Jojo Starbuck- Olympics gold medalist and ex-wife of Terry Bradshaw

Who is JoJo Starbuck?

JoJo Starbuck is an American figure skater who has won the United States pair skating championship three times and the Olympics twice. She has produced shows, appeared in several U.S specials, and even done Broadways.

She lives happily with her family, including her husband and two sons. Jojo Starbucks was earlier married to Terry Bradshaw.

Well, let’s learn some interesting things about this successful lovely lady.

JoJo Starbuck Biography
JoJo Starbuck Biography

Quick facts

Full nameAlicia Jo Starbuck
BirthdateFebruary 14, 1951
Age72 years old
Sun signAquarius
TraitsPositive: smart, independent, and rational
Negative: pessimistic and unpredictable
BirthplaceDowney, California
Currently residing Madison, New Jersey
EducationDowney High School.
Long Beach State College
Cerritos College
ParentsHal Francis Starbuck Jr. (father)
Alice Josephine PlunkettStarbuck (mother)
GrandparentsNo information
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseTerry Bradshaw (ex-husband)
Jeff Gertler (current husband)
ChildrenAbraham Starbuck Gertler (son)
Noah Starbuck Gertler (Son)
ProfessionSkater, Actor, and Choreographer
Height1.75 m
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBlonde
Net WorthUSD 2 million
Social mediaInstagram

The early life of Jojo Starbuck

Jojo Starbuck
Jojo Starbuck

JoJo Starbuck was born in Birmingham, Alabama on February 14, 1951. She is the daughter of Hal Francis Starbuck Jr and Alice Josephine. She is72 years old.

Though born in Birmingham, Alabama, her family moved to Downey, California.

Her maiden name is Alicia Jo Starbuck. The name Alicia is a feminine version of Alice, which comes from the Germanic name Adalheidis (Adelaide), which means “noble of nature” (noble of character).

She is an Aquarius. Aquarius women are intelligent, independent, and rational. However, they tend to be pessimistic and unpredictable.

Hal, the father of Jojo, died of a heart attack when she was young. Her mother single-handedly raised Jojo. She was the guiding force in Jojo’s life.

Jojo Starbuck’s parents supported her career choice as an Olympic Figure Skater.

John Nicks, her coach at Arctic Blades FSC, taught her to skate at a very young age. She had already paired up once with Kenneth Shelley.


Kenneth Shelley (skating partner)

Jojo Starbuck and Ken skating photo as a young kid in The Downey School of Ice Skating (circa 1958)
Jojo and Ken skating photo as a young kid in The Downey School of Ice Skating (circa 1958)

Kenneth Shelley is a figure skating team member. As a pair, they both have won several competitions.

Kenneth and Jojo have been together ever since 1959 as a pair. Under the guidance of John Nicks, they both flourished. Both had attended Downey High School.

However, Ken and Jojo have also participated as solo skaters.

Terry Bradshaw (ex-husband)

Tommy Bradshaw with his second ex-wife
Jojo Starbuck with her ex-husband Terry Bradshaw

Jojo Starbuck was initially married to NFL player Terry Bradshaw.

Terry played quarterback for Pittsburgh Steelers and was a Pro Football Hall of Fame quarterback.

The media loved their love story. It was famously called ‘Super Bowl Romance.’ The media called Jojo and Terry, The Golden Couple since both had shining blonde hair.

She married Terry in 1976. However, the marriage didn’t last long. Their wedding was affected by the differences in opinions and the rising popularity of Terry, which kept him extremely busy.

They tried to save their marriage by visiting several experts. Jojo said in an interview that they consulted a Christian priest, too.

They divorced each other in 1983. After the divorce, Jojo moved out of their Pittsburgh penthouse.

Terry Bradshaw was at the top of his career when he divorced Jojo, while Jojo was a public figure endorsing several products.

Terry openly said in the media that she wasn’t around him enough. In his autobiography, he openly admitted that he is a male chauvinist and thinks women belong at home.

Jojo was Terry’s second wife. Terry Bradshaw married four times altogether in his lifetime.

Jeff Gertler (husband)

Jeff Gertler with his twin sons Noah and Abe and his wife
Jojo Starbuck with her husband and sons

After divorcing Terry Bradshaw, she married Jeff Gertler.

Jeff Gertler married Jojo in 1993 and has been going strong for more than 25 years.

He has a Bachelor of Science- Civil Engineering degree from Rutgers University-New Brunswick. After this, he obtained his Bachelor of Architecture from the City College of NY in 1978.

Jeff founded Gertler & Wente Architects in 1985 in New York. He has two children from his marriage with Jojo.


Jojo Starbuck has two sons from her marriage to Jeff.

She gave birth to twin sons, Noah and Abraham. Both her sons are intelligent.

Her son Abraham Starbuck Gertler goes by the name Abe and graduated from MIT. He stays in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Abraham is currently dating Liz Cox.

Noah studied Mechanical engineering at Vanderbilt University. He loves football and was part of the college football team. He is currently working as a treasurer at Engineers Without Borders.

Noah Gertler is currently in a relationship with Evie Elsbree.

The career of Jojo Starbuck

Jojo Starbucks won a bronze medal in Olympics with Kenneth Shelley in Lyons, France, at the 1971 World Championships.
Jojo Starbucks won the bronze medal in Olympics with Kenneth Shelley in Lyons, France, at the 1971 World Championships.

Jojo Starbuck paired with Kenneth Shelley for the first time in 1959 for a show. They both learned under the tutelage of coach John Nicks at Arctic Blade FSC in 1961.

They qualified for the Winter Olympics when they were 16 years of age. Their hard work paid off, and they became one of the most successful pairs in Figure Skating.
Jojo paired with Shelley, winning the United States Pair Figure Skating Championship thrice in 1970, 1971, and 1972.

She has also been to the Olympics. She won in the year 1968 and 1972.
Jojo has done figure skating in single as well as in pairs. She only retired from singles in 1968, whereas her partner continued.

The United States Figure Skating Hall of Fame inducted Jojo and Kenneth. The pair were the first Americans who broke Soviet domination in Pairs by winning a bronze medal in The World Championship.

Jojo Starbuck also partnered with John Curry in doing a Broadway show. She partnered with Curry in ‘Tango Tango.’ It is a number from his show called Ice Dancing.

John Curry is a famous name on Broadway. His show, Ice Dancing, was shown in New York’s Metropolitan Opera House.


Though short-lived, she has had an exciting career in movies as well. The eighties and the nineties saw quite a bit of Jojo Starbuck.

She acted in movies like New York Stories, The Cutting Edge, etc. Jojo also did TV movies called Beauty & the Beast: A concert on ice, The Fabolous Ice Age, Webster, The Girls in the Office, The Snow Queen: A Skating Ballet, and many more.

Skating has been the primary theme of her movies.


Jojo also works as a coach and choreographer.

Jojo teaches at Essex Skating Club, near her New Jersey house. She finds immeasurable joy and happiness in preparing the next generation of skaters.

She trained three-time Olympic Champion David Liu. You can credit David Liu’s style and win directly to Jojo.

Jojo often conducts workshops for young skaters. She is also a motivational speaker and speaks about her experiences in the Olympics.

Jojo also hosted and commented on several live skating events that happened all across the country.

Starbuck & company

Jojo founded ‘Starbuck & Company.’ This company stages and directs shows for networks and television. This company has also hosted private parties, corporate affairs, promotional and fundraising events, etc.

Jojo Starbuck also produced the celebrated annual opening of The Rink at Rockefeller Center. In addition, she is the spokesperson for the Rink.

Net worth

Jojo hasn’t declared her earnings; however, online sources estimate her net worth to be around USD 2 million.

Most of her income comes from her special event production group, ‘Starbuck & Company.”

She used to endorse products too.

Judging from her Instagram profile, we can say that she travels pretty frequently. She seems to be enjoying life.

Jojo Starbuck accumulated USD 200k yearly in remunerations.

Her husband, Jeff, earns a base salary of USD 108k and makes USD 1 million annually.

Thus, Jojo enjoys an exquisite life.

Jojo has donated quite a large sum of her money to various organizations. She aims to help people all over the world.

She has donated to The Waters Hoving Home for Girls for the past many years. Through this, she aims to help little girls in the country.

She has also been a part of and has helped the Degree of Success and Boy Scouts of America.

Social media

Jojo Starbuck is quite active on the social media platform. She promotes her skating coaching classes and encourages other figure skaters.

Jojo is active on Instagram as @jojostarbuck777. 

She shares pictures of her classes and events with over 1,250 followers.

Jojo is also active on Twitter.

However, she has less than 500 followers. She retweets ice skating tweets and promotes all things related to ice skating.

Jojo Starbuck also has a Facebook page under her name. She posts about her skating camp details and promotes her interviews.

years old Jojo Starbuck, despite her age, is still going strong and is coaching virtual adult skating Bootcamp amidst the pandemic.

Jeff Gertler and kids love Jojo.


How Old Is Jojo Starbuck?

Born on February 14, 1951, Jojo Starbuck is 72 years old.

Is Jojo Starbucks Related To Starbucks Coffee?

No, Jojo Starbucks is not related to Starbucks coffee. Zev Siegel, Jerry Baldwin, and Gordon Bowker founded the company.
Instead, Jojo is the founder of Starbuck & Company, a special events production group.

Was Terry Bradshaw Married To Jojo Starbuck?

Yes, Terry Bradshaw was married to Jojo Starbuck from 1976 to 1983. She was the second wife of Terry Bradshaw. They divorced due to Terry’s busy schedule.

So What Happened To Jojo Starbuck?

Besides being a professional ice skater, Jojo Starbuck also pursued a career in acting. She continues to coach and choreograph skating today.

Who Was JoJo Married Too?

Before marrying an architect named Jeff Gertler, Jojo Starbuck was married to the NFL player Terry Bradshaw.

Does Jojo have kids?

Yes, Jojo Starbucks has two sons, Noah and Abraham, that she shares with her husband, Jeff Gertler.

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