘A Love to Last’ and ‘Ipaglaban Mo: Pikon.’

Let’s wait and watch what more he offers as his career unfolds.

JK Labajo Girlfriend Dia Maté Relationship

JK Labajo’s girlfriend, to be more precise, his rumored girlfriend Dia Mate and Labajo both have been a topic of talk for a while. 

After JK Labajo’s last relationship ended, people were waiting for news regarding his current relationship status.

Amidst the people’s concern about Labajo’s relationship, he was spotted hanging out with Dia Mate.

Dia Mate is a singer and songwriter. Dia has been linked with JK Labajo after she shared a video of them on TikTok.

JK Labajo and Dia Mate
JK Labajo and Dia Mate together in a TikTok video. (Source: latestchika.com)

In the video, they both did a lip-synch of Bound 2 by Dyana.

And obviously, the video got viewed multiple times by the viewers. The video had over 1 million views.

What added spice to the content is they both exchanged comments in the video. They were both found calling each other mami.

Although people have already made many assumptions regarding their relationship based on the video, they are yet to give an actual statement on this topic.

After the initial video, JK and Dia are spotted sharing more of their goofy videos on each TikTok account.

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JK Labajo Break Up With Ex Maureen Wroblewitz

JK Labajo linked with a new pair, but not to forget that people had just gotten over the fact that his ex-partner Maureen Wroblewitz and he had broken up.

They were both adored by the public. The news of their splitting came as a shock to their followers.

Maureen Wroblewitz And Juan Karlos Labajo together. (Source: cosmo.ph)

Both of them took to Instagram to announce their breakup in the year 2022.

Although their relationship went public only in 2019, rumors of Maureen and Juan Karlos started as early as 2017.

The two first fueled their dating rumors when Maureen appeared in Labajo’s ‘Buwan’ music video.

Maureen posted an image with a quote: ‘Life is not happening to you. Life is happening for you.’

She captioned the post, ‘Some things come to an end, and that’s okay. But now it’s time for us to grow on our own.

Meanwhile, Labajo wrote the sweetest message to his ex-partner in the comment section.

He wrote, “I am the luckiest person in the world to have spent the past years of my life with you, and I wouldn’t choose anybody else to have spent those years with.”

“You’ve taught me so much, and I have learned; I am learning, and I will learn more. We are both so young, and we have to enjoy ourselves.”

Despite the pair calling off their relationship, they both appeared on good terms.

Nothing’s promised forever. One should always be ready to get over anything.

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