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Who is Jordy Burrows?

Jordy Burrows is from Sydney, Australia. He is the ex-husband of actress Nathalie Kelley. Furthermore, Nathalie is known for her role in Dynasty, The Vampire Diaries, The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, Take Me Home Tonight, etc.

Jordy Burrows is a tall, handsome man with dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. He has 13k followers on his private Instagram account.

Jordy Burrows Biography
Jordy Burrows Biography

Jordy Burrows Quick Facts

Full NameJordan Burrows
Also Known AsJordy Burrows
BirthplaceSydney, Australia
Currently residingSydney, Australia
Eye ColorBlue
Marital StatusDivorced 
Spouse Name Nathalie Kelley (Ex-Wife)

Interesting Facts

  • He has blue eyes and dirty blonde hair.
  • His marriage only lasted about two years.
  • Jordy wasn’t the one who proposed to his then-wife Nathalie. Moreover, it was the other way around.
  • He is Australian.
  • He has 13k followers on Instagram.
  • Moreover, Jordy and ex-wife Nathalie are still there on her Instagram account.

Early life and Childhood

Any information related to Jordy’s birthdate, birthplace, childhood is not known. Moreover, there is no information about his parents and siblings.

Jordy Burrows Romantic Affairs and Relationship

Nathalie Kelley (Ex-Wife)

On October 5, 1984, Nathalie Kelley was born in Lima, Peru. She is an Australian actress and a descendent of Peruvian.

Nathalie Kelley
Nathalie Kelley

Furthermore, she did the role of Neema in The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, the role of Sybil in The Vampire Diaries, the part of Cristal Carrington in Dynasty, etc.

Nathalie dated her co-star Zach Roerig from The Vampire Diaries and ended it in 2017. Furthermore, in 2018, she began dating Jordy Burrows. 

The actress revealed that she proposed to Jordy and married him in April 2018. However, in 2019 there was a rumor that things were not right between them.

But Nathalie confirmed that the pair were still together via an Instagram post. First, however, she posted a picture of her new boyfriend, Andres Alonso.

This only confirmed that Jordy and Nathalie did, in fact, have gotten a divorce. In addition, it was revealed that the divorce happened in 2020.

Jordy Burrows Health Issues

Not much is known about Jordy’s health. However, his ex-wife Nathalie Kelley has something. According to the actress, she has an autoimmune disease.

Furthermore, Nathalie revealed that she had psoriasis. Psoriasis is a long-term skin disease that causes itchy and red scaly patches in elbows, scalps, knees, trunk. Unfortunately, it has no cure.

However, the actress has kept an open mind about it and has done her best to be healthy. Moreover, she eats a healthy, balanced diet and recently added insects to her diet to increase protein.

Jordy Burrows Career

There have been many assumptions regarding Jordy’s occupation. For example, some think he is a DJ, hospital consultant, or businessman. However, there has not been any information to support these claims.

Jordy Burrows and Nathalie Kelley
Jordy Burrows and Nathalie Kelley

His ex-wife, Nathalie Kelley, is an Australian actress. In 2005, Nathalie was cast in a series called Mermaid. However, the pilot did not do well, resulting in the show’s cancellation.

A year later, the actress played a memorable role of Neela in The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift. Then, in 2008, she appeared in a movie called Loaded.

Furthermore, in 2010, she appeared in a music video of famous singer Bruno Mars called Just The Way You Are. Moreover, in 2011, she appeared in a comedy movie called Take Me Home Tonight alongside American actress Anna Faris.

Throughout her career, Nathalie has done many film/TV series. Some of them are CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Cruel Intentions, The Vampire Diaries, The Baker and the Beauty, The Man Who Shook the Hand of Vicente Fernandez, In Like Flynn, etc.

Controversies involving Jordy Burrows

Even though Jordy Burrows hasn’t mixed up in any scandal or controversy, the same cannot be said about his ex-wife.

In the Netflix series, Dynasty, actress Nathalie Kelley played Cristal Carrington’s character. However, her character is killed off in the last few episodes of the first season.

This incident led many people to speculate several things. First, they began to think some fight or misunderstanding may have taken place between the director and the actress. 

However, Nathalie revealed that she could not play the character very well. The actress felt that she could not overcome the challenges of playing that part.

Jordy Burrows Net Worth

Jordy’s net worth is unknown, while his ex-wife, Nathalie, is $500,000.

Jordy Burrows Social Media

Jordy Burrows has an Instagram account with 13k followers. However, it is a private account.


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