Who And Where Are Jordan Belfort’s Kids?

Jordan Belfort is a sales coach, author, and businessman who has been married thrice. However, there are only two Jordan Belfort kids from all the marriages- Chandler Belfort and Carter Belfort. 

Both of Jordan Belfort’s children are from his second ex-wife Nadine Caridi. He doesn’t have any kids from his first wife, Denise Lombardo, or his present wife, Cristina Invernizzi.

Jordan Belfort kids

When Jordan was jailed for his financial scam, the kids were small. Although he is out of jail, I’m curious whether they have a good relationship with him. If so, continue reading. 

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Chandler Belfort is the daughter of Jordan Belfort

Jordan Belfort kids chandler belfort and carter belfort

Chandler is the eldest child of Jordan. She was born on July 29, 1994, in New York, NY, USA. If you have watched the movie Wolf of Wall Street, you can see that she has gone through trauma as a kid because of Jordan Belfort’s reckless lifestyle.

Jordan Belfort’s daughter, Chandler Belfort, found the love of her life in Connor Winter. They got engaged in December 2019. He officially became the son-in-law of Jordan in September 2021.

Chandler completed a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Spanish Language Literature and Culture. She is currently a Mental Health Counseling Intern at Berkeley College, specializing in anxiety, depression, and relationship issues.

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Carter Belfort is the second kid of Jordan Belfort

Carter Belfort is the youngest of Jordan’s children. His son was born on August 15, 1995, in New York, NY, USA.

Jordan’s son was interested in music. He has a few YT videos where he is rapping. He goes by the name “The Drunken Poet.”

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Additionally, Carter Belfort has earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts, Entertainment, and Media Management from LA Film School. He has been inspired by his father and is clearly interested in pursuing a path in sales and marketing. 

He is working as a Vice President of Brand Development at JB Online. 

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Irrespective of Jordan’s past, it is happy to see that both Jordan Belfort kids have stayed away from his past of his and are honest and modest people.

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