Jonny Hawkins Girlfriend Kristin Gordon: Did He Abuse Her? Domestic Violence Reddit Update

Discover the latest updates on Jonny Hawkins girlfriend and the ongoing discussions surrounding their relationship.

Jonny Hawkins, born on October 28, 1986, in Texas, USA, gained fame as the esteemed drummer for the rock band Nothing More.

Over time, he transitioned into a lead vocalist and frontman, guiding the band to great success with their numerous singles and albums.

Jonny’s undeniable talent and charismatic presence have made him a prominent figure in the rock music scene.

His powerful vocals and dynamic stage presence have captivated audiences worldwide.

Jonny Hawkins continues to leave a lasting impact on fans, leaving them eagerly anticipating the band’s future endeavours.

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Jonny Hawkins Girlfriend Kristin Gordon: Did He Abuse Her?

Allegations have surfaced on Reddit regarding Jonny Hawkins, suggesting that he abused his ex-girlfriend, Kristin Gordon.

According to a post on Kristin’s Instagram account (@kristinkatrina13), she shared distressing photos and detailed her account of the incident.

She claimed that Jonny pushed her out of a truck, resulting in him running her over, which caused severe injuries, including a broken back.

Kristin mentioned that alcohol was involved, and she spent weeks in the hospital, missing Christmas with her daughter.

Jonny Hawkins Girlfriend Kristin Gordon
Allegations have surfaced on Reddit regarding Jonny Hawkins abusing Kristin Gordon. (Image Source: Facebook)

Due to COVID restrictions, her daughter could not visit her during her hospitalization.

The incident is believed to have occurred in late 2021 or early 2022, as evidenced by various photos on social media.

While there are inconsistencies in Kristin’s story, such as the absence of visible scars, her allegations remain posted on her Instagram.

These disturbing allegations raise questions about Jonny Hawkins’ behaviour, but it is essential to allow a thorough investigation to determine the truth behind these claims.

Jonny Hawkins and Kristin Gordon Domestic Violence Reddit Update

A Reddit thread continues to discuss the domestic violence allegations involving Jonny Hawkins and Kristin Gordon, with additional users providing their accounts.

One user, u/DecentDudeDustin, claims to have seen a court document where Kristin testified that the incident was an accident and expressed a desire to protect Jonny due to his support for her and her daughter.

Another user, u/blake_elliot, asserts personal knowledge of the couple, stating that Kristin often provoked Jonny and had a history of manipulating and blackmailing him.

Jonny Hawkins girlfriend abuse
Jonny Hawkins with Kristin Gordon was having a fun time together. (Image Source: Instagram)

They suggest that the timeline discrepancies and social media posts result from Kristin’s attempts to keep Jonny entangled in their relationship.

While these accounts shed light on a complex dynamic, it is essential to recognize that the truth in this situation is still unclear.

Hopefully, Jonny and Kristin can find healing and move forward, learning from this experience without harming each other’s lives.

Who Is Kristin Gordon?

Kristin Gordon, known as kristinkatrina13 on Instagram, is an individual who has captivated a following of 8,320 fans with her unique online presence.

With 164 posts to her name, Kristin showcases her personality and interests through her account.

In her bio, she proudly identifies herself as a metalhead, embracing the rock music culture with a rebellious spirit.

Kristin Gordon
Kristin Gordon has a significant online presence with over eight thousand followers on Instagram. (Image Source: Facebook)

As an Aquarius, she embodies the traits associated with this zodiac sign, such as independence and creativity.

Most notably, Kristin cherishes her role as a mom, expressing her love and dedication to her child.

Kristin Gordon provides a glimpse into her world through her Instagram presence, allowing her followers to connect with her as she shares her experiences and passions.

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