Lena Dunham extols Jon Bernthal for his on-set professionalism in Sharp Stick. Dunham wrote and directed the film, which is set to open in theaters on Friday. In the movie, she costars with Bernthal as a husband of a pregnant wife(Dunham). Yet the husband has an affair with a younger woman (Kristine Froseth).

According to Dunham’s interview on Tuesday, “I have to give credit to Jon Bernthal. I always joke that he should give a class on how to be a man in a sex scene.”

“He is so gentle and so thoughtful, he could literally have a side hustle as an intimacy coordinator,” the 36-years-old actor added.

Dunham continued, “I feel like there has always been this anxiety I have had with directing men, this fear that I would not be strong enough or tough enough or show them what a boss I was.”

The actress further mentioned, “I feel a lot of female directors have this self-consciousness about being able to match or show up to the way the guys do it. Jon let me be exactly the director that I am— he heard me, and I did not have to be loud, scary, or dominate.”

The filmmaker also expressed how she loves to work with Bernthal, “He was coming right off the set of King Richard, and he could have been so tired. (But) Instead, he just held us all up. I used to joke that if I could direct shows with only women in them, I would. And now, I love directing men because Jon, I did not have to yell through a megaphone.”

Film screenings will take place on Friday, and the film will be available for streaming on Aug. 16.