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Jose Trinidad Marin bio, career, controversies, and more

Who is Jose Trinidad Marin?

Jose Trinidad Marin, aka Trino Marin, is into fame as the spouse of late vocalist and entertainer Jenni Rivera. However, it is wrong to join its name with his talented ex-wife because this person cannot be that.

Jose Trinidad Marin
Jose Trinidad Marin Biography

 Jose Trinidad, An Mexican- American café administrator, was a normal person and the reason for his popularity is only his ex-wife, who is a very talented singer, songwriter, spokesperson, entrepreneur, Jenni Rivera.

People went crazy to know more about this person as he got married to the music diva and was blessed with a little angel real quick. However, Jose Trinidad is famous for bad things rather than any good achievements.

Jose Trinidad Marin, at present, is living his life in jail for sexually molesting his own children and ex-sister-in-law. Coming into fame for just being a celebrity husband was good, but he ruined it all. He is labeled as a rapist and a molester who did very wrong to his family.

If you are curious enough to learn more about his life, what he is doing now, who his wife is, and his relationship, stick to this article till the end. There’s a lot more summed up that you might be looking for.

Jose Trinidad Marin Quick facts

Here are some quick facts about Jose that might help you learn more about him,

Full nameJose Trinidad Marin
NicknameTrino Marin
BirthdateFeb 15, 1964
Age57 years old
Sun signAquarius
TraitsPositive: Visionary, intelligent, and original
Negative: Cold, condescending, and unpredictable
Place of birthUnited States
Father’s nameN/A
Mother’s nameN/A
Eye colorDark Brown
Weight64kg approx
HobbyTraveling & Listening Music
Marital statusDivorced
Ex-wifeJenni Rivera
ChildrenChiquis Rivera (daughter)
Jacquelin Melina Marín (daughter)
Michael Marin (son)
Net worth$2 million

Early life, family, education

Jose Trinidad Marin was born on Feb 15, 1964, somewhere in the United States. Since Jose is into fame because of his ex-wife only, no more information about his background has been revealed, but he is said to hold American nationality and has a mixed ethnic background.

He is into Christianity, but there is no information about where he studied and his parents. It was said that Jose has a sibling, but his name has not been revealed yet. Neither his family nor the name of his parents is out on media. Moreover, he quite lived a secret life.

The celebrity spouse can be assumed to have completed high school because he met Jenni and no further information is out on social media yet. However, he is said to be well educated.

Jose Trinidad Marin height and weight

Businessman Jose is said to have a height of 6 feet and 1 inch and a weight of 64 kgs. He happens to have dark brown eyes with blonde hair. Jose stands straight with good body measurements and has a healthy body weight that supports his height.

Jose Trinidad Marin relationship and kids

Jose Trinidad Marin was married to singer Jenni Rivera who is highly known for her work within the Regional Mexican music genre, specifically in styles of Banda, Mariachi, and Norteno. The couple met in their teens when they were in high school.

Jenni was only 15 when these two met but were deep into love and tied their knot in 1984. A year later, she was blessed with a baby girl Janney (also known as Chiquis), on June 26, 1985. The couple was very young to be married, but they did it anyhow. Jose was only 20, while Jenni was into her 15.

Even though Jenni Rivera is married thrice, Jose is known for being her first husband, the marriage didn’t stay longer. After the couple got married, they were blessed with two more children named Jacquelin (Nov 20, 1989) and Michael (Sept. 11, 1991). Jacquelin was born in 1989, and again two years later, in 1991, Michael was born.

They were thought of living a happy life where their oldest daughter followed the same path as their mother and the other two were into acting.

Nobody knows what some are dealing with behind closed doors. Jenni’s life was somewhat similar to this statement. While everyone thought the couple was living their best life marrying each other, it was only when the news of their divorce came out in 1992. The reason shocked each individual who was emotionally connected with them.

 The custody of all three kids was given to their mother, Jenni.

Also, read about the youngest daughter of Jenni Rivera, Jenicka Priscilla Lopez.

Who is Jose Trinidad Marin’s wife?

Marin’s wife, Jenni Rivera, was born on July 2, 1969, with a passion in her eyes. Even though she got married at 15 and had children at a very early age, she worked hard and became one of the popular songwriters, singers, producers, actresses, and more. Words are not enough to describe the fame she gathered even in her short lifetime. 

Jenni died at the age of 42 in a plane crash carrying 7 passengers, none of which stayed alive. The thing is, even in a shorter period of time where most people can’t achieve much, Jenni Rivera was an inspiration to many people.

Even after having a hard time in her life, she encouraged herself not to settle for less. She came out of an abusive relationship, held custody of her children, and started recording music in 1992. Her music covered social issues, infidelity, and relationships.

Jenni even left early has impacted most people with her music and is considered inseparable from her band. She has been labeled an important female figure and top-selling female artist by the New York Times, CNN, Billboard, and Fox News in Regional Mexican music. Jenni has published her book, was awarded many times and is considered prominent for regional Mexican music even after her death.

She impressed her fans with her amazing talent and voice, which is why she is highly missed and loved to this date. Jenni Rivera is alive in people’s hearts forever. She is totally an inspiration for single moms and a solid example for people who think women can’t do better than men. Well, she just proved everything.

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Jose Trinidad Marin career

Jose Trinidad Marin, aka Jose, did not have any stable job when he initially started his career. He was struggling for years to have the perfect life he wanted. Unlike her wife, he is an ordinary man and works like one.

He used to work in several places to make ends meet when he first met Jenni. However, since he got married early, he now has to work for 3 people because his wife was pregnant before she got married. So he started looking for everything he could do and finally got a job in a restaurant as a manager.

Jose Trinidad Marin

This job gave him freedom and relief to support himself and his family decently. Unfortunately, there is no more information available about his career, but we know he was into business and did earn a good amount of money.

He wanted Jenni to stay at home and look after the house and kids, which Jenni didn’t want. So maybe that’s how the conflicts started, and they got separated.

Jose was reported to easily move on after getting divorced and started his life again on proper terms.

Is Jose Trinidad Marin still in jail?

Jose Trinidad, famous as the ex-celebrity spouse, has been sentenced to jail for 31 years. After the couple Jose and Jenni got separated in 1992, talks came out that he sexually abused his girls Chiquis and Jacquelin.

It was also heard that he even sexually assaulted his ex sister in Law Rosie. Further, in 1997 Jenni’s sister Rosie confessed that her sister’s husband has been sexually molesting her for a long time and had been doing the same with his children as well.

Marin accepted all the charges that have been pointed towards him, because of which he was sentenced to jail for 31 years in the year 2007 with no parole. Since this happened in 2006 and for 31 years, Jose must be in jail till now and will be there for some more years.

However, there were rumors that he had come out of jail for his good deeds in 2018, but no one confirmed it, and the news was not clear enough. His lawyer even denied it clearly.

Even her daughter confesses in an interview that,

“I’ve heard that but haven’t talked to him. He hasn’t confirmed anything to me. I haven’t been able to see him. So we’ll see what happens. I don’t have much to say because IDK if that’s true.”

We assume he hasn’t been out yet, and that’s what he deserved for doing bad to the kids and their aunt.

Does Chiquis Rivera talk to her dad?

Jose Trinidad Marin, the father of singer Chiquis Rivera, was sentenced to jail for rape and harassment. He was arrested for harassing his own daughter Chiquis Marin Rivera and her aunt Rosie however, it seems like that she has forgiven her dad for doing so.

The singer was seen sharing an emotional video on her YouTube channel where Jose was calling her on her wedding day straight from jail. She shared that her father, Jose, is trying to have a meaningful conversation with his daughter, who will be a beautiful bride, while he is still in jail serving for his bad deeds.

Chiquis even shared the call with her younger sister saying, “Hi Dad, I have your little girl here.” We guess they had an emotional talk because her younger sister Jacquelin was happy yet nervous enough to hear from her dad.

 Jose says,

I wish you happiness and for everything to go well for you.

He even advised that marriages are hard but give your best to them to make them stay. She even requested her father to send them prayers, and everyone listened while Jose asked God to bless her daughter and her marriage for a lifetime and wish her all the happiness in the world.

The younger girl of Jenni even met her dad in 2017 and shared pictures of them on Instagram. She thinks he should be given one more chance for everything he did and should not be hated the way he is.

Everything mentioned above clearly shows how much the children love their dad and have forgiven him even when he was very wrong. After all, it’s a child’s heart. Also, we can believe that Jose has accepted what he did was wrong and maybe is trying to change himself for their children’s love.

Jose Trinidad Marin net worth and income

Jose Trinidad being a businessman apart from a celebrity spouse, has accumulated a good amount of money. He is assumed to be having $2 million of net worth.

His business career is said to be his main source of all this money. However, what is all about money when there is dirt in your personality. Trino Marin will always be a rapist who sexually assaulted his own daughters and emotionally abused his wife.

Jose Trinidad Marin social media presence

Jose Trinidad Marin married the ‘diva of music’ Jenni Marin and got into fame way too much. He further shocked the audience when the news of him sexually harassing his children and being emotionally unavailable for his wife came out.

Even being into so much fame, there is a lot of hatred people have for him because of his activities. However, he became a topic for media when he got divorced and was sentenced to prison.

Each social media like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and all addressed him. But nobody knows if he uses any social media accounts. Also, even if he did, he is in prison for so many years, and maybe no activity has been reported.