John Buultjens – The Survivor

Who is John Buultjens?

John Buultjens is well known for having a life of survival. He is a part of multiple professions.

John Buultjens is a BMX figure and competitor, author, actor, and manager. After knowing about his life as a survivor, there seems to be nothing he cannot do.

John Buultjens Biography
John Buultjens Biography

Quick Facts

Full NameJohn Buultjens
Also Known AsJohn 
BirthdayMarch 16, 1971
Age52 years old
Sun SignPisces 
Traits:Positive: Creative, Free Spirited, and Inventive
Negative: Naive, Stubborn, and Insecure
BirthplaceGlasgow, Scotland
ParentsMargaret Craig (mother)
Marianna Buultjens (foster mother)
Eldridge Buultjens (foster father)
SiblingsRory McCord (brother)
Two sisters (Name unknown)
Marital StatusDivorced
ProfessionBMX Figure and Competitor, Actor, Author, CEO, and Global Manager.
Net WorthUSD 2 Million
Social MediaInstagram

Brief Synopsis

This article dives into John Buultjens’ life as a survivor. It further elaborates on his career paths, personal life, and current situations.

Scroll down to know more about the inspirational survivor.

Early Life 

John Buultjens was born in Glasgow, Scotland, on March 16, 1971. His mother is Margaret Craig, and his father’s name is unknown to the public.

As of 2022, John is 52 years old. As a child, John grew up alongside his elder brother, Rory McCord, and two sisters.

Young John Buultjens roller skating
Young John Buultjens roller skating

Growing up with his biological family, John experienced domestic violence and abuse. When he was just 3, he excitedly ran to see his father but was thrown into an electric fire instead.

He comments on how he still remembers the burning sensation he felt then. John had a life of survival as a child, which did not excuse him from abuse and traumas, even during the holidays.

When John was 7 years old, he saw his father abusing his mother, and then he brought a knife to defend her. He was ready even to kill his father but got knocked out.

After this incident, John’s mother took him to a Scottish foster care system, where he later on, was adopted into another family. And this is when his times started changing.


John Buultjens was born to Margaret Craig and his father, whose real name is unknown. His childhood was about survival, growing up with domestic violence in the family.

After taking him and his siblings to foster care, Margaret passed away, and his father soon passed away.

Marianna Buultjens and Eldrige Buultjens adopted John when he was ten years old. His foster mother, Marianna, is a Scottish native, and his foster father is an immigrant from Sri Lanka.

Marianna and Eldridge met at a party in Scotland, Glasgow. They got married on December 22, 1974.

Marianna and Eldrige
John Buultjens’ foster Parents, Marianna and Eldrige Buultjens

John had a hard time adapting to this family, especially with Eldridge. It was because of his skin color; he felt ashamed of Eldridge because of his appearance.

Nevertheless, he now shares that back then, he was uneducated and had white supremacy in his biological family. He also says that he is ashamed of how he felt back then.

But how he thinks differently and is educated well by his parents. John also shared that Eldridge showed him what love meant for the first time and did so much for him. 


After moving to Australia in his 20’s (Scroll down to Careers to know the whole story), John was in a relationship. He married the lady in 2005.

However, his wife’s name is not known to date. 

The couple also has a daughter together. But unfortunately, things didn’t go well, and in 2011, his wife filed for a divorce when their daughter was only four years old.

John’s ex-wife got custody of their daughter, which was the last time he saw his daughter. He worked hard all his life, pursuing success at the expense of his family.

Scanning his social media profiles and posts, John Buultjens seems to be in a relationship with a woman. He shares her photos frequently with a caption thanking her for being in his life. 

John Buultjens at Glassgow's Book Festival
John Buultjens at Glassgow’s Book Festival

John recently also shared that as a child, he was also abused along with other boys by a female night nurse. 

He said that he was also abused sexually by an older girl named ‘Evon’ (Yvonne) at the age of 12 and that he might be having another second child in this world about whom he knows nothing.

John Buultjens Kids

John Buultjens has a daughter from his marriage. His daughter’s name is Mackenzie Mae, and her nickname is Mack.

Mackenzie Mae was born on February 6, 2007, and is 16 years old. She lives In Ocean Grove, Australia, and is attending a high school in Melbourne, Australia.

John has a tattoo of his daughter’s face on his chest.

Health Issues

Over the years, John has had various injuries & health issues concerning his abusive childhood and BMX Career.

As a part of an abusive family, his father beat him and even threw him into an electric fire.

As a BMX Competitor, he was always under life-threatening risks, but that didn’t stop his passion for riding. He shared that he has had four fractures in his skull, twenty-four broken bones, hairline fractures, and five budding discs, to be precise.


John Buultjens attended Harris Academy, in Dundee, Scotland, from 1984 to 1988. He has worked as a Chef, BMX Figure and Competitor, Actor, Author, CEO, and Global Manager.

After being adopted by the Buultjens Family, John took almost six months to adapt. Then, when he was ten years old, his foster-father Eldridge took him out for a movie.

The movie was Steven Speilberg’s E.T; The Extraterrestrial. When he saw the bikes flying, it lighted up something inside him; watching, he could realized the freedom he was craving.

Eldridge gifted John with a BMX bike. John would create his stunts on it. He believed that riding allowed him to escape his violent past.

Slowly, he began striving locally on the BMX Circuit. Despite comprehending the threats of the field, he kept pushing himself further.

John Buultjens Haro Bikes
John Buultjens Haro Bikes

Later, in his 20s, John moved to Australia. There he concentrated more on competitions.

Furthermore, John also loved bike maintenance. He discovered that he loved pulling bikes apart and putting them back together.

So he opened his business and became a CEO on his own. His business boosted his stature as a Bike Rider and Designer, so he designs bikes.

Following his extraordinary progress, Haro Bikes reached out to him, proposing him the career of a global brand manager for the company. 

Maybe this was destiny?

Bob Haro, the founder of Haro Bikes, was the prominent stunt rider for the film which inspired John; The Extraterrestrial. John accepted the proposal and shifted to California. 

In California, John got contacted by the Hollywood producer Ali Afshar. Ali wanted to purchase one of his bikes. 

Next year was the same; Ali reached out to John to purchase one of his bikes. The two had lunch together one day, talking about their love for bikes.

And that is when Afshar heard about John’s past story. Afshar got impressed by his story, and with John’s agreement, he concluded it into a film.

After eighteen months, the film named The Ride got released.

The 3John's from movie, The Ride
The 3 John Buultjens from the movie, The Ride

John also wrote a book on his life wherein he publicized his partying, taking drugs, and the possibility of him having another daughter.

Net Worth

As of 2022, John Buultjens’ net worth is approximately over USD 2 Million, earning around USD 1.5 Million as an actor.

Hence, to sum up, his earnings as a BMX Competitor, CEO, and Brand Manager, John’s net worth surpasses USD 2 Million. On average, he earns USD 385K annually.

Social Media

John Buultjens is currently active on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.

He has 12K followers on Instagram, 713 followers on Twitter, and 621 followers on TikTok.


What happened to John Buultjens’ brother Rory McCord?

John Buultjens’ brother Rory McCord’s personal life is not yet known to the public. However, John’s social media posts show that Rory is living a good life and staying in contact with his little brother. 

Who is John Buultjens Wife?

John Buultjens was previously married and also had a daughter. However, his ex-wife’s name is not yet known to the public.

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