Joe Swash Scandal: Has He Been Involved In Any Controversy?

The Joe Swash scandal has been searched by many people on the internet. An American actor was famous for acting in various presenting roles with ITV2.

Joe Swash was about to abandon his dream of being an actor when he was cast in the BBC One soap drama EastEnders.

He was cast as Mickey Miller and made his first recurrent appearance in EastEnders in April 2003. His son, Harry Swash, played his niece Summer Swann in the soap for a brief time.

On February 26, 2008, Joe Swash and the actor who plays his stepfather, David Spinx, confirmed their engagement.

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Joe Swash Scandal: Has He Been Involved In Any Controversy?

Stacey Solomon and Joe Swash are reportedly in controversy about preparations for a second wedding. The BBC’s Sort Your Life Out star desires to marry again at Pickle Cottage.

But EastEnders’ Joe isn’t interested. Stacey from ITV’s Loose Women married her beau in the summer of last year at their house in Essex.

Joe wants them to do something special to commemorate their first anniversary together. However, he wants to wait to reaffirm their vows so soon.

Joe Swash Scandal
Swash and his wife, Stacey Solomon, talked about being foster parents. (Source- Yahoo news)

“Joe is all for them celebrating their first anniversary together and doing something special, but going through the rigmarole of repeating their vows feels like another wedding to him,” the source said.

Former EastEnders actor Joe Swash has said that he and his wife, Stacey Solomon, have discussed possibly fostering children.

On Tuesday, July 11, the 41-year-old actor and TV presenter will star in Joe Swash: Teens in Care, a new BBC documentary that explores the lives of teens over 16.

Joe Swash, a TV personality and former EastEnders actor, has said that he battled a ‘black melancholy’ and a mental health battle while fighting for custody of his eldest son Harry for three years.

One such instance was his three-year custody fight with ex-fiancée Emma following the birth of their son Harry in 2007. As a result, Joe began to withdraw, even avoiding phone calls from family.

He said that he feels “guilty” about how happy he is with his life today with Stacey because there were years when he had “a lot of grief and went through a long depressive period.”

Joe Swash’s Wife Sparks Controversy with a first family holiday destination

Stacey Solomon had her first vacation as a family of seven on Friday, but her destination split many of her admirers.

The actress and her husband, Joe Swash, have three children. Furthermore, Stacey has two children from prior relationships: Zach, 15, and Leighton, nine.

Stacey posted a photo of her family on Instagram when they landed at Heathrow Airport and said they were all flying to Abu Dhabi, which irritated some of her fans.

Joe Swash Scandal
Joe Swash’s wife sparked the controversy.  (Source- The Sun )

Stacey was beaming as she stood next to her 41-year-old husband, Joe Swash, their daughters Belle, Rose, and Rex, and her kids Leighton and Zachary from prior relationships.

Some fans, however, pointed out that Joe’s son Harry, 16, whom he shares with ex-Emma Sophocleous, was missing.

This prompted many other followers to defend her, claiming Stacey honored his mother’s wishes by keeping him off social media.

Joe just expressed their intention to become foster parents. The couple, who married in 2012, want to grow their large family.

Joe’s mother, Kiffy, has been a foster carer for the past 15 years, motivating him to follow in her footsteps.

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