Jordan Belfort: Controversial Penny Stock Career, ‘The Wolf of Wall Street,’ Bio, Relationships, and Net Worth

Who is Jordan Belfort?

Jordan Belfort the original ‘Wolf of Wall Street was once a man who had everything. But, some instances turned his life upside down.

From a prime career to a brief time in prison, Jordan Belfort had to face it all.

Despite the unlikable series of events in his life, Jordan is one of the most influential people. The depiction of his life story in the 2013 hit, ‘The Wolf of Wall Street,’ was a factor to trigger his fame.

Let me remove the curtain if you still don’t know who Jordan Belfort is.

Jordan Belfort is an American author, motivational speaker, and former stockbroker. He has a history of fraud and related crimes in the stock market.

Recently, people have recognized Jordan Belfort for his notable appearances in podcast shows. He has surprisingly inspired countless lives.

After all, his experience was one of a kind. And those experiences have helped him shape into a beautiful motivational speaker.

Jordan is a celebrated author. He wrote two memoirs, ‘The Wolf of Wall Street and ‘Catching the Wolf of Wall Street.’ Approximately forty countries published these two memoirs in 18 languages.

People showed considerable interest in knowing about Jordan Belfort from the initial days. As a result, they made his books as hit as his real life was.

Jordan Belfort Biography

With us, you will learn about the eventful life of ‘The Wolf of Wall Street,’ Jordan Belfort.

Quick facts

Full Name Jordan Ross Belfort
BirthdayJuly 9, 1962
Age60 years old
BirthplaceNew York, USA
Currently residingCalifornia, USA
ParentsMax Belfort,
Leah Belfort
SiblingsRobert Belfort
SpouseDenise Lombardo (1985-1991),
Nadine Caridi (1991-2005),
Anne Koppe (2007-2020),
Cristina Invernizzi (2020-present)
ChildrenCarter Belfort,
Chandler Belfort
EducationDegree in Biology
ProfessionAuthor, sales coach, and motivational speaker
Net Worth-USD 100 Million
Social MediaInstagram,
Height1.70 m

Jordan Belfort childhood

On July 9th, 1962, Jordan was born in The Bronx, New York City, New York.

Jordan Belfort relationships

The ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ had a few women in his life. From his first wife to his current girlfriend, Belfort is popular among ladies.

Jordan Belfort wives

Denise Lombardo

He married his first wife, Denise Lombardo when he was nothing. They met while Jordan used to work as a door-to-door meat salesman.

Read about his first wife, Denise Lombardo.

The high-school sweethearts tied the knot in 1985. After sharing a life full of ups and downs for over five years, they parted ways on infidelity grounds.

Nadine Caridi

Jordan was enjoying the success of his business at Stratton Oakmont. Then he started having an affair with the then-model, Nadine Caridi.

Jordan was so much in love with her that he married Nadine immediately after his divorce from Denise.

Jordan Belfort with his ex-wife Nadine Caridi
Jordan Belfort with his ex-wife Nadine Caridi

The most-talked-about ‘Nadine’ yacht

Before revealing whether Jordan sank the yacht, let’s know about the famous ‘Nadine’ Yacht.

Read about: his second wife Nadine Caridi and her new life partner

As a token of love for his then-wife, Jordan Belfort had bought the yacht made initially for Coco Chanel. Jordan named the ship after his ex-wife, Nadine Caridi.

Remember again that Jordan was at the ultimate height of his fortune. Extravagant parties were always on the cards.

A colossal incident occurred when Jordan, Nadine, and their friends were on board. As per Wikipedia, despite unfavorable weather, they went on the vessel for the party. Even though the ship captain had warned Jordan about the weather, he insisted on going forward.

Resulting in that, the ship sank near the east coast of Sardinia. Strong winds and massive waves at midnight were the reason for the accident. By god’s grace, no one died, and nothing significant happened to any of the people on board.

The unfortunate incident had people blame Jordan. Jordan’s judgment and careless attitude might be the reason for the accident in June 1996. There is a brief description of the incident in the film ‘The Wolf of Wall Street.’

Parties, travel, alcohol, etc., were abundant at those times. But, their relationship could not live long. After having two children, Carter and Chandler Belfort, the couple divorced in 2005.

The later years of Jordan’s marriage with Nadine were full of problems. There was no good in his life back then, from downs in the household to the arrest for fraud-related crimes. After coming out of prison, Jordan and Nadine officially ended their relationship.

Read about Jordan Belfort’s daughter Chandler Belfort here.

You can learn about his son Carter Belfort over here.

Anne Koppe

Then came the woman named Anne Koppe into his life. The two dated for around seven years and got engaged in 2015.

Anne had to deal with continuous hate and backlash. But with grace, she accepted everything and supported her fiancé. The couple stayed together for over ten years.

Check our story on Anne Koppe.

Although they have kept it low-key, it seems as if they have finally broken up. Jordan also shared a photo with a new woman on Instagram. According to her Instagram handle, Jordan’s new girlfriend, Cristina Invernizzi, is an actress.

Other details about the new relationship are yet to be public. But, let’s hope this relationship lasts long for the ‘Wolf of Wall Street.’

Is the ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ a true story?

‘The Wolf of Wall Street,’ a super-hit film of 2013, is an American biographical crime black comedy. The film takes its story from a memoir written by Jordan Belfort. The director, Martin Scorsese, and writer Terence Winter revised some of the scenes.

The film presents the life story of the former stockbroker. Leonardo Di Caprio has beautifully played the character of Jordan Belfort. The actor also produced the film.

Most things shown in the movie are correct, and some are only for entertainment. As projected in the film, Jordan Belfort went from having everything to nothing.

His courage and greed led him to fraud many people. And, finally, he paid the price for it.

Another strong character in the film is Donnie Azoff (Danny Porush in real life), played by Jonah Hill. Donnie is Jordan’s friend and a partner in Statton Oakmont.

Donnie is also a culprit, as is Jordan Belfort. So, he also faced similar kinds of consequences, as did Jordan.

Jordan Belfort wife Naomi in ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’

Actress Margot Robbie played Jordan’s wife, Naomi Lapaglia (Nadine Caridi, in real life). Another crucial character was FBI agent Patrick Denham played by Kyle Chandler. Denham was the character that tried to bring down Jordan in every possible way.

Leonardo Di Caprio’s payment for ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’

Leonardo Di Caprio is an Academy Awards recipient. He charged $25 million for his lead role in ‘The Wolf of Wall Street.’

Another movie based on Jordan’s life story – ‘Boiler Room.’

Besides ‘The Wolf of Wall Street, another film also took inspiration from Jordan’s life.

‘Boiler Room,’ released in 2000, was similar to Jordan’s life story. Though, the movie was not the real depiction of Jordan’s memoir.

The film starred Giovanni Ribisi, Vin Diesel, Nia Long, Ben Affleck, and Jamie Kennedy.

Jordan Belfort’s arrest of ‘The Wolf of Wall Street

Do fraud and illegal works last forever?

Certainly not. After a few years of being on top, Jordan Belfort went low. It all happened when his illegal business came under scrutiny from the NASD.

The investors that he had defrauded might have had enough. Jordan could no longer get money with the penny stock business. After a few years of constant rising, U.S. law put Jordan’s company at Stratton Oakmont out of the business list.

His securities fraud and money laundering ended after his scams were punishable in 1999. The punishment for his act of forgery was four years sentence.

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But Jordan only served 22 months in jail. He spent 22 months at the Taft Correctional Institution in Taft, California. He also received an order to return $110.4 million to his investors. All these occurred when investors lost approximately $200 million due to his fraud.

In 1993, Jordan had made approximately $22 million at his firm. It attracted the FBI’s attention even more.

How did the FBI Get Jordan’s Note?

According to the film’s final scene, Donnie Azzof betrays Jordan Belfort. The real-life Donnie Azzof is Danny Porush, Jordan’s neighbor and friend.

According to the film, Jordan had written a note saying,

“I’m wearing a wire. Don’t say anything, incriminating.”

He gave this note to his friend/partner, Donnie Azzoff. As per the film, the FBI received the letter and arrested Donnie on this account.

In the film, the FBI arrived to gather evidence from Jordan’s computer. But, by then, Donnie had already erased all the data. So, the FBI did not have enough evidence to prove Jordan’s crime.

Despite the destruction of valuable information, the FBI arrested Jordan. He paid for his crime.

Only an unclear note could not be the sole reason for Jordan’s successful arrest. So, those who have read Jordan’s memoir and watched the film think Donnie helped the FBI.

Who is Danny Porush, real-life Donnie Azoff? What happened to him?

Like Jordan Belfort, Danny Porush was a stockbroker who conducted a pump-and-dump stock fraud in the 90s. Like Jordan, he also had to serve in jail for some period. Even though the crime convicted by Jordan and Danny were similar, Danny had to spend 39 months in prison.

Danny Porush was born in Lawrence, Nassau County, New York. He was the son of a doctor. His association with Jordan helped them establish a wonderful life for themselves. Their path was such that they could not sustain the uphill they gained quickly.

Danny was equally responsible for the trouble Stratton Oakmont caused to its investors. Hence, he also paid the price for fraud and money laundering.

Danny spent 39 months in prison for his 4-year sentence. He also had to pay $200 million in restitution.

Danny showed involvement with a medical supply company after getting released in 2004. According to Forbes magazine, the company is ‘Med-Care Diabetic & Medical Supplies.’

Danny Porush’s name is Donnie Azoff in the film ‘The Wolf of Wall Street.’ The real partner and friend of Jordan, Danny, has claimed that most of his depictions in the movie are not real.

One thing about him is fascinating. As per the internet, he still has not paid all amounts to his former clients.

Yet, he is living a lavish life in a $4-million mansion. He drives matching Rolls-Royce Corniche convertibles.

Why did Donnie Azoff/Danny Porush rat out Jordan Belfort?

No evidence to prove that Danny Porush ratted out Jordan Belfort is available. But, many things in the film pointed toward it.

Donnie erasing the data from Jordan’s computer right before the FBI came is a piece of evidence. Various fan theories have made him guilty of betrayal.

Also, the note that Jordan gave to Donnie was with the FBI. It was again ample proof against Jordan. But, real-life Donnie Azoff has denied a lot of allegations.

Also, Danny Porush (real-life Donnie Azoff) spent 39 months in jail. So, this could mean he had no collaboration with the FBI.

Anyway, the truth is with them. So, we can only assume what happened and why it happened.

To be honest, we have no idea why Donnie Azoff ratted out Jordan Belfort. We don’t even know if he did.

Are Danny Porush and Jordan Belfort Still Friends?

Well, Danny Porush and Jordan Belfort were friends before things got ruined. But are they still as close?

This question has no exact answers yet. But it was huge if we talk about the duo’s friendship in the 90s. Not every day, two people trust each other to participate in such a tremendous partnership.

Whether Danny and Jordan are friends or not, they live great lives. While one is a businessman, the other makes money as a motivational speaker.

Jordan Belfort illegal stock market business of penny stock at Stratton Oakmont

It was not that Jordan Belfort was born with a silver spoon. Jordan had to work hard to reach the point he was at today.

It all started when he married his teenage love, Denise Lombardo. Jordan used to work as a door-to-door salesman when he met Denise. His business of selling meat and seafood was initially successful.

But, there was a time when he went bankrupt at the age of 25. As per his memoir, his family friend was the one who helped him get a stockbroker trainee job at L.F. Rothschild. Things started progressing for him though he had to find another job when the firm had difficulties in 1987.

The actual business of Jordan Belfort started from Stratton Oakmont. He first founded the institution as a franchise of Stratton Securities.

Later he bought out the founder for $250,000 and set up the business as a boiler room that marketed penny stocks. Stratton defrauded investors with the pump-and-dump type of stock sales.

His illegal brokerage business involved penny stock selling. Each share costs less than 5 dollars. But with Jordan’s stock selling ability rose, the company in no time.

He claimed about non-existing companies and lured investors to increase their investments. In short, everything he did in Stratton Oakmont was illegal.

Not to mention, Jordan Belfort’s peak days involved sexual activities with different women. It was a reason for his failed marriage.

Stratton gave him enough financial success to attend high-profile parties. In a year, he earned around $3 million.

Stratton Oakmont was under the surveillance of the National Association of Securities Dealers from 1989. In 1996, NASD expelled Belfort’s business.

Jordan Belfort faced charges of securities fraud and money laundering. He served a four-year jail sentence.

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How did Jordan Belfort make money? His net worth at his prime?

Making money seemed easy for the real ‘Wolf of Wall Street,’ Jordan Belfort. If there were anything that he achieved the most success in, that would be making money. Even though the track was unusual and a fraud, he made quite good money quickly.

Jordan’s stockbroker business through Stratton Oakmont made a million in only a year. At the firm’s top stage, Stratton Oakmont employed 1000 stockbrokers. The firm also dealt with stock issues totaling $1 billion.

Jordan’s firm marketed penny stocks and preyed on the investors with the “pump and dump” rule. This scheme brings money for the broker, while the investors face false statements. This rule involves artificially inflating the price of an owned stock.

Jordan sold penny stocks that were worth less than 5 dollars per share. He used his wall street-selling skills to people who could not figure out his misleading ways.

He made a massive profit by exaggerating claims about companies that did not exist. An example from the film is when Jordan calls an investor to put money into Aerotyne International. He claims Aerotyne International is a cutting-edge tech firm out of the Midwest.

He lures the investor with his capacity and makes him/her invest in a firm that does not exist. During his heyday, Jordan Belfort earned about a quarter-million U.S. dollars daily, $30,000 an hour, and $5000 a minute. His net worth in his prime was around $93 million.

But his greed couldn’t save him from the situation he later faced. FBI soon gathered enough clues to arrest him. The 2013 film, ‘The Wolf of Wall Street,’ depicts all these events.

Is Aerotyne a real company?

We feel for the investor who fell into Jordan Belfort’s scam. Aerotyne, as mentioned in the film, is not a real company. It is a rundown garage in Dubuque, Iowa, with no worth.

But, if the film’s dialogues were real, Belfort hooked the investor with some made-up false facts. Aerotyne is only a name. Belfort might have scammed so many others with so many other fake companies.

Is Stratton Oakmont still in business?

No, Stratton Oakmont is not in business since December 1996. Jordan Belfort and his friend, Danny Porush, aka Donnie Azoff, founded the firm in 1989. The firm is still famous for the fraud it committed.

The firm was top-rated in the United States during the late 1980s and early 1990s. Its involvement in pump-and-dump schemes for stock fraud snatched a lot of money from investors.

After over five years of success, the NASD expelled the company ending all the firm’s work.

How much did Jordan Belfort lose?

Jordan’s company at the time earned $1 billion and employed over 1000 stock brokers. His life in the 90s saw a lot of lavished materials. From high-profile parties to ships to exotic holidays, Jordan had them all.

But, after the FBI proved his fraud, Jordan lost almost everything. His company could no more carry on with the business. By the court’s order, Belfort had to pay back $110.4 million that he laundered from the investors.

Per the reports, he had to pay 50% of his income to 1,513 clients he had defrauded. He gave the price until 2009. Later, the client again went to court against him as he was unable to fulfill the restitution.

After Belfort got released, he faced issues with his indecency towards the restitution. He lost millions of dollars, a company, and a beautiful family.

Jordan Belfort books and endeavors as a motivational speaker

Before motivational speaking, Jordan wrote two memoirs. They were The Wolf of Wall Street – 2007 and Catching the Wolf of Wall Street – 2009. Both these memoirs did great in the market.

The first made itself quite a story to become a 2013 superhit film. Jordan even agreed to pay the rest of his debt to his clients from Stratton Days. He decided to use the film’s profit, as per the internet.

Nadine Caridi Jordan Belfort son carter belfort and daughter chandler belfort

Jordan got the inspiration to write the memoirs from his friend in prison. Tommy Chong, who shared the cell with him, convinced him to write about his stockbroker experience.

Jordan considered that a great idea and the rest is history. The books and the film somehow polished his rather lousy image.

People now recognize Jordan as a motivational speaker. He appears on several podcasts and inspires a lot of people.

Controversies After Prison

The prison sentence and the payback of the laundered money were not all that Jordan went through.

After the jail period, he paid half of his income to the victims until 2009. But, after 2009, he stopped doing so. The federal prosecutors again complained against him in October 2013.

Jordan then negotiated with the U.S. government and agreed to pay $10,000 for life in compensation.

However, prosecutors again claimed that Jordan flew to Australia to escape the restitution.

Some still claim that Jordan has not yet stopped defrauding people. But his business operates from Australia. The U.S. government can’t find any proof.

Jordan Belfort’s social media

Jordan’s journey as a motivational speaker is available on his social media handle.


He is on Instagram as @wolfofwallst

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He has over one million followers.


You can follow him on Twitter as @wolfofwallst


He is also on Facebook as @jordanbelfort

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