Jorge Liotti Wikipedia And Edad: How Old Is The Author And Chief Editor?

Discover Jorge Liotti Wikipedia page, exploring his journalism career and perspectives on Argentina’s social, economic, and political challenges.

Jorge Liotti, an accomplished journalist, is currently the Chief Editor of the Political Section at La Nación.

With a wealth of experience in the field, he previously held the same prestigious position at the renowned newspaper Perfil.

Jorge’s journalistic journey has taken him across borders, as he has contributed his expertise to the DyN agency and written for esteemed publications such as La Repubblica in Italy and El País in Colombia.

His dedication to political reporting and editorial leadership has made him a prominent figure in journalism, shaping the discourse on important political matters.

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Jorge Liotti Wikipedia and Biography

Jorge Liotti is a distinguished journalist known for his role as the Chief Editor of the Political Section at La Nación, a prominent newspaper in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Before his tenure at La Nación, he held the same esteemed position at the newspaper Perfil.

His journalistic journey has also taken him around the world, where he worked for the DyN agency and contributed to renowned publications such as La Repubblica in Italy and El País in Colombia.

Additionally, he lent his voice to the airwaves as a reporter for SBS radio in Australia.

Jorge’s academic qualifications include a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism from USAL (Universidad del Salvador) and a Master’s degree in International Studies from the University of Birmingham, Great Britain.

Beyond his editorial roles, Jorge Liotti is deeply involved in education and research.

Jorge Liotti Wikipedia and biography
Jorge Liotti holds the position of Chief Editor in the Political Section at La Nación. (Image Source: PlanetadeLibros)

He serves as a professor and researcher at UCA (Pontifical Catholic University of Argentina), where he also held the position of director of the Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism for an impressive eight years.

Furthermore, his commitment to the field has been recognized through prestigious awards and scholarships.

Jorge is a recipient of the Chevening Scholarship, the AVINA Prize for Journalistic Investigation, and the Journalism Award from the Italian Embassy, among others.

His extensive involvement in journalism education is evident through his receipt of the UNESCO Scholarship for developing the Model Curricula for Journalism Education.

Jorge Liotti’s multilingual abilities in English and Italian have contributed to his success on the international stage.

He is an active member of professional organizations such as the Latin American Council for Accreditation of Education in Journalism (Claep) and the Salzburg Academy on Media and Global Change, further solidifying his position as a respected figure in journalism.

Jorge Liotti Edad 2023: How Old Is The Author And Chief Editor?

Jorge Liotti, the accomplished journalist and author, was born in Corrientes, Argentina 1969.

As of 2023, he is 54 years old, bringing a wealth of life experience and expertise to his work.

Liotti’s impressive career includes his role as a journalist for the prestigious newspaper La Nación and his authorship of ‘The Last Crossroads,’ a book that delves into critical issues affecting Argentina.

In a recent interview with CNN Radio, Jorge Liotti discussed the significance of his book, emphasizing that it provides a diagnosis rooted in Argentina.

Jorge Liotti edad- how old is he
At age 54, Jorge Liotti has established himself as a prominent Journalist and author. (Image Source: CNN)

It maintains strong connections to global phenomena and the broader Latin American context.

He underscored how Argentina has faced economic challenges, marked social transformations since the 2001 crisis, and political gridlock that hampers the country’s ability to address pressing issues.

Regarding the rise of figures like Javier Milei, Liotti contextualized it within Argentina’s more significant dynamics, suggesting that the country’s challenges with economic performance, social shifts, and political divisions have created fertile ground for such figures to emerge.

Jorge Liotti’s contributions to journalism and insightful analysis of Argentina’s multifaceted issues continue to be valuable in understanding the nation’s complex landscape.

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