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Jodie Fletcher early life, career, relationship & net worth

Who is Jodie Fletcher?

Jodie Fletcher is the daughter of celebrity parents, Terrell Fletcher and Sheree Zampino. She has been the darling of the media because of celebrity parents.

Jodie is a Jewish female name that means “woman from Yehud” or “praised.

I am sure you want to learn more about her so let’s dive deep into her life.

Jodie Fletcher quick facts

Real nameJodie Fletcher
Age14 years old
Zodiac signUnknown
ParentsSheree Zampino and Terrell Fletcher
Net worth$6 million

Jodie Fletcher interesting facts

1. Jodie Fletcher is the only daughter of Sheree Zampino and Terrel Fletcher

Jodie was born in 2007 to former NFL player Terrel Fletcher and producer/actress/designer Sheree Zampino. However, they divorced after seven years of marriage due to irreconcilable differences.

2. Trey Smith is Jodie Fletcher’s step-brother

Jodie’s mother was previously married to actor Will Smith before she tied the knot with her father. She had a son named Trey with Will Smith in 1992. 

Trey and Jodie are close and love each other.

3. Jodie Fletcher stays away from the limelight

Jodie’s parents have decided to keep her away from the media’s eyes. She cannot be seen anywhere on her parent’s social media, either. 

The only time she came in front of the media was when she attended red-carpet events with her parents.

4. Jodie Fletcher lives a lavish life

Jodie is still a kid, yet she enjoys a luxurious life. Her parents are super-rich with a combined net worth of $12 million, and we’re sure that she has everything she wants right at her doorstep.

Jodie Fletcher age, early life and education

Jodie Fletcher was born in January of 2007. Her father is an ex-NFL player, and her mother is a renowned entrepreneur.

Jodie was born and raised in the United States. She spent her early life with her parents and her half-brother, Trey Smith. Jodie is currently 14 years old.

Her mother, Sheree married Will Smith before Terrell. Will is a renowned singer, rapper, comedian, and entrepreneur. Sheree has Trey from her first marriage.

Jodie and her elder brother, Trey, share a very close relationship as per Sheree.

Jodie Fletcher and Tery Smith

The Fletcher ended their marriage after seven years. As per the couple, irreconcilable differences were the reason for the divorce. As a part of the divorce terms, Terrell gave spousal help to look after their young daughter.

Jodie still shares a harmonious relationship with the Fletcher family.

Jodie Fletcher personality traits

Jodie holds American citizenship and belongs to African American ethnicity. She has black eyes and short black hair.

Assuming she was born in 2007, Jodie Fletcher is a teenager who has not made many public appearances yet. Many adore her for her sweet smile and cheerful personality.

Her date of birth is unknown and so we can’t tell her zodiac sign. The Zodiac sign helps to more or less predict human behavior.

She lives a comfortable life because of her parent’s financial status.

Jodie Fletcher parents and family

Sheree Zampino Jodie Fletcher (mother)

Sheree was born on November 16 of 1967 as Sheree Elizabeth Zampino. She was born in New York. Sheree is of African American and Italian descent. Her father was working with a theater company in New York at the time of her birth.

Sheree was with her dad after her parents’ divorce. She later went ahead to study fashion and industry.

The 54 year-old is also an actress and producer. She has made appearances in shows such as exes in Hollywood and Oh Drama!

While working on a television show “A Different World” in 1991, Sheree met her first husband, Will Smith. After almost a year, they tied the knot.

The pair called quits three years after their wedding. Will and Sheree often appear together along with their son. They have handled their relationship in a mature way.

Sheree married again in 2007, to Terrell Fletcher, a pastor, and an NFL player. Terrell is an ordained Bishop and Senior Pastor of the “International Church of the City of Hope,”. Sheree has served as First Lady and the founder of “Women on the Wall Ministries.”

Sheree and Terrell Fletcher Wedding Pic
Sheree and Terrell Fletcher Wedding Pic

In 2014, seven years after their marriage, the pair separated and filed for a divorce.

Sheree made money from her career as an actress, entrepreneur, producer, and designer. She is currently worth $6 million.

Terrell Fletcher Jodie Fletcher (father)

Terrell Fletcher was born on September 14, 1973. Fletcher, along with his two brothers, Anthony and Shaun Fletcher, was born and brought up in St. Louis.

Fletcher is a former professional NFL player who played as a running back for San Diego Chargers. He is also the founder of “Hope City International Church.”

Terrell went to Hazelwood East High, located in Missouri City. Later, he attended the University of Wisconsin with an athletic scholarship. He attended San Diego Bible College to earn a Master’s in Religious Studies.

Later, he received a Doctorate in Transformational Leadership from Bakke Graduate University.

Terrell Fletcher played from 1995 to 2002 for the San Diego Chargers. His career spanned eight seasons, all with the Chargers. After sustaining an injury that limited him to only ten games, he finally retired in 2002. That season, Chargers released Fletcher, along with a couple of other players.

Fletcher has more than a $6 million fortune from both the NFL seasons and his published book.

Jodie Fletcher and Trey Smith

Jodie’s half-brother, Trey Smith, was born to her mother and her stepfather Will Smith. Trey was born in 1992, six months after his parents tied the knot.

Trey is an actor who has appeared in various TV shows and short films. He is also a musician who has many bops like “Fired Up,” “Cocoa,” “Collection,” and more. He teams up with his step-siblings, Jaden and Willow, on many projects as well.

Trey Smith Jodie Fletcher age difference

Trey Smith and Jodie Fletcher have an age difference of 14 years.

Jodie Fletcher career

Jodie is currently focused on her education. She has yet to make an appearance as an artist.

Although she has made a few public appearances on the red carpet with her parents. She has yet to choose and start a career as a celebrity.

With time she will make her career choices indeed.

Jodie Fletcher net worth & income

It is uncertain whether the 14 years old would choose to pursue a career in the show biz. She has attended some red-carpet events along with her parents.

However, being the daughter of celebrities, she indeed lives a lavish life. Her parents have a combined net worth of $12 million.

Jodie Fletcher social media

Jodie is too young to have any social media account.

Jodie Fletcher Instagram

Jodie is not active on Instagram or any other social media platforms. However, her mother, Sheree Zampino, is highly active.

You can find Sheree on Instagram as @shereezampino 

You can also find her brother, Trey, on Instagram as @treysmith0011

Jodie Fletcher now

Jodie’s parents have kept her away from the spotlight, so it isn’t easy to know what she is up to now. Her parents don’t even post her pictures on their social media.

However, we can guess that Jodie is now a teenager who must be busy with school. 

Jodie Fletcher F.A.Qs

How old is Jodie Fletcher?

Born in 2007, Jodie Fletcher is currently 14 years old.

What happened to Jodie Fletcher?

Jodie’s parents separated when she was still a kid. Today, she lives with her mother and enjoys a luxurious life that her parents can give her. Her parents have decided to keep her away from the media’s eyes as she completes her schooling.

Trey Smith is Jodie Fletcher’s elder step-brother. Trey is fourteen years older than Jodie. He was born from Jodie’s mother’s previous marriage with Will Smith.

Who are Jodie Fletcher’s parents?

Jodie Fletcher’s parents are both celebrities. Her mother, Sheree Zampino, is an actress and producer, whereas her father, Terrel Fletcher, is a pastor and a former NFL player.